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  We’ve all experienced tourst traps. Those heavily advertised attractions that turn out to be bland misrepresentations of the places we’re supposed to be seeing。我们都曾遭遇过旅游陷阱:某些大作广告的景点事实上枯燥乏味,不值一逛。

  So which are the world’s worst tourist traps?那么,世界上最坑爹的景点有哪些呢?

  For starters, in no particular order, try the devil's dozen below。对于初级“驴友”来说,以下十二个景点堪称极品坑爹,排名不分先后。


  Dunn’s River Falls, Ocho Rios, Jamaica


  This admittedly pretty series of waterfalls in a lush forest has been transformed into a death march for millions of visitors。不得不说,位于繁茂丛林中的这一系列瀑布确实很有看头,但如今它们已经变成了上百万游客的“死亡之旅”。

  Visitors slog up a crowded hillside holding hands with strangers like worker ants on a particularly gruesome mission。游客们手拉着手,步履维艰地爬上拥挤的山坡,就像成群结队的工蚁要去完成一项特别讨厌的任务。

  Aggressive guides hustling for tips complete the tourist trap experience。粗暴地索取小费的导游让你被坑的体验更加完整。

  Better to get ripped off on straw baskets in the Kingston markets。还不如在金斯敦(牙买加首都)的市场上被卖草编篮子的敲竹杠呢。


  Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong


  Built in 2004, this one is designed with mainland Chinese tourists in mind. You’ll find them here in droves, led by flag-toting tour guides as they stumble toward the promenade’s highlight, a statue of Bruce Lee in kung fu pose。建于2004年的香港星光大道面向的是中国大陆的游客。于是你就可以看见成群结队的游客,跟在举着小旗子的导游身后,跌跌撞撞地走向景区的中心——一尊李小龙的塑像。

  A lack of comfortable resting areas and focus on souvenir photo booths makes the whole experience about as satisfying as a sneeze that doesn't quite come out。没有休息区,到处都是拍照摊位——这样的旅游体验就像一个喷嚏打不出来一样“令人满意”。


  Times Square, New York City, United States


  A big TV, a bunch of outdoor advertising and chain stores you can find anywhere in the United States。一台大电视,一堆户外广告,外加一排在美国随处可见的连锁店。

  Locals avoid it with almost the same assiduity as empty cabs do, meaning once you're in, there's no quick escape。当地人都唯恐避之不及,空出租车也一样——也就是说,你一旦进去,就甭想很快出来了。


  Nanjing Dong Lu, Shanghai, China


  It bills itself as the “best shopping street in China,” but in reality it's far from that。号称是“中国最好的购物街”,但事实远非如此。

  Nanjing Dong Lu, whose history can be traced back 150 years ago, was once known as the “Number One Commercial Street in China。” Most guidebooks recommend tourists check it out for its history。拥有150年历史的南京东路曾被誉为“中国第一商业街”,许多旅游指南都推荐游客们好好了解它的历史。

  But apart from a handful of old shops, any sense of history is largely gone。但是除了寥寥几家“百年老店”之外,这里已经没有什么“历史感”可言了。

  Locals are a rare sight. Ubiquitous brands that can be found on any major shopping street in Shanghai, however, are all too common。这里几乎见不着当地人,充斥其间的只有在上海各大商业街都能看到的品牌连锁店。


  Winston Churchill’s Britain at War Experience, London, United Kingdom


  The heavily advertised Britain at War Experience draws thousands to experience wartime London. There are a few decent artifacts, but mostly what visitors get are amateur tableaus featuring department store mannequin limbs slathered with fake blood meant to represent Blitz carnage。大作宣传的二战体验博物馆吸引了成千上万的游客来感受战时的伦敦。这里确实有一些像样的艺术品,但是游客们主要看到的还是一点也不专业的场景摆设,比如试图用涂抹了大量假血的百货店模特的肢体来展现1940年纳粹对伦敦空袭的惨状。

  A shame so many get lured in, since authentic

  sites pertaining to WWII -- Churchill’s actual bunker and RAF Uxbridge’s magnificently restored Battle of Britain Operations Room-- are nearby。问题是,真正的二战遗迹——丘吉尔真正呆过的掩体,还有皇家空军Uxbridge基地完美复原的作战指挥室——就在附近,居然还有这么多人被吸引到所谓“二战体验博物馆”去,真是丢脸。

泰国曼谷,Damnoen Saduak水上市场泰国曼谷,Damnoen Saduak水上市场

  Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

  泰国曼谷,Damnoen Saduak水上市场

  There are at least a dozen floating markets in and around Bangkok. Yet every tourist wants to hit the same one: Damnoen Saduak。曼谷周边至少有一打类似的水上市场,但是所有游客都只想去这一个:Damnoen Saduak。

  It used to be a legitimate place for locals to enjoy some boat noodles or shop for produce and knickknacks. Today, thanks to every tour company in the world pushing it on tourists, it's about as authentic as that pack of Viagra for sale in a back soi on Sukhumvit Road。这里最初只是当地人合法地吃碗面或者买点小饰品的地方,但现在,在各家旅行社的大肆鼓吹之下,这里几乎变成了像素坤逸路(泰国主要公路)背街出售的伟哥一样的东西。

  And be ready to duck. Things can get dangerous when boat drivers raise their long boat propellers out of the water to navigate through canal traffic jams。还得做好落水的准备。当船夫们举起长长的船桨试图通过交通拥堵的运河时,危险随时可能降临。


  Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy


  The Leaning Tower of Pisa may have an interesting history, but as a tourist attraction, there isn't much to say about it. Apart from the fact that it actually leans。比萨斜塔的历史也许很有趣,但作为一个旅游景点,除了它确实是斜的以外,实在是没什么可说的。

  After the initial wonderment over how such bad architecture has managed to last so long, there’s nothing much left to do apart from climbing the tower. But that’s not before you stand in a long line of tourists willing to part with 15 euros for the opportunity to climb 300 dizzying spiral steps within a specified time slot。最初的对于“这样的建筑怎么能保存如此之久”的惊叹过去之后,也就没什么可做的了。当然你可以登上这座塔,但要注意,你前面还有一长串游客同样等着花15欧元在规定的时间内爬上300级令人眩晕的螺旋楼梯。


  Bandra’s Bollywood homes, Mumbai, India


  The majority of apartment buildings in Mumbai are weather-beaten and look like they’re about to crumble。孟买的大部分房屋都被当地糟糕的天气蹂躏得不成样子,看起来似乎很快就要土崩瓦解了。

  The "Bollywood homes tour for tourists" showcases the most underwhelming apartment buildings of some of the biggest movie stars on the planet, such as Shah Rukh Khan. But you’d never guess it。所谓的“宝莱坞之家之旅”的卖点是一些毫无吸引力的公寓楼,住在里面的是一些著名电影明星,比如沙鲁克·汗——当然你永远也猜不到这一点。

  On one corner, crowds gather every evening below Salman Khan’s building, where Bollywood’s most popular action man makes an almost daily appearance on a pathetic little balcony in a truly ugly building。在某处街角,人们甚至聚集在沙莱曼·罕(印度歌舞片演员)楼下,等待这位宝莱坞最出名的演员每天例行现身于这栋丑得要死的楼房的某个小得可怜的阳台上。


  Sydney Fish Market, Sydney, Australia


  A visit to the Sydney Fish Market is nearly as fatal for tourists as it is for fish。参观悉尼鱼市无论是对游客还是对鱼来说都是要命的举动,

  Heritage falls apart on the harbor's shore, iron rusts and there is no foreshore access. Two huge cement factories that dominate the view around the bay pollute the water。港口岸边到处是破碎的遗迹,所有的铁都生锈了,也不可能到海滩上去——岸边的两座水泥工厂污染了整个水域。

  While it sells itself as a tourist attraction, the smelly fish market has been an exercise in self-interest for decades。悉尼鱼市自称是旅游景点,其实不过是个以盈利为目的的市场罢了。


  Benoa, Bali, Indonesia


  If this is amazing snorkeling, please jam our snorkels with seaweed。如果这就是所谓的“让人惊叹的潜水之旅”,还不如把用海藻把水下呼吸管堵死算了。

  The water is murky and short of fish and you have to dodge banana boats and jet skis。水很脏,几乎没有鱼,你还得躲开水上滑艇和喷气式滑水车。

  If you’ve got a thing for dead coral, however, please feel free to sign up for a glass bottomed boat ride。但是如果你仍然想看看那些死珊瑚的话,你大可以去乘坐玻璃底的小船兜上一圈。



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