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  Top 10 must-haves to be trendy in 2009

  Have you ever wondered what it takes to becool? Some may say it has nothing to do with appearance. Blah. Thatit's all about attitude and confidence. Blah blah. Well, they probablyright, but we are not taking about that spiritual stuff here. It's too profound. What we are going to discuss is being vain,in other words, the shallow stuff. Some may claim that to own any ofthese items will make you think you are cool but really don't. Well,don't listen to that, because they do at least help。


  No.1 The Iphone

  If truth be told, the Iphone is not themost practical phone out there. Probably there are more cons than pros,but when the Iphone hit the high street, people went mad for it. Whosays looks don't matter?


  No.2 Mac Air

  Next on the list is one of the Iphone'srelatives, the Mac Air. I don't possess one therefore I have no say inhow it works, and anyway, maybe it's too pretty to use, and I would behappy just to carry it everywhere as an accessory. Some of you may shake your head at this point in disgust because of the vanity of it all, well, that's the spirit!

  Iphone的弟弟:超薄本本Mac Air实在漂亮惊人!我甚至愿意只把它随身带到任何地方作为装饰都满足万分!尽情鄙视我吧!哈哈,虚荣心此时无眠。

  No. 3 The Dell Alionware

  It claims to be the world's most powerfulgaming laptop, yes, you didn't hear it wrong, it was gaming! If acomputer is powerful at games, do you need anything more? I am suresome of you would agree with me on that。


  That's enough for the cool gadgets; seriously, I think I should be getting paid for doing this!

  No. 4 MJ's CD/DVD

  I don't mean to bring your spirit down,but the death of Michael Jackson has been a tragic loss to all of us.Remembering the legend means owning a CD or DVD of him. And that's noteven about being cool any more, it's more like a courtesy, I would say。


  No. 5 Recycle bags

  They don't sound very glamorous, butactually can be. There are plenty of them which are stylish. Apart fromlooking cool, it actually makes people think that you do give a damnabout the environment。


  Now it's time for fashion trends. Ahfashion, where to start? To pick a few fashion must-haves out ofhundreds is really a cruel job。

  For 2009, you've got to have something studded, it's huge right now, and the addition of metal studs to everything from leather to denim adds a rocker-chick edge with a little hint of 80's flair, definitely on trend! Put studs on cowboy boots, and you will be hitting two trends at once。

  You can never get too many studs, or canyou? Check out Rihanna's studded Sunglasses, according to designer, thespecs are "not see-through, but you can see through them!" How sweet!


  No. 6 The over knee boots

  They've got to be one - well, two - of the sexiest bits of footware ever created. Do I have to say more?

  今年冬天,最最流行的不是小短靴,也不是雪地靴,而是一双又对身材要求超高的Over Knee Boots过膝靴。不用我多说了吧?

  No. 7 Leg decorations

  If it's not stylish or sexy enough tostuff your legs into thigh-high leather boots or go bare-leggedaltogether, then opt for this go-between: fall must-have tights and hosiery. We are not talking about tame legs decorations. Oh no, think wild!


  No. 8 Strong shouldered jacket

  This year, prominent shoulders areeverywhere, on full dresses, mini dresses and of course jackets.However cool it may look, it does take some guts to wear this look,though..Although that balances the shoulders..。.


  No. 9 UGG boots

  Before you call me gender-biased, I betterbring this one out quick: the luxury of UGG boots is no longer anindulgence only woman can enjoy. Check out the Ugg for men. Can youreally spot the diffence? One thought came to my mind, do you rememberowning a pair of these way back when?(showing the very old Chinesewinter boots which are similar to UGG) I would say there are certainthe similarities', wouldn't you? Then again, it's claimed thatAustralian men have been wearing UGG boots for well over 100 years,well, beat that!


  小解UGG:UGG的意义就是皮毛一体的羊皮圆头靴子。它兴起于澳洲,名字的来由是最初叫ugly boot后来澳洲人昵称它为UGG。一直到1994年由一个美国人注册商标UGG。他的商标的全称是UGG Australia 。

  No. 10 Compliant free world

  I could so go on and on, but hey,companions in cool, I am honored if you have come this far with me. Sodear fellers, how many of the above do you possess? If none, well,don't panic, I've saved the last one for you, and it is the self-helpbook, The complaint free world, that will help you to get over it!

  实话讲,可以列出的还有太多太多,哈,有你们的陪伴也是“酷”元素的表达!亲爱的朋友,最后压轴出场的是我的好书精华推荐:The complaint free world(不抱怨的10个秘诀)。讲述我们怎样创造一个不抱怨的世界,更乐观的面对人生!相信你会喜欢的!

  If you happen to possess all of them,contact me! The article above is only for fun, if you feel offended inany way I do apologize. But only because manners are also cool。



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