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  在英语中,除了形容词的比较级以外,最高级也可以用来对比事物之间的性质、数量等,表示 “最…” 。形容词的最高级形式强调 “特征最突出的一个或一组事物”。最高级的基本构成包括:定冠词 “the” + 形容词-est;定冠词 “the” + most + 形容词原形。单音节和多音节形容词原形变最高级时的构成规则是什么?做下面的八道题,考一考你对这个语言点的掌握程度。

  1. Rachel Kinsella is ______ expressive violinist in the country.

  a) the bestest

  b) the most

  c) the better

  d) the mostly

  2. They are both great fashion designers, but Fernando Morrelli's designs are easily ______.

  a) the funkyest

  b) the most funky

  c) the funkiest

  d) the funkier

  3. Shane Diaz was ______ member of staff at the museum, so we are going to put a sculpture in the garden in tribute to him.

  a) the most hard-working

  b) the most hard-worker

  c) the hard-workingest

  d) the hardest worker

  4. Which of the following sentences is not correct?

  a) He is the worst example of a manager who has ever lived.

  b) The transport system in this city is the most reliable in the world.

  c) Jamie is the slowliest runner in the team, so he wasn’t picked for the competition.

  d) The snow leopard is one of the world’s rarest cats.

  5. He had ______ qualifications out of everybody, but unfortunately he didn't have the experience he needed to get the job.

  a) the fine

  b) the finest

  c) the finer

  d) the most fine

  6. You're ______ person I know on Weibo!

  a) the popularest

  b) the popularer

  c) the most popularest

  d) the most popular

  7. I don't really enjoy July or August in the UK, it's ______ period of the year.

  a) the hottest

  b) the hotest

  c) the hotterest

  d) the hoterest

  8. This is the ______ apple I have ever eaten!

  a) crunchyest

  b) most crunchyer

  c) most crunchiest

  d) crunchiest


  1) b, 2) c, 3) a, 4) c, 5) b, 6) d, 7) a, 8) d.