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  1.As a child, the little boy very poor family, food, rice is often not enough to eat, his mother took the bowl of rice to the children to eat. Said the mother, children, eat fast, I hungry! - Scatter his mother’s first lie


  2.Boy’s body a long time, hard-working mothers used the time to rest Sunday in the rural county in rural areas, fishing some rivers to fish for children calcium supplements. Good to eat fish, fish soup is very fresh. The children eating fish, the mother is on the side eating fish bones, tongue licking the fish marinated meat on the bones. Feel bad boy, put his bowl of fish bowl folder to the mothers, mothers eating fish. Mothers do not eat, the mother also use chopsticks to fish folder back to the boy’s bowl. Said the mother, child, eat fast, I do not like fish! - Scatter his mother’s second lie


  3.On the junior high school, for boys and Gejie enough to pay tuition fees when the mother went to work sewing collar neighborhood home to some matchbox, paste in the evening at the Zhengdian cents up at home. There is a winter, the boys wake up the middle of the night, also saw his mother bent over a lamp in the body under the matchbox paste. Said the boy, his mother, sleep it, you would also like to go to work tomorrow morning. Mother smiled, said the children, sleep fast, I do not storm! - Scatter his mother’s third lie


  4.The college entrance examination, the Qing Lejia mother every day to stand at the entrance test sites for the college entrance examination to attend the boy back. Every summer, the scorching sun head, stubborn mother is the next stop in the scorching sun for several hours. Examination of the end of the bell, and mother Ying Shangqu pass with a cup of canned good bottle of bubbles urged children to drink strong tea, tea is also strong, Gengnong situation. Looking at the mother of chapped lips and the sweat haired boys can be in the hands of anti-bottle delivery in the past invited the mother to drink. Said the mother, child, Drink soon, I Buke! - Spreading the mother of four lie


  5.After the death of his father, mother and mother when they Dangdie, relying on their own sewing in the agency that point, pull put up with all kinds of low income children, for their study, life miserable. Alley crossing under the wire rod repair of the table know that Uncle Lee, big and small issues on the fork to find a helping hand to fight back, moving to move coal, fetching water and pick, to send more Qianliang to help pay for the boy’s home. Non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect. Neighbors saw this, in mind, tried to persuade mothers remarry, why should his suffering. But over the years but Shoushenruyu mother, never marry, others Zaiquan, categorically refuse to listen to mother, mother, I do not love! - Spreading the lie of the five


  6.Ge Jie and her boys graduated from university to work, the mother of a post on the nearby farmers market stalls were put up to maintain life. I was away working children are often aware that after sending money back subsidies for mothers, mothers do not resolutely and will back the money back. The mother said, I have money! - Spreading the lie of the six


  7.Boys school to teach for two years after the United States to obtain a doctorate at the University of brand-name, to stay in the United States after graduating from a scientific research institutions, the treatment of a very rich, good condition, in a foreign mother wants to take the boys to enjoy the benefits Qing Fu has been turned down for the elderly. Said his mother, I am not used to! - Spreading the lie of the seven


  8.Old age, the mother is seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital, about a boy on the other side of the Atlantic by plane to come back, after the mother is on the verge of death had. Old mother, looked to be a very tough battle on the disease afflicted mother, the boy grief, and tears. Said the mother, children, do not cry, I hurt. - Caesar’s last lie



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