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"Obama, Jackson and Lady Gaga". This year items related to the "King of Pop," Jackson, who died in June, are top sellers。(Source: cfp.cn)
"Obama, Jackson and Lady Gaga". This year items related to the "King of Pop," Jackson, who died in June, are top sellers。(Source: cfp.cn)

  Here's a way to frighten the neighbors on Halloween: wear a mask looking like convicted multi-billion-dollar swindler Bernard Madoff, a vampire-president "Barakula," or the late Michael Jackson。

  Rubber masks of the trio are among the most popular purchases by Americans eager to shake off the economic doldrums and go trick-or-treating on October 31, costume sellers say。

  While this ancient Celtic pagan rite, originally held to celebrate the dead and the end of the harvest season, is primarily a children's event, it also gives adults an excuse to dress up like their favorite ghoul and behave like kids。

  Halloween is "a recession antidote," said Jim Moore, marketing director of Costumesupercenter.com, a website specializing in costume sales。

  "It's a day of escapism -- you can still dress up, be someone else and have fun for 50 dollars or less," said Diane Lake, co-owner of the Economy Party Supplies and Costumes in the suburbs of the US capital。

  Topical politically inspired masks are often hot items, as are the latest pop-culture inspired procession of zombies and vampires。

  This year items related to the "King of Pop," Jackson, who died in June, are top sellers. Jackson loved Halloween, and revolutionized music videos with his 1983 clip "Thriller," in which corpses rise from their graves and dance to a catchy tune。

  Copies of the red leather jacket Jackson wore in the "Thriller" video sell well, and compete with replicas of the studded black outfit Jackson wore on the cover of his 1987 album "Bad."

  Brad Butler, CEO of Halloween Express, said his company received a late hot seller: "Barakula," a ghoulish version of President Barack Obama's face with bugged-out eyes, Vulcan-style ears and knife-sharp fangs。

  "It's a mask that came late, but is going to over-sell all the others," Butler predicted. He said buyers snapped up his stock of 3,000 masks, and he has put in a rush order for another 6,000.

  "It's the first time I see a presidential mask that takes it to the next level," Butler said, adding that they are more popular than the Bill Clinton masks from the 1990s。

  Other political rubber masks include Obama's wife Michelle, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former Hollywood action star and California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger。












  其它政坛人物面具包括奥巴马夫人米歇尔、国务卿希拉里•克林顿、前好莱坞动作影星及现任加州州长阿诺德• 施瓦辛格。


  swindler:a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud(骗子)

  vampire:a preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, that is said to suck the blood of sleeping persons at night(吸血鬼)

  trio:any group of three persons or things(三人,三重奏)

  pagan:pertaining to the worship or worshipers of any religion that is neither Christian, Jewish, nor Muslim(异教的)

  ghoul:an evil demon, originally of Oriental legend, supposed to feed on human beings, and especially to rob graves, prey on corpses, etc(盗尸者,食尸鬼)

  escapism:the avoidance of reality by absorption of the mind in entertainment or in an imaginative situation, activity, etc(逃避现实,逃避主义,解脱)

  topical:pertaining to or dealing with matters of current or local interest(热门话题的,有关时事的)

  catchy:pleasing and easily remembered(悦耳易记的)


  snap up:to buy up something(抢购)


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