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  Zidane gets world honor

  Zinedine Zidane has beaten Thierry Henry1 and Ronaldo to the FIFA2 2003 World Player of the Year award.

  It is the third time the France and Real Madrid star has claimed the award, having won it in 1998 and 2000.

  The 31-year-old received 264 points with Henry second on 186 and Ronaldo third on 176 following a poll of 142 national team coaches.

  “It doesn't matter how many times you win an award, it is always very special,” said Zidane. “To be nominated along with Thierry and Ronaldo is a great satisfaction in itself. And it is even more special when it is voted by the coaches. It is a major honor for me and I am very proud to have won it,” he added.

  A brief biography

  Zidane was born June 23, 1972, in Marseille, France.

  He started his career at Cannes before moving to Bordeaux and making his French debut in August 1994 when he scored twice after coming on as a second half substitute5.

  He switched6 to Italian club Juventus in 1996 and helped the club to two Series A7 titles in his first two full seasons.

  Zidane went on to play an influential role as France won the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000.

  He became the world's most expensive player when he signed for Real Madrid for £46.5m8 in July 2002.


  If 100 points means perfect, then we can have a better understanding of how people look at Zidane as a player and as a man. The following is the grades he gets under different categories.

  overall rating 80

  Zinedine Zidane is one of the most successful football players the world has ever seen. His individual brilliance11 is enough to make him a legend, but he is much more than that. He is a winner.

  Zidane has captured the World Cup, the European Championship, Italian League titles, League Cups in France and Italy, and reached the finals of the Champions League twice. The titles might sound the same to a person who does not know much about football, but anyone who follows the world's biggest sport knows these are the most important titles a player can win.

  Not since the great Michel Platini has France had such an influential and talented player on the world scene. He has certainly won the hearts of French fans and media. Though Zidane is very quiet off the field, he steps up his performance.

  In the world's two most important tournaments, he proved his talent. In the 1998 World Cup final, he scored 2 goals in the final to lead France to its first victory. At the 2000 European Championships, he was the most consistently superior player, earning him the Player of the Tournament award.

  His banner seasons in 1998 and 2000 also led to the most prestigious award given to an individual player, the FIFA Player of the Year award, which he won in both those years.

  His list of accomplishments is long and unparalleled among active football players. It was little surprise then when Real Madrid made him the most expensive player in football history transferring him from Juventus in Italy for a surprising $66 million .

  At Real Madrid he joins world class players Figo, Roberto Carlos and Raul, all of which have been finalists for the FIFA Player of the Year award in the last few years. Every Real Madrid game will be like an all-star team versus amateurs with the incomparable Zizou leading the game.

  personality 94

  Zidane is self-admittedly shy. He is considered a leader with his feet only. That is unfortunate because of the impact he can have on people. In France, where Arabic immigrants are often marginalized, he has improved French impressions of Algerians (his parents are Algerian immigrants) thanks to his feats. He can have an even greater impact if he wished, but Zidane was never one to get involved in politics.

  woman magnetism 74

  Zidane is Christian Dior's first male model. That is about the extent of his women magnetism. He isn't a heartthrob like David Beckham, or charming like Luis Figo. He is Zinedine Zidane, one of the world's most boring players. Does he care? Of course not, he has a lovely wife and two kids, and all the love he ever needs.

  accomplishments & fame 98

  Zidane now makes over 5 million US dollars a year, plus much more from Ford and Volvic27. Now that he is in Real Madrid, he will surely add several Spanish companies to the group.

  As a professional football player, he has won a lot of titles and awards, just as we have mentioned above. No need to say anything more.

  coolness factor 65

  Is Zidane a cool dude? No.

  personal style 67

  Zidane's off-field blandness extends to his wardrobe, which is just sort of dull and unimaginative. Luckily his wife has perfect taste.














  总体得分 80分

  齐达内是有史以来最为成功的足球运动员之一,他的个人才气足以让他成为一个传奇性的人物。 但他不仅仅如此,他还是个赢家。







  个性 94分


  异性魅力 74分


  成就和名声 98分



  酷度得分 65分


  个人风格 67分



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