Lady Gaga“黑雕”雷人造型现身芬兰(图)   2012年08月31日 11:49   沪江英语

  She’s worn some bizarre outfits in her time, so it wasn’t a shock for fans as Lady Gaga emerged from her hotel in Finland yesterday dressed as a giant bird.The eccentric performer, who regularly sets tongues wagging with her outlandish take on fashion, has stunned fans with outfits ranging from Kermit the Frog to a piece of meat。

  Wearing a long black dress, teamed with a black cape, Gaga stepped out onto the streets of Helsinki in true dramatic fashion, greeted by a sea of screaming fans.The Just Dance singer decided to cover her heavily made up face with a strange feathered head piece, her eyes barely visible beneath it.With what looked like real bird feathers covering her entire head, face and neck, she had the appearance of a large crow。

  Gaga embraced her Gothic look, complete with blood red lips, by staying stony faced and using her trademark growl.Clearly in a theatrical mood, she certainly gave her fans a treat, drawing a number of excited gasps from the crowd as she breezed past them.In the Finnish capital as part of her Born This Way tour, the star was clearly trying to grab as much attention as possible during her short stay, bringing a bit of her stage show to the streets of Helsinki.Later in the evening, the extravagant star even went as far as to flash her bottom on stage, leading fans to draw comparisons with Madonna’s similar on-stage flash in Italy a few months ago。

  Whether or not the new Queen of Pop was having a dig at her predecessor was up to the audience to decide, but she seemed to be having the last laugh.Gaga has blown Madonna out of the water with her tour reviews. While the 54-year-old performer was slated for her MDNA tour in July, Gaga has been receiving rave reviews for the Europe leg of her tour, which comes to the UK next week。

Lady Gaga全黑羽毛头造型亮相芬兰Lady Gaga全黑羽毛头造型亮相芬兰

  当地时间8月28日,Lady Gaga全黑羽毛头造型亮相芬兰赫尔辛基,看似一只“黑雕”,嘎嘎小姐又一次让她的歌迷雷了个外焦里嫩。

  Lady Gaga在芬兰首都赫尔辛基进行“Born This Way”巡回演唱会。28日,她被拍到一身“鸟人”装扮走出酒店引得粉丝们的欢呼和尖叫。对于这位行为怪异的女歌手,大家好像已经习惯了她的各种怪异打扮,但是她这次的“鸟人”装扮还是让粉丝们感到诧异。当日,Lady Gaga身穿黑色长裙搭配黑色斗篷,她的整个头部、脸上还有脖子上都用羽毛覆盖得严严实实,看起来像是一只巨型乌鸦。她的这种哥特式风格的打扮搭配上鲜红色的唇膏以及面部冷酷的表情,让粉丝们着实吓了一跳。


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