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  一、 第一句话(first word)。见到考官的第一句话,很关键,不用说的很复杂。可以是一个简单句,但一定要铿锵有力。 展示出自信和实力。千万不要来一句“sorry, my English is poor”。常见的开头有: I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. I’m ..., my Number is …北大清华等学校参加面试的考生很多,可能对考生有一个编号,说一下自己的编号显得很职业,正式。

  二、作自我介绍——成长经历(making a self-introduction ——developing history)。有很多学校要求做一个自我介绍,这一问题并非在请你大谈你的个人历史。考官是要在你的介绍中寻找有关你性格、资历、志向和生活动力的线索。


  三、若考官问其他的,没有听明白,可以说"could you speak slowly ?"or"sorry,I didn`t prepare for this question"相信英语口语菜的人大有人在,豁出去了 保持微笑:I am sorry! I beg your pardon? I don't understand your question,Could you repeat it again?Sorry, I don't know. (I am little acquainted with the aspect of special knowledge)But I wish I can have a chance to learn more deeply the knowledge under your direction 。


  注意在准备的过程中,要结合自己的经历和见解来准备答案,让自己回答的问题和整个的自我介绍融为一个整体。要不然很容易被考官抓住把柄,问个没完,很容易因紧张而露出马脚。   在每一年的面试中都会有很多相同的问题,这些问题看起来很平常,却有很多陷阱,一不小心就会被考官抓主小辫子了。回答这些常见的看起来很平常的问题,是很有艺术的。

  "What can you tell me about yourself?" ("关于你自己,你能告诉我些什么?")

  This is not an invitation to give your life history. The interviewer is looking for clues about your character, qualifications, ambitions, and motivations. 不完全等同于自我介绍,选一部分。

  "What would you like to be doing five years after graduation?"

  If possible, I will go on with my study for doctorate degree. After graduating received doctorate degree, I wanted to teach in university, and continue research in Archaian(古代的) literature field, I hope I can have some achievement in my major。

  3. "What is your greatest strength"?" ("你最突出的优点是什么?")  这是你"展示自己"的最佳机会,不要吹嘘自己或过于自负,但要让雇主知道你相信自己,你知道自己的优点。

  "I feel that my strongest asset is my ability to stick to things to get them done. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a job and it turns out just as I'd planned. I've set some high goals for myself. For example, I want to graduate with highest distinction.  如可答:"我认为我最大的优点是能够执着地尽力把事情办好。当做完一件工作而其成果又正合我的预想时,我会有一种真正的成就感。我给自己定了一些高目标。比如说,我要成为出色的毕业生。

  4、 "What is your greatest weakness?"("你最大的弱点是什么?")  你不应该说你没有任何弱点,以此来回避这个问题;每个人都有弱点。最佳策略是承认你的弱点,但同时表明你在予以改进,并有克服弱点的计划。

  Maybe because I am young people, I am a short fuse girl in daily life, fortunately I have realized it was disadvantage, and I am trying my best to get rid of it。

  5. How do you feel about your progress to date?对于你至今所取得的进步你是怎样看的? 绝不要对你以前的所作所为表示内疚。

  "I think I did well in school. But I am clear that I still have a long way to walk to realize my dream and finally achieve self-value. I will try my best。

  What has been your greatest accomplishment?

  I will try my best to accomplish my plan as soon as I make a good choose, and I am not distracted by circumstance and I never give up my choose, such as this postgraduate exams。


  What are some of the things you find difficult to do?

  I don’t discouragement, on the contrary, I will actively think measure to conquer it and put measure into practice, I am sure I will succeed in the end。

  What is the worst thing you have heard about our university?

  To tell the truth, I don’t completely know our university, I know it only by internet and some students, so I don’t randomly value it, but during my preparing this postgraduate exams, I obtained some helps coming from our university. They were very warmhearted, and I very appreciate them. In a word, I have very good impression about our university。


  Describe your best friend and what he or she does for a living。

  First of all, I have many good friends; we often study, discuss and play in harness. To speak of my best friend, maybe it belongs to **, she is a warmhearted, hardworking strong-minded girl, we were favor in discussing some our interesting questions.She also took the postgraduate exams, and obtained very good result. I heartily hope she has a happy future。


  In what ways are you similar or different from your best friend?

  I think we have many similar characters, such as warmhearted, hardworking etc. To mention difference, I think the big difference is that she do anything slowly, on the contrary, I am short fuse. Maybe we can supervise and urge both sides, so we are very good friends。


  Are you a happy person?

  Yes, of course. First, I have a happy family, I love my parents and they love me, too. Second, I have a health body. Finally, I study the major that I very like. Though I have no many money, but I don’t envy people who own much money, I can create life by my both hands, I think I am very happy。


  If you failed this time what will you do in the near future?

  I very clear that life is not successful at any time, it is full of challenge, so I prepare for receiving challenge coming from life and I also tell myself I never give up at any moment. Now, I also receive challenge, I only think try my best to pass this challenge. No matter what result is. I never give up my pursuit and my dream。如果这次你失败了你会怎样做,在不久的将来?我很清楚,生活并不会每时每刻都很成功,它是充满挑战,所以我准备接受生活中的挑战,我也告诉自己,我永远不会放弃在任何时候。现在,我也接受挑战,我只是觉得,尽我所能通过这一挑战。无论什么结果。我用于不会放弃我的追求和梦想。


  What kinds of opportunities are you looking for? I think that life fills with opportunities; people try their best to looking for opportunities, of course, including me. But I think the most important is how you seize every opportunity to make you succeed。


  Say a little about your educational background.I come from a suburb of Luoyang。

  My elementary school and my junior high school is located my village, I spend my elementary school and my junior high school during 1989 to1998. During 1998 to 2001, I study in my senior high school in Luoyang city. From two thousand and one to date, I studied in Luoyang normal college。

  谈谈您的教育background.I一些来自洛阳市郊区。我和我的小学初中位于我的村庄,我花1989 to1998在我和我的小学初中。在1998年至2001年,我在高中学习洛阳市。从2001至今,我研究了洛阳师范学院。

  What do you do in your spare time?

  In my spare time, I like reading books, writing life sentiment, listening music, communicating with friends, and so on.16. What is your impression of Nanjing? Maybe because I have good impression to Nanjing people, I have good impression to Nanjing, Nanjing is the city that owns some history base, it is very good to me, I like this city。



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