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  The Republicans held their national convention last week. Like the Democrats' convention in August, it was a typical example of what such gatherings have become in recent years: chances to shape the image of each party and advertise its presidential and vice-presidential candidates. Until the 1970s these conventions were often the scene of fascinating struggles between different factions within the parties, and they were televised from beginning to end. Now the national broadcast networks will agree to devote only a few hours to prime-time coverage of today's much less gripping conventions. As a result, the organizers must arrange the schedule of speakers to make sure that the ones who appear on TV are those who will sway the most voters.

  One speaker the Republicans were careful to get before prime-time viewers was Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California. As a moderate in a party increasingly dominated by hard-line conservatives, bodybuilder and action film star "Arnie" can appeal to centrist and independent voters, especially male ones. In today's cartoon David Horsey makes fun of Schwarzenegger's address, which was light on substance -- but no one expected much of that anyway.

  Who is a Republican, Schwarzenegger asked. His speech included several repetitions of the conclusion "Then you are a Republican!" Horsey, however, has substituted his own evidence for what makes a voter a Republican, and here is where the mockery comes in: Republicans believe that the WMDs that might justify the US invasion of Iraq are still hidden somewhere, waiting to be found. They think environmentalists are deluding us all: there isn't really any global warming. Republicans blithely shipped jobs for lower-middle-class Americans off to India. Corporate profits up -- great! Fellow citizens out of work -- who cares?

  In frame 4, "scripture" means the Bible. It is characteristic of American evangelical Protestants (the Protestants most likely to support President Bush) to cite the Bible by starting with the phrase "Scripture says" -- and to cite the Bible in political contexts, where other Americans question its relevance. Many such Protestants strongly believe that the End Times (the last period before the end of the world) are upon us and that Jesus Christ will soon reappear. When he (or He) does, believers like themselves will be lifted to the clouds to meet Jesus; this ascent is called the "Rapture".

  Horsey's point? That today's GOP is full of religious fanatics who think political debates can be decided with selected quotations from the Bible.

  Padthai(stir-fried thin rice noodles) in frame 5 is the name of a popular Thai dish -- popular, that is, among people who feel comfortable in the multicultural world of America's coastal cities, teeming with immigrants from all over the globe. Republicans, Horsey implies (remember, perhaps unjustly), would like to keep America as white and familiar as possible. Not too many of those exotic immigrants, please!

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  那么霍尔西想要说的是什么呢?就是今日的“大老党”(共和党的别称,GOP=Grand Old Party)中充斥着狂热的宗教徒,他们以为靠从《圣经》中选摘语录就能对政治上的争论进行裁决。

  第5幅图中的“Pad Thai”(一种细的炒米线)是一道很受欢迎的泰国菜———说它受欢迎,是在那些住在美国沿海城市多元文化环境中感到自在的人们中受欢迎,那里到处都是来自世界各地的移民。霍尔西暗示(请记住,他的暗示也许不太公平),共和党人愿意让美国尽可能是白人的世界,是熟悉的面孔的世界———拜托啦,不要来太多的外国移民啦!



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