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  Piles are caused by straining the lower bowel - they often appear during pregnancy because of increased pressure on the veins, or after childbirth because of the pressure caused when pushing the baby out - and they can stay put for many years。

  However, a far more common cause is straining because one is constipated - and this is where bowel habits come into the equation because to prevent constipation, you have to address diet。


  Unfortunately, over the Christmas party season you are likely to be snacking endlessly on canapes rather than eating a balanced meal for lunch or dinner and most likely drinking more alcohol than normal。

  Many of my patients go to a party thinking that they will tuck into canapes as a substitute for a proper dinner。

  While canapes may be tasty and those mini-hamburgers and tiny cornets of fish and chips look appealing - virtually all canapes are highly calorific and contain few nutrients。

  Unless they are homemade they are likely to be processed and high in saturated fats, salt and often sugar。

  Few party foods are going to be good for bowel health and - because the fibre content will be low - are more likely to put you at risk of piles。


  To offset this problem, try to make sure that you eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetable a day, preferably more, and fill up on some of these before you go to the party so you do not rely on canapes as the source of your main meal。

  You should also eat high-fibre foods - for instance Weetabix or bran-based cereals - for breakfast as this will certainly help combat the negative effect of fingerfoods。

  Most of us enjoy the flow of alcohol at Christmas but consume too much and you will become dehydrated and in turn constipated。

  On the other hand, too much alcohol - binge-drinking in particular - can also lead to diarrhoea. I suggest to patients alternating a glass of wine, for example, with one of water or a soft drink。

  This will help keep the faeces at the right consistency so as not to cause straining, which can lead to bleeding, itching or even an anal fissure (a small tear in the anus)。

  It may be hard to believe, but lack of sleep from all that partying can also cause piles。


  The bowel has one of the richest areas of nerve supply in the body and the brain-bowel connection - the theory that the health of the gut does seem to be directly linked to the mind - is well-established。

  So, if you are overtired and cannot sleep then you could get stressed in which case there is a good chance that your bowel will not be working efficiently and you may become constipated。

  Even clothing may exacerbate piles if you already have them - I've had female patients complaining that thongs and G-strings can cause pain and it is quite possible that tight undergarments, such as the currently fashionable compression underwear that pulls in the stomach and bottom, might cause problems if too tight and putting pressure on the back passage。


  The good news is that piles may be uncomfortable but are rarely dangerous。

  However, if there are any symptoms - whether new, worrying or frequent - which persist and may not be related to piles, you should go straight to your GP who, unless there is a clear cause (such as an anal fissure), will refer you to a specialist to exclude more serious causes including polyps, cancer and inflammatory bowel disease。



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