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  1. Labs shed a lot. A female will generaly blow her coat (shed heavily) 2 times a year with her heat cycle. All other Labs neutered and unneutered males, and spayed females will shed moderately throughout the year and more so as the seasons change. This hair collects on furniture, clothes and blows accross the floor in tumbleweeds. You will be amazed on where you will find the dog hair. As we like to say, "Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything except the dog"。

  1. 拉拉掉毛掉的很厉害。一个女生拉拉一年会在她发情的时候有两次严重掉毛。男生和结扎过的女生还是会每年跟着季节的变化等等适度地掉毛。这些毛会粘在家具上,衣服上,然后像风滚草一样在你家的地板上随风飘来、飘去。等你从不可思议的地方找到它掉的毛、你一定会被“惊喜”到。就像我们说的那样:“狗毛会粘在家里的任何东西上,除了狗狗以外。”

  2. Labs are people dogs. If you have allergies to dog hair, dander or saliva, you will probably have problems with a Lab. The somewhat oilier coat does keep down some dander, but not all of it. Many breeders and owners would be glad to have you visit their dogs to see if you can tolerate being around them. It is never fair to get a puppy then find out your allergies are too bad and you have to tie the dog up outside away from the family for the majority of its life. A Lab should be with people. They should not be left outside away from their people. They will not be happy living that way. Think of what is best for the dog。

  2. 拉拉跟人很亲很亲。如果你对头皮屑,狗毛,狗口水过敏,你可能会对拉拉有意见。虽然拉拉毛上的油对一些皮屑有所控制,但是,并不是全部的。尽责的育种家和主人在卖他的狗狗给你前应先让你和狗狗接触,看看你是否有过敏现象。为了狗狗好,最好早点发现如果家里人对狗狗会过敏,要不然,当你需要把它束在外面或另找主人时,对狗狗是十分不公平的。拉拉是非常喜欢人狗,它们应该跟人养在一起,要不然就像是在虐待它们一样。为狗狗多想想吧!

  3. Labradors are not clean. If you are a neat freak, you will not like a Lab. They shed. They can dig holes in your yard. Track in mud. Chew on things. Rub up against and leave marks on your walls. Clear off the coffee table with one wag of its tail. If you are a neat freak, and want a dog as a showpiece, don't get a Lab. Get a stuffed dog or one of those new robot dogs。

  3. 拉拉并不干净。如果你有洁癖,你不会喜欢拉拉。他们会脱毛。他们会挖洞,他们会在泥巴里赛跑。咬东咬西。把刚刚从外面带进来的东东往你洁白的墙壁上摩。有时侯一高兴就帮你清掉咖啡桌上的杂物,就尾巴一摇就搞定了!如果你有洁癖,而你养狗是拿来当展示品,不要养拉拉。你可以买毛绒玩具,或那种机器狗也可以。

  4. Labs need a lot of exercise. The Labrador is an active breed. This may not seem a problem if you are in the mood for some exercise yourself. But they need an outlet for this energy every day. That means when it is raining, on days you work late, when you are not feeling good- your Lab will still want to go for a run, walk, play ball, go swimming...whatever you two do. If you do not provide an outlet for his pent-up energy....he may find one!

  4. 拉拉需要很多运动。拉不拉多是很好动的品种。在你也有心情运动一下的时候这倒不是个问题,但问题是他们每天都需要大量运动来抒发精力。包括下雨天,你的加班时间,你生病的时候——你家的拉拉还是会想要出去跑,走路,玩球,游泳……反正就是平常你们做惯了的事儿。如果你不给他一个发泄他那被压抑精力的渠道……他也能自己找到!(那就真的完了……)

  5 Labs are prone to genetically linked problems. Hip dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Eye problems, Heart problems, Epilepsy...the list goes on. Do your homework! Ask the breeder about all of these things。

  5 像其他纯种狗,拉拉患上有遗传性疾病的可能性很大。臀部发育不良,眼部发育不良、视力问题、心脏问题、癫痫……列都列不完。养狗之前请务必做你的功课!多读一些资料,或问问育种家/其他养拉拉的人。

  6. Labs are prone to other health problems. Some of which may or may not be genetically linked. Included but not limited to: Bloat, PANO, OCD, Thyroid problems and other immune system and endocrine problems。

  6. 不光是遗传性疾病,拉拉也有患上其他后天性疾病的可能性。包括但并不限于:水肿,PANO(长期扭伤髋关节), 强迫症, 甲状腺问题,和其他免疫和内分泌问题。

  7. Labs stay puppies for a very long time. You may think great! I love puppies. Well, only their minds stay puppies. Their bodies get big! They remain clumsy, hard-headed, goofy and immature for a long time. Labs are not really hard to train, but you have to be persistent. They do need some form of training. Labs don't really mature until they are 2-3 years old。

  7. 拉拉会当很久的小狗。你可能会想,那太好了!我喜欢小狗。哼哼,我是说他们的心智是小狗,但它们的身体还是会长大的!你会看到的是一只笨拙,傻的可爱,不成熟的大拉拉。拉拉很聪明,并不难训练,可是作为主人的你务必要坚持住!拉拉通常要过完2到3岁生日才真的在举止上较为成熟。

  8. Labs can be easy to find. This is a good thing and a bad thing. It means you should be able to find one easily, but also that everybody and their brother are breeding them. Not everyone is doing so properly and paying attention to temperament and health. The reputable breeder's puppies are not cheap. Some people feel they can get off cheaper by paying less somewhere else. Remember you get what you pay for. You may purchase a puppy from an unreputable source just to get a puppy at a lower price, and run into many problems with the pup as he grows. Most good breeders plan 1 or 2 litters a year. They often wait years in-between breeding so they can evaluate what they are producing. Beware of a breeder who always has puppies, or seems to be breeding numerous litters every year. They may be out for their own gain, and not for the overall health of the breed。

  8. 拉拉很多地方都有的卖。这是好事,也是坏事。这代表你可以很容易的得到你要的狗狗,也代表每个人,和他们的兄弟朋友都在繁殖,出售拉拉。不幸的是,并不是每个人都有所谓的职业道德。他们繁殖拉拉完全是为了自己的个人利益而因此忽略了拉拉脾气和健康的重要性。声誉好的育种家价钱也会跟着增加。买狗的时候不能贪小便宜。你可能会因为在比较便宜而且来路不明的地方买了狗、而在狗狗成长时才发现问题的严重性。大部分好的育种家在一年里只计划一胎或两胎小狗。在两胎之间他们常常会等上几年来判断是否适合再繁育小狗。如果你所知道的“育种家”一直都有小狗出售,或仿佛每年都有很多窝狗崽。他们很有可能是为了自己的利润,而不是为了确保拉拉的健康。

  9. A Lab may not be the best dog if you have very small children. Labs are usually good around kids, but like all dogs, they have to be taught to behave around children. A small puppy will naturally bite and chew on, clothing, shoes, hands.... Those sharp puppy teeth can hurt a childs hands without the puppy knowing it. A growing puppy will often knock down a toddler in play. You have to supervise any dog arround small children。

  9. 如果你家里又很小的小孩、那拉拉也许不适合你。虽然拉拉对小孩都很友善,可是像所有的狗狗,他们需要接受一定的训练。一只小狗会很自然的咬爵衣服,鞋子,手……小狗尖尖的牙齿可以轻易地在狗狗本身不自觉时咬伤一个小孩的手。一只成长中的拉拉常常会在跟幼童玩耍的时候撞到他们而遭成伤害。作为主人的你一定要在有小孩的地方监督狗狗以防万一。

  10. Labs Shed. Oh, did I say that one already? I couldn't see the computer screen through all this doghair.。。

  10. 拉拉很会掉毛。哦。我是不是说过了?他掉的毛挡住了我的荧幕。


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