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  No sooner had Vice-Foreign Minister Fu Ying been named spokeswoman for the first session of the 12th National People's Congress on Monday, than netizens' comments began to flood in。外交部副部长傅莹周一在十二届全国人大[微博]一次会议被任命为新闻发言人之后,网友好评立即汹涌而来。

  Fu, the first spokeswoman in the history of China's top legislature, chaired a 75-minute NPC news conference, aired live on television。傅莹是全国人大历史上第一位女性发言人,这次她主持了长达75分钟的全国人大新闻发布会,并在电视台上实时转播。

  China's top micro-blogging site, Sina Weibo, was flooded with favorable reactions to the so-called iron lady of the Foreign Ministry.中国最大的微博网站新浪微博上,充溢着网友对外交部“铁娘子”的赞扬之辞。

  In 2010, Fu was promoted to vice-foreign minister, in charge of Asian, border and oceanic affairs, including China's territorial disputes with Japan.2010年,傅莹被任命为外交部副部长,分管亚洲事务、边境事务、以及海洋事务,其中包括也中日间的领土争端。

  Netizens' comments ranged from her stylish silver hair to her radiant smile and clever replies to questions。她时髦的一头银发、灿烂的笑容,一直到她对记着提问的机智回答都受到了网友的好评。

  "Fu Ying is a gentle, warm and charming lady," wrote Sina Weibo user Paul Hongfu。“傅莹很有风趣,很亲切,也很有魅力,”微博用户Paul Hongfu这样评论道。

  At 60, Fu Ying has clearly moved to a new stage in her life。现年60岁的傅莹显然迈入了她人生中的一个新阶段。

  "I've just come from the session. The route at the Great Hall of the People is zigzagging and it is not easy for me, as a newcomer, to find it. I'm sorry," she said while explaining a three-minute delay in the news conference。“我是从大会那边过来的。大会堂的路径也是比较曲折的,我这个新手要找到路也不是这么容易。抱歉。” 这次发布会延迟了3分钟,傅莹对此这样解释道。

  Fu answered nine questions during the news conference, ranging from tensions with Japan to the military budget。傅莹在发布会上回答了九个问题,从中日局势到军费,各个方面的问题都有。

  When replying to a question about "fully-covered budget management", a comprehensive framework to review and supervise the government's budget and spending at all levels, Fu was concerned whether reporters were familiar with the term and explained it to them。当回答有关“全口径预算管理”(一种审查和监督各级政府预算和支出的综合体制)的问题时,傅莹考虑到有些记着对这个概念不是很熟悉,还向他们做出了解释。

  She also allowed an old friend from CNN to ask a question but jokingly told him to pose "a mild one"。她也让一位CNN的老朋友提问,不过开玩笑地让他“客气一点儿”。

  One of Fu's former colleagues told China Economic Weekly the way Fu expressed her feelings used to ensure complex diplomatic work achieved "maximum results with less effort"。傅莹以前的同事对《中国经济周刊》的记着说,傅莹抒发的个人情感和良好的沟通姿态令本来繁复沉闷的外交工作变得事半功倍。

  Asked about China's political reform on Monday, she said some developed countries are facing very severe difficulties, but they never talk about changing their political systems。当被问及中国的政治改革时,她说,一些发达国家,他们现在面临着非常严峻的困难,但是没有听说他们要改变自己的政治制度。

  "China has already found a road appropriate for the country and is making headway. Therefore, we have no reason not to go along this road," she said。她说:“中国已经找到了自己的正确道路,而且正在取得成功,我们没有理由不坚持走自己的路。”

  She did not avoid talking about problems. Asked about China's environmental pollution, Fu said that every morning she draws the curtains to check whether there is haze。面对现存的种种问题,她也并没有避而不答。当被问及中国的环境污染时,傅莹说她每天早上拉开窗帘都要看一下今天有没有雾霾。

  A Weibo user nicknamed Wang Tongbing said: "I like Fu Ying's remarks. Now Chinese people can face their problems. It shows growing confidence."一个微博昵称为Wang Tongbing的用户说:“我很喜欢傅莹的回答。现在中国人可以正视我们的问题了。我们越来越自信了。”

  Fu said after the news conference she had prepared hard for it. "I felt nervous ... like a pupil." But many netizens attributed her success on Monday to her 35-year diplomatic career。傅莹在新闻发布会之后说她准备这次发布会花了很多功夫。“很紧张……像个小学生。” 不过很多网友都把她在周一发布会上的成功归功于她35年的外交生涯。

  Fu joined the Foreign Ministry in 1978 and has been ambassador to the Philippines, Britain and Australia。傅莹于1978年进入外交部,曾担任过中国驻菲律宾、中国驻英国和中国驻澳大利亚大使。

  Lionel Barber, editor of the Financial Times, interviewed Fu before she left London in 2010. In Barber's eyes, Fu does not match the stern face of Chinese officialdom。《金融时报》编辑莱昂内尔·巴贝尔曾在2010年在伦敦采访过傅莹。在巴贝尔眼中,傅莹的形象和中国外交部一直以来的严肃外交官形象相差甚远。

  "Madam Fu Ying is a rare specimen in the ranks of Chinese diplomacy," he said, adding that she is female, comes from an ethnic group - she was born in Inner Mongolia - and took up a new post in Beijing in 2010 as only the second female vice-foreign minister since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949.“傅女士是她这个级别的中国外交官中很少见的人,” 他说道,另外他又补充道,她是一名来自少数民族的女性(傅莹出生于内蒙古),2010年她被任命为外交部副部长,是中国自1949年成立以来第二位女性外交官。

  "Madam Fu is charming but she also knows that charm can serve as a weapon," Barber said in his report。“傅女士很有魅力,她知道这种魅力其实也是一种武器。”巴贝尔在他的报导中这样写道。

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