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  Beijing Ming Cheng Academy (BMCA) is situated in Xie Dao of Chao Yang district in Beijing. BMCA provides day & boarding school educational programs for kindergarten through high school. BMCA construction area is 40,000 square meters with beautiful garden-like teaching buildings and advanced school facilities.


  The school integrates the world’s top education resources, and adopts the essence of Chinese and Western culture, fosters a scientific accomplishment, artistic accomplishment and humanistic accomplishment of internationalized talents. BMCA improves the student’s core competitiveness through its self-developed Science (S.T.E.M.) and Art courses.


  The school is the training and test center of Royal Schools of Music, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing Dancing Academy; the test center of China Calligraphers Association.


  At the same time, BMCA is also the secretariat of the China branch of the international education honor society and the education demonstration base of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.




  Our mission is to create a multicultural learning environment for students, adopt the essence of Chinese and Western culture, integrate the top education resources in the world, fully respect each student's individuality, and cultivate students' international-mindedness, teamwork awareness and critical thinking ability. Through literacy education, our students will develop the understanding of rights and responsibilities, become respectable individuals with an innovative manner.




  Our vision is committed to create a self-cognitive environment for the students, focuses on cultivating their humanity accomplishment and inquiry spirit, here we lead you to an artistic and scientific journey.




  BMCA cultivates the students’ self-awareness and enhances quality education.

  环境与设施Environment and Facilities



  Beijing Ming Cheng Academy (BMCA) is located at the south side of the airport expressway, 5km from the central villa area of Beijing (CVD), 10km from Beijing capital airport and 18km from the CBD center. The school is surrounded by green natural environments which are more than 3000 acres, the sharing facilities are as follows:

  Safety education museum, golf, Swimming, horse riding, camp base, skiing, go-karting, small animal shelter, vegetables picking, water park.


  The school interior design adheres to the international advanced education concept,focuses on students study and life, emphasizes on school landscapes as the aid to create a garden-style teaching environment. It focuses on showing the coexistence of learning and life, the coexistence of humanity and ecology, and creating multi-level communication, learning and playing spaces.


  The school is fully equipped with the Honeywell central air purification system. Daily check of air quality by using professional instruments in different areas of the teaching building is carried out, fully protecting students' life and study, physical and mental health.

  完善的校园服务 School Services


  School Uniforms, School Bus, health center, Student Dormitory, Canteen, Laundry Room

  先进的教学设施 Advanced Teaching Facilities


  Multi-function Classrooms, Modern Laboratory, Science and Technology Rooms, Libraries, psychological counseling room, Concert Hall, Music Studio, Piano Rooms, Dance Rooms, Art Studio, Calligraphy Rooms

  完善的体育场馆 Sports Facilities


  Indoor GYM, Sports Field, Basketball, Football, tennis

  师资力量Teaching Teams

   管理团队


   Management Team

  Led by the Chinese and foreign principles, the school has an excellent management team with international vision, innovation and collaboration.

   中教团队


   Chinese Team

  The Chinese teaching team are all innovative and well-experienced teachers from international schools or public schools and are led by academically outstanding teachers.

   外教团队


   Foreign Team

  The excellent foreign teachers are selected by our American and Canadian and Germany partner schools. All foreign teachers are fully qualified with their teaching certificates.

   课程及升学指导团队

  学校的大学升学规划指导从9年级开始(可以递交大学申请)。规划指导教师每一位学生和家长全方位一对一沟通,将指导申请人使用美国最新的通用申请系统CAAS(Coalition for Access,Affordability and Success),无论是高中选课、活动规划、SAT辅导、AP课程,还是推荐人选择、考试规划、文书撰写、选校咨询,都更关注于学生兴趣专长的发扬和挖掘。

   Course Advising & College Counseling

  BMCA's counselor for college entrance examination begins with the 9th grade (University applications can be submitted). Following the Common Application, counselor gives students one-to-one advice, to guide the applicant to use the latest general Application system CAAS (Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success). The services cover high school courses selection, activities planning, SAT, AP courses, recommender selection, tests plan, document writing and school selection. More attention is paid to the development and exploration of students' interests and specialties.


  幼儿园BMCA Kindergarten


  Our curriculum aims to develop a child’s unique personality, good habits of learning and healthy lifestyle. BMCA kindergarten system is divided into 9 modules:

  1. 语言与表达智能模块;Language and expression module

  2. 音乐与艺术智能模块;Music and art module

  3. 数学逻辑智能模块;Mathematical logic module

  4. 空间与感觉智能模块;Space sensory module

  5. 肢体运动智能模块;Motor skill module

  6. 自我认知智能模块;Self-reflection and evaluation module

  7. 人际关系智能模块;Interpersonal skills module

  8. 学习与解决智能模块;Learning and problem solving modules

  9. 自然认知智能模块。Naturalist Module


  Enrollment of children between 2.5 and 5 years old.

  初小部 BMCA Primary & Middle School

  学校初小部课程使用国家标准课程(人教版)和美国公共核心标准课程。为适合亚洲地区学生对数学难度及深度的要求,数学教材使用的是新加坡版的MPH math (小学)及Math Matters(中学)。为9-12年级SAT及AP课程打好基础。

  BMCA Primary & Middle school uses the Chinese national curriculum and the American common core standard curriculum. For students in the Asian region, BMCA adopts the Singapore version of MPH math (primary school) and math Matters (middle school) in order to build a solid foundation for SAT, AP courses in grades 9-12.


  Enrollment of children from KG to Grade 9

  高中部 BMCA High School


  The Academic Principle is in charge of the quality of education. Courses are designed to meet the needs of international high school compulsory courses, honors courses and AP courses and SAT.

  优势 Advantage

   学分认可,获得美加德高中毕业证书

   进一步融入美加德高中精英教育,选修和备考AP

   继续增强申请背景,语言强化托福SAT短期提分,推荐信等文书优化

   名校面试更便捷

   Credit earned, high school certificate of the United States and Canada and Germany.

   To further integrate into the United States and Canada elite education, selection and preparation of AP.

   Continue to improve applicant’s background, English, TOEFL and SAT scores, recommendation letter and other application documents.

   School interview more convenient


  Enrollment of students between G10-G12

  特色课程Feature Curriculum


  The American primary and secondary school education system at BMCA incorporates S.T.E.M. teaching method. Designed with top-level ideas, students are prepared for their future studies with the concept of ‘Science + Arts + Development’.

  课后社团活动 ASA


  Our ASA has various after school activities, to provide high quality, challenging, innovative and diverse extracurricular activities for children. The courses cover literature, language, arts, science and technology, sports, handicrafts, media, practical activities, etc. Through extracurricular activities, children's creativity, critical thinking ability, team-work and communication skills can be further developed.

   文学类:国学课、古典诗词赏析、英文原版阅读等;

   语言类:法语、西语、德语、日语等;

   艺术类:器乐、合唱、戏剧、舞蹈、美术、书法等;

   科技类:S.T.E.M.课、科学实验课、VR、机器人等;

   体育类:足球、篮球、网球、游泳、马术、高尔夫、羽毛球、武术、跆拳道、体适能训练等

   手工类:粘土、布艺、软陶、折纸、手工串珠、编织等

   传媒类:主持语言表达、新闻稿件播读、演讲与辩论、故事创作、朗诵技巧等

   实践活动类:拓展训练活动、公益活动、冬夏令营活动、游学活动等

   Literature: Chinese nation culture study, classical poetry appreciation, original English reading, etc.

   Language: French, Spanish, German, Japanese, etc.

   Art: Instrumental music, chorus, drama, dance, art, calligraphy, etc.

   Science and technology: S.T.E.M., science experiment, VR, robot, etc.

   Sport: Football, basketball, tennis, swimming, horse riding, golf, badminton, martial arts, taekwondo, Physical fitness training, etc.

   Craft kits: clay, cloth art, soft pottery, paper folding, handmade beads, knitting, etc.

   Media: host language expression, read the news articles. speech and debate, story writing, declaim skills, etc.

   Practical activities: expand training activities, charity activities, winter camp, summer school, etc.

  奖学金计划 Scholarship Program


  We provide scholarships for students of G1-G12 every year.

  招生信息 Admissions


  Beijing Ming Cheng Academy is a full-time Kindergarten to G12 bilingual school. This school year runs from September until the end of June.

   学校规模:可容纳1000名学生

   学部设置:幼儿园(2.5-5岁)、学前班(5-6岁)、初小部(6-15岁)、高中部(16-18岁)

   学生组成:中外籍学生兼收

   课程体系:国家标准课程(人教版);美国公共核心标准课程;加拿大课程体系;德国课程体系;AP课程

   师资团队:经验丰富具有专业资质的中外籍教师

   班级规模:24人/班

   课外活动:几十种兴趣课、社团活动可选择

   学校设施:音乐厅、体育馆、图书馆、科技教室、学科实验室、艺术特色教室(钢琴房、舞蹈教室、美术教室、书法教室等)、餐厅、医务室、洗衣房等等

   校服:正装、运动装、冬装及配饰

   餐饮:为了满足学生的口味校园餐厅会每月更新餐谱

   校医:全天侯校医提供服务

   校车:多条班车线路可选择

   School Capacity: Maximum 1000 students

   Grade: CASA (2.5-5 years old), PREP (5-6 years old), Primary & Middle School (6-15 years old), High School (16-18 years old)

   Acceptance: Chinese nationals and foreign passport holders

   Curriculum: Chinese national curriculums, American Common Core Standard, Canadian curriculum system, Germany curriculum system, AP.

   Teaching Team: Qualified and experienced Western and Chinese teachers

   Class Size: 24 per class

   Facilities: Concert Hall, indoor GYM, library, modern laboratory, science and technology classroom, and art classrooms (piano room, dance room, calligraphy room, etc.), Canteen, Health Center, Laundry room.

   After School Activities: A wide range of extracurricular activities

   School Uniform: four seasons uniforms

   Food and Beverage: In order to generate an interest in different food cultures, our cafeteria will produce monthly menu

   School Doctor: Qualified school doctor

   School Bus: Multiple bus routes

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