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  Part I 听力部分答案

  1C.They knew none of the other guests at the party.

  2.B.To the dentist’s

  3.C.Dr. Andrews used to keep the patients waiting.

  4.A.Tom is usually talkative.

  5.D.To get the seminar schedule for the woman.

  6.A.The woman has to get the textbooks in other ways.

  7.B.Give a speech.

  8.A.Jessie always says what she thinks.

  9.D.Helen is quiet.

  10.D.Jimmy’s words are often not reliable.

  11.C.It has done more harm than good in the southern USA.

  12.B.They will soon be overgrown with kudzu.

  13.C.The climate there is unfavorable to its growth.

  14.D.An association of teachers and scholars

  15.A.Its largest expansion took place during that period.

  16.B.Government funding.

  17.C.He started the organization Heifer International.

  18.A.To help starving families to become self-supporting

  19.A.They should help other families the way they have been helped.

  20.B.It has helped relieve hunger in some developing countries.




  1. M: I think the hostess really went out of her way to make the party a success.

  W: Yes, the food and drinks were great, but if only we had known a few of the other guests.

  Q: What did the two speakers say about the party?

  1. A) They went a long way to attend the party.

  B) They didn't think much of the food and drinks.

  C) They knew none of the other guests at the party.

  D) They enjoyed the party better than the other guests.

  第1题里的虚拟语气…if only we had known a few of the other guests,表达了与过去事实相反的情况,“要是当时认识几个其他客人就好了”。问题的答案就是过去的事实,那就是他们不认识聚会上的其他客人。

  2. M: Can you stop by the post office and get me some envelopes and 39 cents’ stamps?

  W: Well, I am not going to stop by the post office, but I can buy you some at the bookstore after I see the dentist on Market street.

  Q: Where will the woman go first?

  2. A) To the bookstore.

  B) To the dentist's.

  C) To the market.

  D) To the post office.


  3. M: How do you like the new physician who replaced Dr. Andrews?

  W: He may not seem as agreeable or as thorough as Dr. Andrews, but at least he doesn’t keep patients waiting for hours.

  Q: What can we infer from the woman’s answer?

  3. A) Dr. Andrews has been promoted for his thoroughness.

  B) She disagrees with Dr. Andrews on many occasions.

  C) Dr. Andrews used to keep his patients waiting.

  D) She dislikes Dr. Andrews as much as the new physician.


  4. W: Tom must be in a bad mood today. He hasn’t said half a dozen words all afternoon.

  M: Oh, really? That’s not like the Tom we know.

  Q: What does the man imply?

  4. A) Tom is usually talkative.

  B) Tom has a very bad temper.

  C) Tom has dozens of things to attend to.

  D) Tom is disliked by his colleagues.

  第4题首先提到Tom现在的情绪不对头,整下午没说几句话。第二个人很惊讶,“That’s not like the Tom we know”,表明Tom今天的情绪和大家对他的一贯表现不同。答案很显然是Tom通常是健谈的(甚至可能是唐僧般的超级话匣子)。

  5. W: Do you have the seminar schedule with you? I’d like to find out the topic for Friday.

  M: I gave it to my friend, but there should be copies available in the library. I can pick one up for you.

  Q: What does the man promise to do?

  5. A) To pickup the woman from the library.

  B) To make a copy of the schedule for his friend.

  C) To find out more about the topic for the seminar.

  D) To get the seminar schedule for the woman.

  这个题目考查了信息指代的连续性,seminar schedule“研讨会日程表”是关键,后面的 “it”, “copies” 和 “one”都指向这一信息。问题就落在“one”上。注:seminar 大学里在教师指导下定期进行讨论的研究班/研讨会。

  6 W: I wonder if you could sell me the Psychology textbooks. You took the course last semester, didn’t you?

  M: As a matter of fact, I already sold them back to the school bookstore.

  Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

  6. A) The woman has to get the textbooks in other ways.

  B) The woman has sold her used textbooks to the bookstore.

  C) The man is going to buy his textbooks from a bookstore.

  D) The man doesn't want to sell his textbooks to the woman.


  7. W: Here is this week’s schedule, Tony. On Monday, there is the board meeting. Your speech to the lion’s club is on Tuesday afternoon. Then on Wednesday you have an appointment with your lawyer and…

  M: Wait, you mean the business conference on Tuesday is cancelled?

  Q: What will the man do this Tuesday?

  7. A) Attend a conference.

  B) Give a speech.

  C) Meet his lawyer.

  D) Make a business trip.


  8. M: Can you believe it? Jessie told her boss he was wrong to have fired his marketing director.

  W: Yeah, but you know Jessie. If she has something in mind, everyone will know about it.

  Q: What does the woman mean?

  8 A) Jessie always says what she thinks.

  B) Jessie seems to have a lot on her mind.

  C) Jessie is wrong to find fault with her boss.

  D) Jessie should know the marketing director better.


  9. M: We’ve got three women researchers in our group: Mary, Betty and Helen. Do you know them?

  W: Sure. Mary is active and sociable. Betty is the most talkative woman I’ve ever met. But guess what? Helen’s just the opposite.

  Q: What do we learn from the woman’s remark about Helen?

  9. A) Heien is talkative.

  B) Helen is active.

  C) Helen is sociable.

  D) Helen is quiet.

  这个题目信息复杂程度有一次提高。三个人的性格进行列举,“Helen’s just the opposite”表明她跟Betty进行了对比。根据Betty既然最健谈,那么Helen最文静。

  10.W: Jimmy said that he was going to marry a rich French businesswoman.

  M: Don’t be so sure. He once told me that he had bought a big house. Yet he’s still sharing an apartment with Mark.

  Q: What does the man imply?

  10. A) Jimmy will regret marrying a Frenchwoman.

  B) Jimmy is not serious in making decisions.

  C) Jimmy is rich enough to buy a big house.

  D) Jimmy's words are often not reliable.

  这个题目考查了转折的用法。Don’t be so sure意思是告诉对方不要太肯定Jimmy说的话。然后举例子说明Jimmy是如何不厚道,“他曾告诉我他买了大房子,但实际上仍跟人合住一个公寓”。

  Part II. 阅读理解答案

  21. D they have difficulty finding qualified personnel at home

  22. D seeks either his own or his children’s development

  23. A take cultural factors into consideration

  24. C provide a detailed description of their study and work experiences.

  25. B the differences between the varieties of English

  26. C. rewarding

  27. A. girls will turn out to be less vulnerable than boys

  28. B. girls can gain equal access to education

  29. C. It will yield greater returns than other known investments.

  30. D. the economic and social benefits of educating women

  31. C. To prevent the care thief from restarting it once it stops.

  32. B. self-prepared tools are no longer enough for car theft.

  33. A. a coded ignition key

  34. D. To allow for possible errors in the GPS system.

  35. B. Contact the car owner.

  36. B. Older parents can take better care of their children.

  37. D. They have to go on working beyond their retirement age.

  38. C. older parents tend to be concerned about their aging bodies.

  39. A. Approaching of death.

  40. C. Not until they had the twins did they feel that had formed a family.





  25. According to the author's last piece of advice, the applicants should be aware of________.

  A) the different educational systems in the US and the UK

  B) the differences between the varieties of English

  C) the recipient's preference with regard to the format

  D) the distinctive features of American and British cultures


  [If you are submitting your resume in English, find out if the recipient (收件人) uses British English or American English because there are variations between the two versions. )For example, university education is often referred to as 'tertiary education' in the United Kingdom, but this term is almost never used in the United States. [A reader who is unfamiliar with these variations may assume that your resume contains errors.]


  Part III. 词汇单选题答案

  41 A current

  42 B mood

  43 D evidence

  44 A held back

  45 D preferences

  46 C derive

  47 B occur

  48 D illegal

  49 A feature

  50 B forbids

  51 C penalty

  52 A distinguish

  53 D pick up

  54 C impression

  55 B participate

  56 D hold on to

  57 B tackle

  58 A state

  59 C significant

  60 D soared

  61 C symptoms

  62 A laid off

  63 B traced

  64 D proportion

  65 B burdened

  66 A performance

  67 C apply

  68 D affordable

  69 B treat

  70 D Inspired




  56. Although they lost their jobs, savings and unemployment benefits allow the couple to____their comfortable home.

  A) come in for B) catch up with C) look forward to D) hold on to

  D选项短语hold on to 的意思是维持的意思。该题完全可以用代入排除法来确定逻辑含义最合理的选项。

  64. It is clear that the dog has a much greater_______ of its brain devoted to smell than is the case with humans.

  A) composition B) compound C) percent D) proportion


  Part IV. 完形答案

  71. A ago

  72. C idea

  73. B come

  74. A indoor

  75. D revealed

  76. B down

  77. C safe

  78. A reduced

  79. D destroy

  80. B however

  81. C completely

  82. A or

  83. B fact

  84. D developed

  85. A starts

  86. D inevitably

  87. C instead

  88. C adopting

  89. B beneficial

  90. A entire


  完型填空部分题目比较容易,很多同学在前几个题考虑太多,结果简单的题目复杂化,反而选错。比如71的ago, 73的 in years to come。


  Part V. 作文

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a poster recruiting volunteers. You should write at Least 120 words following the outline given below:





  June 17, 2006

  Volunteers Needed

  You guys must have been tremendously tortured by the endless exams, undoubtedly longing for a relaxing summer vacation. Have you ever considered spending a meaningful summer instead of idling it away as usual?

  Now you have a chance!

  The Students’ Association is currently recruiting volunteers for an activity--Harmonious Community, aiming at broadening our vision and helping us explore the essence of harmony. This theme will be highlighted through a series of social work to be initiated in the neighborhood.

  At the outset, we volunteers are going to visit the Special Education Center and specifically, with assigned tasks like teaching and so on. Afterwards, we are going to take care of the seniors at the Home for the Aged. Then we will take part in the publicity activities in the community.

  Anyone who is enthusiastic and willing to dedicate your time to this activity is welcome.

  If interested, please sign up at the Students’ Association. Or you may email us at recruit@coolmail.com.

  Looking forward to your participation!




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