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  About English First Magazine

  Go to www.englishfirstmagazine.com to learn more!

  Find the latest issue of English First Magazines at any EF school (see www.englishfirst.com.cn for a list of schools) or contact:

  English First Magazine

  17th Floor, Silver Tower

  218 Xi Zang Rd. South

  Shanghai, China 200021

  Telephone: 63343366 ext. 319

  Email: editors@ef.com




  电话: 63343366 ext. 319

  Email: editors@ef.com


  About English First Magazine

  An English language publication, English First Magazine gives young readers a look at the different people, regions, and cultures of the English-speaking world.

  “第一英语”杂志 让读者尽览天下英语世界的风格各异的民族风情,和地域文化。

  Diverse Exciting travel locations, up-to-date entertainment news, and detailed science features…EF magazine has it all! Enjoy a variety of monthly content on technology, sports, travel, fashion, and music.

  缤纷多彩:令人心驰神往的旅游胜地, 最新娱乐时尚快递,最新科学发现报道,尽在英孚第一杂志!每月为您送上涵盖科技,运动,旅游,时尚和音乐的资讯!

  Interactive Readers talk in our monthly advice, fashion, and English Q&A columns or practice their reading and writing skills in our regular games and tests. EF’s junior reporter staff, contribution page, and student movie and book reviews invite readers to have their say on our pages. EF Magazine always welcomes student work and feedback!

  互动参与:读者可以在每期刊物中的时尚、英语问答、和建议栏目里发表看法,或者参与我们定期的游戏和测试栏目,提高英语的阅读和写作技巧。英孚小记者,贡献榜,学生电影和书评等栏目都欢迎读者们的参与!EF 英孚第一杂志始终鼓励广大学员的参与!

  Educational EF Magazine maintains a strong academic focus in every issue. Content emphasize language skills while challenging readers with useful vocabulary and grammar patterns. Word keys and mini English lessons accompany every article. The Head of the Class section provides useful strategies for studying English, applying for study abroad programs, and strengthening overall writing, studying, and organization skills

  寓教于乐: 每期刊物都保留了鲜明的教学目的!杂志内容强调语言技能,并对读者的词汇量和新句型的掌握提出了挑战!每篇文章都配有单词释义和迷你小课堂。同时“尖子生园地”提供了学英语的方法,留学申请指导,和全面提高写作以及学习和安排组织能力。


  About our sections

  The World of English英语世界

  Explore the English-speaking world! Travel to different regions to find out about local student life, food, and top tourist attractions. Practice the local slang or learn the area’s architecture or history.



  Up-to-date entertainment news and celebrity interviews. Read about today’s hottest musicians and movie stars!


  Head of the Class尖子生园地

  Your English classroom: study and test-taking advice, useful idioms, student and teacher profiles, expert views, and English tips.


  Features 特写

  Articles about everything you are interested in! Science, sports, fashion, fiction, poetry… and more!


  Voices 声音

  Now it’s your turn to talk! EF students and teachers share their stories.

  你的地盘你说话!EF 英孚学生和老师,分享他们的故事!

  Regulars 常设经典

  Wah’s Words of Wisdom: Ask EF’s Wah Chen about your problems with friends, school, or family. Wah can help!

  小华慧语: 问英孚的小华你的朋友,学校,家庭的问题. 小华能帮帮你!

  Ask the Professor:

  Dr. Christopher McCormick answers those difficult English questions in every issue.

  向教授请教:著作每期杂志中,Christopher McCormick 教授为大家答疑解惑!

  Test: Take an EFM test! Learn your ideal job, your stress status, or your celebrity style. The only test impossible to fail!

  小测试: 作个EF 小测试! 了解什么是最适合你的工作,你的压力状况,或你的时尚形象。永远不用害怕不及格的测试!

  Dialogue: Speak up! Read everyday English conversations from a wide range of sources. Practice common phrases with fill-in-the-blank chats and extensive examples.

  对话: 说吧! 五花八门的日常生活情景对话,填写扩展练习,操练常见用语!

  Gadgets: Learn about products that can save your life (or just clutter your closet).

  小玩意: 关键时刻救你一命的小玩意,用它塞满你的橱柜!

  In the News: News briefs from around the world!

  新闻速递: 全球新闻速递

  Ming on Fashion: Are you a fashion disaster? EF’s Ming Chen answers your style dilemmas in her monthly column.

  明的时尚观: 你是时尚菜鸟吗? EF Ming Chen 在每月的时尚栏目中为你解脱困境。

  Comics: Have a laugh with the most popular cat in the world, Garfield!

  幽默漫画: 和为全球人所热爱的加菲猫一起开怀大笑!

  Games: You deserve a break! Word games, mazes, riddles, and fill-in-the-blanks entertain your brain.

  游戏: 休息,休息一下!单词游戏,走迷宫,猜谜语,填空格!是时候放松一下大脑了!

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