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平民天后: "It" Girl Hilary Duff
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  We may never again see the character who made Hilary Duff famous. No worries—she's moving on quite nicely with a new album, upcoming1 movies, and a cool clothing line2. But what Hilary really wants is her driver's license.


  ★Who Hilary Was

  “Ever since I was 5, my sister and I used to watch TV and then we'd turn it off3 and act out4 the scene together,” says Hilary. “Haylie would say, ‘Since you have short hair and I have long, pretty hair, you have to be the boy.’ She was evil5.”

  Both sisters started taking acting classes soon after; when Hilary was eight, her family met a woman who offered to represent them out in L.A.6 So the girls moved there with their mom, while their dad stayed in Houston to run his chain of gas stations7. “We were so naive8,” says Hilary. “We gave the woman the money, came to California, and had no appointments9—she wouldn't even return our calls. My mom read books on the business and called a million places to get us an agent10.”

  Hilary finally got some commercial spots11 and guest appearances and did some made-for-TV12 and straight-to-video13 movies. Then in 2000, Disney called about Lizzie McGuire. Hilary beat out14 250 other girls for the lead15. “I'm not sure why I got it, but I'm glad I did!” says Hilary. “I love the character. No matter how mean16 kids are to her at school, she's never mean back. She's a good role model17. Plus18, it's fun to play her because we are a lot alike.” The series19 won the hearts of teen TV viewers in the U.S. and abroad, and Hilary suddenly became a household name20.

  ★Who She Is

  “Hilary is the same girl she always was,” says Taylor, 15, who's been Hilary's best friend for seven years. “We sit around21 for hours talking about boys and doing each other's makeup22. I never think of her as being famous, because she doesn't act like that.”

  Hilary's mother has a lot to do with23 that. She still gives Hilary weekly chores24, like taking out the garbage and making her bed25. “Mom didn't want Hilary to become a spoiled26 brat27,” says Haylie.

  Sure, Hilary gets to go backstage28 at Justin Timberlake concerts and shows up29 for movie premieres30, but she says she'd much rather hang with31 her friends than go to celebrity-filled32 after-parties33. She's also got crushes34, like any other girl. Her current obsession35 is British soccer star Beckham.

  “I've always loved singing,” Hilary admits, “I sang in choir36, in the car, in the shower37. You can't shut me up38!” It was only two years ago that Hilary wanted to be a singer. In August 2002, Duff made her singing debut39 on “I can't wait” on the Lizzie McGuire TV soundtrack40. After that proved to be a success on Radio Disney, it was followed by Santa Clause Lane, a Christmas album featuring41 Duff's duets42 with Christina Milian and Lil Romeo. In August 2003, she released her first solo43 album, Metamorphosis. Hilary loves Michelle Branch, a famous singer. Unfortunately it doesn't look like the feeling's mutual44. Michelle recently told Rolling Stone that Hilary's song “Why Not” was the worst thing she's heard lately.

  ★Who She Will Be

  When it comes to45 the relationship with Aaron Carter, Hilary blurts out46, “We broke up two weeks ago. I hate boys right now!” The couple dated on and off47 for nearly two years, but she says they broke up for good48 this time. “He did something very bad,” she explains.

  The two met when Aaron did a guest appearance on Lizzie McGuire in 2001. They had to kiss for the show, so they got to know each other pretty quickly. Soon they were calling and sending photos from their cell phones49.

  “Aaron and I couldn't even go out to dinner without people taking pictures of us. I don't like people knowing who my boyfriend is,” says Hilary, who's planning not to date anyone in the business anymore.

  Hilary is also an ambitious50 girl. She knows many girls love her style. So she's starting her own fashion and beauty line, called Stuff, which hits51 stores very soon. “My clothing line is edgy52 without showing off53 your boobs54 and your butt55. You don't have to take your clothes off to look more adult or sexy56 or beautiful.”




  希拉里最终得到了一些广告出镜和客串演出的机会,后来又拍了一些电视片和只用于录像播放的片子。2000年,迪斯尼公司为《平民天后》选演员,希拉里击败了250个竞争对手,得到主角。“我不知道我为什么会赢,但我很高兴我赢了!” 希拉里说,“我喜欢这个角色。不管同学们待她多么不好,她从不报复。她是一个模范人物。而且,扮演这个角色很有趣,因为我们有很多相同之处。”这部连续剧征服了美国国内外少年观众的心,希拉里突然之间成了一个家喻户晓的名字。





  “我一直都很喜欢唱歌,” 希拉里承认,“我在合唱团里唱,在车上唱,在洗澡的时候也唱。你没法让我闭嘴!”不过,想当歌手是两年前才动的念头。她于2002年8月首次演唱《平民天后》的电视配乐歌曲《我等不及》。歌曲在迪斯尼电台播出获得成功后,她又录制了《圣诞之路》,一张她与克里丝汀娜·米利安和利尔·罗密欧合作的二重唱圣诞专辑。2003年8月,希拉里推出了她的首张独唱专辑《甜心日记》。希拉里很喜欢著名歌手蜜雪儿·布兰奇,遗憾的是这种好感似乎不是双向的。蜜雪儿最近在《滚石》杂志的一次访问中说希拉里的《为什么不》是她近来听过的最糟的一首歌。




  “艾伦和我甚至在外出就餐的时候也免不了被人拍照。我不想让别人知道我的男朋友是谁,” 希拉里说,她已经决定不再和娱乐圈内的人约会了。


  Interview 希拉里访谈

  What's the best thing about being a successful teen﹖

  You get to do what you like to do. And I love to work. Even when I get really, really tired, I need to get back57 to work. It's like an addiction58, almost.

  Do you have role model﹖

  I look up to59 my mom and sister. I'm so close to them, and they've set such a great example for me. And I want to encourage kids...to look up to people who have changed the world. Look at astronauts60 or doctors or Nelson Mandela.

  What's the biggest mistake you've made-and learned from-since this happened﹖

  That's horrible! I don't know if I ever made a huge mistake that I've regretted. [For me, maybe being too] open with people. Nothing really serious.








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