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  In summer, some people avoid outdoor activities because they don't want to get hot and sticky, sunburnt or dehydrated. Luckily, there are some outdoor activities which don't involve breaking sweat.


  River rafting


  Hot summer weather and cool water - what a perfect match. River rafting can be both scenic and exciting. When the raft follows a gentle stream, the views of the countryside or valley is like a traditional Chinese painting. And when you enter white water where the riverbed creates a natural roller coaster, you feel a rush of adrenaline. Paddle your raft to the riverbank to have a picnic or barbecue which will taste best when you are starving.


  Where to find: River rafting trips are usually on offer in mountainous or valley regions such as the Three Gorges.


  Tips: Wear a helmet and life jacket at all times; bring enough sunscreen; and bring lots of water.




  People say that the only naturally air-conditioned place in summer is a big cave. It is true. Cave tours featuring light shows are old hat. Now it's time to wear a lamp on your helmet like a mineworker to explore caves in darkness. Exploring unknown caverns and navigating underground rivers is what makes caving so thrilling. Plus, caving can be a very healthy sport, for the oxygen level is usually higher so basically you are having an oxygen spa as the bonus.


  Where to find: caving can be very risky, so consult local travel agents and go in groups with professional cavers.


  Tips: Follow your guides; drink enough water to avoid dehydration; and wear sturdy hiking boots.


  Coastal walking/cycling and beach activities


  For those who live far away from mountains, coastal regions and beaches are good places to spend time in the summer. With sea breezes in your hair, it is nice to take a hike or cycle ride while enjoying the coastline. If you want to be sportier, try beach games, such as soccer and volleyball. It's a totally different experience from playing on hard courts or grass。


  Where to find: Just go to the beach or find an urban artificial beach such as the one in Chaoyang Park in Beijing or the man-made lake beach in Wuhan。


  Tips: Loads of sunscreen needed; water and snacks are necessary; be aware of jellyfish and garbage floating in the water. 21st




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