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  根据大纲《词汇表》(Vocabulary)(试用),H部分共有词汇140个,其中中学已学词72个,四级词68个,与旧教学大纲比较,新增四级词4个(hearing,highlight,hip,housing)。根据专家抽样调查,其中有“临界词”(学过后有点印象而不完全清楚)10个左右。另外,hand, hang,hold三个动词与down,on,up,out,over等介词构成的短语动词也是这部分的难点,也是四级考试词汇题考察的重点。


  I.Fill in the blanks with the words given below.Change the forms where necessary.

  harmony hedge harness hazard horizon

  humble harsh halt heave highlight

  1.The officer his troops for a rest.

  2.The panel discussion on cultural exchange the experience of people-to-people relations.

  3.Man is trying to the limitless power of sun.

  4.My cat and dog live in perfect .

  5.The doctor was about his work, although he cured many people.

  6.He will get a punishment,because he violates the school discipline too many times.

  7.Rock-climbers sometimes their lives.

  8.The storm the sea into mountainous waves.

  9.Buying a house is the best against inflation.

  10.Science gives us a new .

  1.halted 军官命令部队停止前进,休息一下。

  2.highlights 小组讨论文化交流时,突出民间关系的交流经验。

  3.harness 人类极力利用取之不尽的太阳能。

  4.harmony 我的猫和狗相处得十分和睦。

  5.humble 这位医生虽然治好了许多人的病,但对他的工作仍很谦逊。

  6.harsh 他将受到严厉的惩罚,因为他违反学校纪律的次数太多了。


  8.heaved 风暴在海面上掀起万丈波涛。

  9.hedge 购买房子是防止通货膨胀的最佳保障。

  10.horizon 科学使我们大开眼界。

  II.Complete each sentence with one of four choices given below:

  1.It is not easy to learn English well but if you ,you will succeed in the end.

  A)hang up B)hang about

  C)hang on D)hang onto

  2.San Francisco is usually cool in the summer,but Los Angeles .

  A)is rarely B)rarely is

  C)is hardly D)is scarcely

  3.We had to a lot of noise when the children were at home.

  A)go in for B)hold on to

  C)put up with D)keep pace with

  4.Small farms and lack of modern technology have agricultural production.

  A)blundered B)tangled

  C)bewildered D)hampered

  5.There was something wrong with the traffic signal.Our bus was for nearly half an hour.

  A)held on B)held back

  C)held in D)held up

  6.When Jane fell off the bike,the other children .

  A)were not able to help laughter

  B)could not help but laughing

  C)could not help laughing

  D)could not help to laugh

  7.The story was so touching that I could hardly my tears.

  A)hold on B)hold on to

  C)hold up D)hold back

  8.Should you require any further details at this time,please do not to contact me.

  A)void B)hesitate

  C)delay D)prevent

  9.The discussion quickly became a very argument about increasing price.

  A)heated B)roaring

  C)warm D)boiling

  10.The painting was a valuable family possession,which had been from generation to generation.

  A)handed over B)handed out

  C)handed down D)handed across


  【解析】A)hang up“挂断(电话)”,B)hang about“闲荡”,C)hang on“坚持下去”,D)hang onto“抓紧(某物)”。可见选项C)hang on符合题意,是正确答案。句意:学好英语不容易,但如果你坚持下去,你最终能成功。


  【解析】句中有情态动词、助动词或to be时,rarely等要放在这些动词之后、主要动词之前,但在省略句中,这类词要放在情态动词、助动词或to be之前。句意:旧金山夏天通常凉爽,洛杉矶夏天很少有凉爽的时候。


  【解析】A)go in for“从事,爱好”,B)hold on to“坚持,抓紧”,C)put up with“容忍,忍受”,D)keep pace with“与……保持一致,跟上”,根据以上辨析可知,选项C)put up with符合题意要求。句意:孩子们在家时,我们不得不忍受许许多多的喧闹声。




  【解析】短语动词hold up意为“耽搁,受阻,使停止”,符合题意。句意:交通灯出了故障,我们的车被塞近半小时了。


  【解析】can't help doing something是固定搭配,意为“忍不住做某事”。句意:当珍妮从自行车上掉下来时,其他孩子都忍不住大笑起来。


  【解析】hold back意为“抑制”。句意:那个故事太感人了,我几乎不能控制住眼泪。


  【解析】don't hesitate to do something意为“干……不要犹豫”。句意:如你需要任何详情的话,请随时与我联系。


  【解析】heated argument“激烈的争论”,这是固定搭配。roaring常与applause搭配,表示“雷鸣般的掌声”; boiling常见的搭配有boiling hot“酷热的”或boiling water;warm的搭配也很多,但都不能与argument搭配。句意:讨论很快变成关于涨价问题的激烈争论。


  【解析】hand down“传下来,传给”。A)hand over“移交,交给”,B)hand out“发给,散发”,D)hand across不是短语。句意:这幅画是珍贵的家族财产,是一代一代传下来的。



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