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  By Andy Hopper


  The communications explosion is on the scale of<注1> the rail, automobile or telephone revolution. Very soon you'll be able to record your entire life electronically<注2>—anything a microphone or a camera can sense<注3> you'll be able to store. In particular, the number of images<注4> a person captures<注5> in a lifetime is set to<注6> rise exponentially. <注7> The thousand images a year I take of my children on a digital camera<注8> are all precious to me. In a generation's time, <注9> my children's children will have total image documentation<注10> of their entire lives—a visual log<注11> of tremendous personal value.

  By then we'll be wrestling with<注12> another question: how we control all the electronic devices<注13> connected to the internet: trillions<注14> of PCs, <注15> laptops, <注16> palmpilots, <注17> cell phones<注18> and other gadgets. <注19> In Cambridge, we're already working on millimetre-square computing and sensing devices<注20> that can be linked to the internet through the radio network. This sort of connectivity will expand dramatically as microscopic communications devices become dirt-cheap<注21> and multiply. <注22> Just imagine what the paint on the wall could do if it had this sort of communications dust<注23> in it: change colour, play music, show movies or even speak to you.

  Falling costs raise<注24> other possibilities too. Because launching space vehicles is about to become very much cheaper, the number of satellites is likely to go up exponentially. There's lots<注25> of space up there so we could have millions of them. And if you have millions of low-orbit<注26> satellites you can establish a global communications network that completely does away with<注27> towers and masts. <注28> If the satellites worked on the cellular principle<注29> so you got spatial reuse<注30> of frequencies, system capacity would be amazing.

  Speech is so flexible that<注31> I expect voice communication to become almost free eventually: you'll pay just a monthly fixed charge<注32> and be able to make as many calls as you want. By then people will also have fixed links<注33> with business contacts, friends and relatives. One day I anticipate being able to keep in touch with<注34> my family in Poland on a fibreoptic audio-video link; <注35> we'll be able to have a little ceremony at supper-time, open the curtains and sit down "together" to eat. <注36>

  Cars are an interesting IT-platform<注37> because they have big batteries and lots of so far unconnected digital devices. Soon each one will be an entity<注38> on the internet so your children can play interactive games<注39> while you're travelling and your partner can deal with<注40> their email. And every lamppost could be on the internet too—each one with sensors<注41> to monitor light, pollution, air quality and traffic flow. <注42>






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《英语学习》2002年2期 专题


1. on the scale of:这里是‘与...同样规模’的意思,可译为‘...规模之大,不亚于...。’

2. electronically:以电子的方式。即‘用电子技术’。

3. sense:感应。

4. images:字面意思是‘影像,图像’,这里可译成‘照片’。

5. captures: =takes。

6. is set to:肯定会...。相当于is sure to。

7. exponentially:本义是‘以指数形式’,转义是‘飞速,急剧’,常用于修饰rise, increase等。

8. digital camera:数码相机。

9. in a generation's time:直译是‘再过一代人的时间’,也就是‘再过几十年’。

10. image documentation:字面意思是‘图像记录’,这里可以译成“图像资料”。

11. visual log:视觉日志。

12. be wrestling with:字面意思是‘与...摔跤’,比喻义是‘下力气解决’。

13. electronic devices:电子设备。

14. trillions:万亿,这里用的是其比喻义‘不计其数’。

15. PCs: personal computers(个人电脑)的缩写,这里实际指台式电脑。

16. laptops:膝上电脑,即‘便携式电脑’或‘手提电脑’。

17. palmpilot:通常写作PalmPilot,是由Palm Computing(掌上计算公司)1996年研发出的一种掌上电脑,后来功能更强大的同类产品称为palm handheld。

18. cell phones:即cellular phone(蜂窝电话)。指采用蜂窝式传送技术的手机,英国称之为mobile phone(移动电话)。

19. gadgets:玩意儿。这里指electronic devices。

20. sensing devices:感应装置。

21. dirt-cheap:毫不值钱,非常便宜。

22. multiply:字面意思是‘翻番’,也就是‘大量增加’。此处可以译成‘随处可见’。

23. communications dust:通讯粉。

24. raise:与possibility搭配,意思是‘使...成为可能’。

25. There's lots of: = There's a lot of。注意这里谓词用第三人称单数形式,这种主谓不一致的情况很常见。

26. low-orbit:低轨道。

27. do away with:字面意思为‘去掉,废除’,这里译成‘淘汰’更恰当。

28. towers and masts:这里的‘塔和竿’实际指‘转播塔和转播天线’。

29. cellular principle:蜂窝原理。

30. spatial reuse:在空间的重复利用。

31. so...that...:不要一看见so...that...就想到“如此...以致...”,这里不妨译成“实在是...所以...”。

32. fixed charge:定额费用。

33. fixed links:固定连线。

34. keep in touch with:与...保持联系。

35. fibreoptic audio-video link:光纤视听连线。

36. sit down "together" to eat:“一起”坐下共进晚餐。这里‘一起’带引号,因为这是虚拟聚餐,不是真在一起。

37. IT-platform:信息技术平台。IT=information technology。

38. entity:实体。

39. interactive games:互动游戏。

40. deal with:处理。

41. sensors:感应器,传感器。

42. to monitor light, pollution, air quality and traffic flow:监测公路上的照明、污染、空气质量和车流量。


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