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  631. in short (=in a few words, in brief)简称

  632. in short supply 供应不足

  633. be short of (=lacking enough)缺乏,不够

  634. be shy of 难为情, 不好意思

  635. at the side of 与…相比

  636. take the side of 站在…一边

  637. catch the sight of (=see for a moment)瞥见

  638. at the sight of 一看见…

  639. (be)in sight (=in view, visible) 看得见

  out of sight 看不见

  640. know sb. by sight 与…只面熟

  641. on the sly (=secretly) 偷偷地

  642. smell of 有…的气味

  643. be sorry about/for 懊悔的,后悔的,难过的

  644. speak ill of 说…的坏话;

  speak well of 说…的好话

  645. specialize in 专门研究, 专攻

  646. in spite of (=despite) 尽管

  647. on the pot(=at the place of the action)在现场, 在出事地点; 或(=at once) 立即

  648. take a stand against 采取某种立场反对

  take a stand for 采取某种立场支持…

  649. stare at 目不转睛地看, 凝视, 盯着

  650. in step 步伐一致; out of step 步伐不齐

  651. stick sth. on 把…贴在…上

  652. stick to 粘着, 坚持

  653. stick at (=continue to work hard at)继续勤奋地致力于…;stick one’s work坚持工作; stick at one’s books 勤奋读书

  654. stick to (=refuse to leave or change)坚持;

  stick to one’s promise 比喻食言

  stick to one’s friend 忠于朋友

  655. in stock 有….货

  656. be strict with 对…严格要求

  657. be/go on strike 罢工

  658. subject…to(=cause…to experience)使受..到 subject (adj.) to 易受到…的

  659. submit…to 提交

  660. substitute…for 以…代替…

  661. suffer from 患…病; 受…苦痛

  662. be suitable for (=fit) 合适…的

  663. in sum 大体上, 总之

  664. supply sb. with sth 向某人提供某物

  665. superior to 优于…, 比…好

  666. in support of 以便支持

  667. be sure of (=have no doubt; certain)确信的

  668. for sure / certain (certainly, definitely) 肯定地.有把握地说

  669. make sure about 弄清, 弄确实

  670. be surprised at对..惊奇;take…by surprise使…惊奇; to one’s surprise使某人惊奇

  671. suspect sb. of 疑心某犯有…

  672. be suspicious of (=not trusting)对…有疑心

  673. by sympathetic to/towards对…同情,赞同

  674. sympathize with sb. or sth. 对…表示同情

  675. be in sympathy with 赞同,同情

  676. taste of 有…味道

  677. in good taste大方,得体;(反意)in bad taste

  678. to(one’s) taste 合…的口味, 中意

  679. tell…from (=recognize) 辨别.认出

  680. in terms of (=with regard to; respectively) 按照, 根据, 在…方面

  681. be on good/bad terms with 关系好(不好)

  682. thank sb. for sth. 因…感谢某人

  683. think of(=have the idea of)想到;(=consider)考虑; (=remember)想起

  684. on second thoughts 经再三考虑之后

  685. be through with (=finish with) 做好,完成

  686. at one time 过去一度, 以前曾经

  687. behind the times (思想,看法)落后于时代

  behind time (=late) 迟到, 晚点

  688. for the time being (=temporarily)暂时

  689. in time(for) (=early or soon enough)及时

  on time (=punctually) 准时

  690. at no time 无论何时也不…

  in on time (=very quickly) 立即,马上

  691. at times (=occasionally) 间或, 时常

  at all times (=always) 始终, 总是

  692. at a time 一次, 每次; 同时

  693. on top of 在…上面

  694. in total (=all have been added up) 总计

  695. be in touch with 与…有接触, 有联系

  be out of touch with 与…没有联系或接触

  696. be true of适合于…的;be true to 忠于…

  697. to trust …to 把…委托给

  698. place (put, have) trust in 依赖

  699. in truth 事实上, 实在

  700. by turns 轮换地

  701. in turn (=successively; in order) 依次

  702. be typical of 是…的特点

  703. for use 以便使用

  704. be in use (=be used)被使用; be out of use (=be on longer used)不再被使用

  705. be used to+名词或动名词 : 习惯于

  used to+动词原形 : 过去常常(做)

  706. be unprepared for 对…无准备的

  707. in vain (=uselessly) 徒劳

  708. be valid for 对…有效的

  709. in the vicinity 在附近; in close vicinity to 在靠近…的地方; in the vicinity of 大约

  710. with a view to +动名词 (=in order to do sth.) 以…为目的

  711. in view (=in sight) 看得见

  712. in view of (=considering) 考虑到…

  in the view of 按…的意思

  713. by/in virtue of (=as a result of, by means of) 由于…; 依靠…力量

  714. a warning against 告诫…不要

  a warning of 警告…存在…

  715. (be) on the watch for不断监视看有没有..

  (be) on the watch against不断监视为防范…

  716. be in the way (=obstructive) 碍事, 阻碍

  717. (be)under way (=moving forward)正进行

  718. by way of (=by going through) 经由,取道

  719. by the way(=in addition)顺带地(转移话题)

  720. in no way 无论怎样也不…

  721. in the way 对…方式

  722. in a way 从某种程度上说

  723. as a whole (=in general) 就整体而论

  724. on the whole (=generally, for the most part) 大体上说

  725. against one’s will 违心地, 违背意愿地

  at will 随心所欲; with a will 有决心地

  726. wish for 渴望某物;hope for 想要某物

  727. “with+名词+分词” 构成复合结构,作状语

  728. word for word (=literally) 逐字地

  729. in a word总之;in other words 换言之; have a word with sb.谈一谈; have words with sb.争吵;have the last word有决定权

  keep one’s word 遵守诺言

  730. work out ideas 出主意;work out the amount of…计算出…的数量;work out a problem解决问题;work out a puzzle解谜

  731. at the thought of一想到…worry about担心

  732. at (the) worst 在最糟的情况下

  733. yield to 对…屈服,投降,让步,顺从

  734. be worthy of (=be deserving of)值得,够得上, 配得上



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