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  Learning English: English Quizzes - Zero and first conditionals: Images/Getty

  英语中的条件句分为真实条件句和虚拟条件句,而真实条件句大体分为两类:一类被称作 “零类条件句”,用来陈述事实或真理。这类句子翻译成汉语大多是 “如果……,就……”;另一类叫作 “第一类条件句”,用来谈论未来可能发生的事情,常见句式的汉语翻译是 “如果……,那就会……”。真实条件句的主句什么时候用一般现在时,什么时候用将来时?做下面的小测验,看你能不能清楚分辨英语真实条件句的用法。

  1. If you want to pass your exams, you _______ lots of revision.

  a) will do

  b) will have done

  c) need to do

  d) will have

  2. If I can upload the files, I _______ them to you by email.

  a) send

  b) will send

  c) will be sending

  d) will have sent

  3. You will get fined if you _______ the speed limit on the motorway.

  a) exceed

  b) will have exceeded

  c) are going to exceed

  d) will be exceeding

  4. If I don't set my alarm to wake up at 7am, I _______ to work on time.

  a) won't have been

  b) won't get

  c) won't have got

  d) won't be

  5. If you don't hurry up and pack your suitcase, _______ our flight.

  a) we'll have missed

  b) we'd have missed

  c) we'll have been missing

  d) we'll miss

  6. I'll take you with me to Cape Town - if _______ enough money this month.

  a) I'll make

  b) I make

  c) I'll have made

  d) I made

  7. When I've installed the computer system, you _______ it right away.

  a) can start using

  b) will be starting to use

  c) started using

  d) will have started to use

  8. When the sun is shining, people _______ usually in a better mood.

  a) being

  b) will be being

  c) are

  d) will be


  1) c, 2) b, 3) a, 4) b, 5) d, 6) b, 7) a, 8) c.