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  1.You look like you are 18. 你看起来好像才18岁(东方人普遍看起来年轻, 呵呵)

  2.You like to eat chicken feet. 你喜欢吃鸡脚

  3.You suck on fish heads and fish fins。你吃鱼时会吸鱼头和鱼鳍(他们都是直接切掉的)

  4.You have a Chinese knick-knack hanging on your rear view mirror. 你的车子后视镜上会吊中国摆设(偶没有,老爸不让, 说一看就是中国人, 俗, 郁闷)

  5.You sing karaoke. 你唱KTV(唐人街才有的玩意儿)

  6.Your house is covered with tile。你的房子铺的是瓷砖(老外都是木板) (文国网)

  7.Your kitchen is covered by a sticky film of grease。你的厨房覆盖着一层厚厚的油脂(爱炒东西的缘故)

  8.Your stove is covered with aluminum foil. 你的炉子上面有铝箔

  9.You leave the plastic covers on your remote control. 你的遥控器外面包着塑料(发现真的只有中国人才这样)

  10.You've never kissed your mom or dad. 你从没吻过你父母(中国人谁这样啊)

  11.You've never hugged your mom or dad. 你从没抱过你父母(幼儿园时算不算?)

  12.Your unassisted vision is worse than 20/500. 你的视觉想象力低于20/500(不知啥意思)

  13.You wear contacts,to avoid wearing your "coke bottle glasses". 你戴隐形眼镜,这样才能避免戴你的“瓶底眼镜”(怎么说得中国人好像都近视? 偶就不怎么戴眼镜, 不过也近视两三百了, 呵呵)

  14.You've worn glasses since you were in fifth grade. 你五年级开始就戴眼镜了. (中国人都是爱学习的好孩子... 怎么又跟眼镜有关?)

  15.Your hair sticks up when you wake up. 你睡醒后头发会竖起来。

  16.You'll haggle over something that is not negotiable. 你会为一些不可质疑的事情辩论. (无理取闹?)

  17.You love to use coupons. 你喜欢用折价券. (勤俭节约~~)

  18.You drive around looking for the cheapest petrol. 你为了最便宜的汽油费不息开着车子到处找. (恩, 我爸就这样)

  19.You drive around for hours looking for the best parking space. 你开着车子兜圈为了找到最好的停车位. (看来老外真的不太讲究这个。)

  20.You take showers at night. 你晚上洗澡. (许多美国人都是早上洗, 不知道为什么)

  21.You avoid the non-free snacks in hotel rooms. 旅店房间里的非免费食品你都不吃. (那些东西都是over-charged了的,谁那么笨啊)

  22.You don't mind squeezing 20people into one motel room. 你不介意二十个人挤一间汽车旅房. (那也太抠门了吧.。。)

  23.Most girls have more body hair than you,if you are male. 如果你是男人, 那么你身上的体毛比大多数女人少. (又不是大猩猩,老子要那么多体毛干什么?)

  24.You tap the table when someone pours tea for you. 别人为你倒茶你就用手敲一下桌子。(在广东茶楼尤其如此, 不然没礼貌)

  25.You say "Aiya!"and "Wah!"frequently。你经常说“哎(二声)呀(四声)” 和 “哇(四声)”. (文国网)

  26.You don't want to wear your seatbelt because it is uncomfortable。你不喜欢系安全带因为安全带让你感觉不舒服。 (晕~~~~~~~

  27.You love Las Vegas,slot machines,and blackjack. 你喜欢拉斯维加斯, 老虎机和二十一点. (中国人好赌, 地球人都知道)

  28.You unwrap Christmas gifts very carefully,so you can reuse the paper。你细心地打开你的圣诞节礼物,因为你要留着包装纸再用. (谁叫偶没钱啊)

  29.You only buy Christmas cards after Christmas,when they are 50%off. 你只会在圣诞节后买圣诞卡, 因为他们打了五折. (^_^这根本就是在说我, 圣诞节卡留着下一年用, 省下一笔钱好好吃一顿更划算^_^)

  30.You have a vinyl tablecloth on your kitchen table。你的厨房桌子上有一条抹布。 (老外只有纸巾)

  31.You spit bones and other food scraps on the table.That's why you need the vinyl tablecloth. 你把骨头和其他杂碎吐在桌子上, 所以你必须有抹布。 (没吐在纸巾上的后果, 老外真是浪费……)

  32.You have stuff in the freezer since the beginning of time. 你的电冰箱存着一万年前的食物。

  33.You use the dishwasher as a dishrack. 你把洗碗机当碗橱

  34.You have never used your dishwasher. 你从来没用过你的洗碗机。

  35.You keep a Thermos of hot water available at all times. 你有一个热水瓶里面永远装着热水。 (自来水不是人人都喝得惯的~~~)

  36.You eat all meals in the kitchen. 你在厨房吃饭。

  37.You save grocery bags,tin foil,and tin containers. 你把用过的塑料袋, 锡纸和锡盘留着。

  38.You have a piano in your living room. 你客厅里有一架钢琴. (管他会不会弹, 看起来倍儿有面子)

  39.You pick your teeth at the dinner table (but you cover your mouth)。你会在餐桌上剔牙, 但手遮着嘴。

  40.You twirl your pen around your fingers. 你会转笔

  41.You hate to waste food. 你讨厌浪费食物. (没去过大陆餐馆吃过饭的老外, 唉……)

  42.You have Tupperware in your fridge with three bites of rice or one leftover chicken wing。你冰箱里有三口剩饭和一只鸡翼。

  43.You don't own any real Tupperware -only a cupboard full of used but carefully rinsed margarine tubs,takeout containers,and jam jars. 你家里没有任何家用塑料制品,只有一橱子洗过再拿来用的油瓶,饭盒和酱坛子。

  44.You also use the jam jars as drinking glasses. 你把果酱瓶当水杯用。 (靠, 偶没见过)

  45.You have a collection of miniature shampoo bottles that you take every time you stay in a hotel. 你有收集旅馆免费洗发水瓶子的爱好。

  46.You carry a stash of your own food whenever you travel (travel means any car ride longer than 15minutes).These snacks are always dried and include dried plums,mango,ginger,and squid. 你每次外出十五分钟都会带着你的零食:干芒果、李子或烤鱿鱼。

  47.You wash your rice at least 2-3times before cooking it. 你会洗2-3次米。

  48.Your dad thinks he can fix everything himself. 你爸以为自己可以修任何东西。

  49.The dashboard of your Honda is covered by hundreds of small toys. 你的车子里堆了无数玩偶。

  50.You don’t use measuringcups. 你不用量杯。


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