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  1Who cleaned the room﹖

  2Why did he come late﹖

  3What will he do tomorrow﹖

  4When does the office open﹖

  5Where did the woman stay last year﹖

  6Which does she prefertea or coffee﹖

  7How much did she pay for the book﹖

  8How often does he write to his mother﹖


  1What are they talking about﹖

  2What are the two speakers interested in﹖

  3Which of the following topics are they talking about﹖

  4What is the best title of the talk﹖


  1What does the man think of it﹖

  2How does the woman find it﹖

  3How do they like it﹖

  4Do they agree with each other﹖

  5What do we learn from the woman’s words﹖

  6When did this conversation take place﹖

  7Where do they have the conversation﹖

  8What is the probable relationship between the man and the woman﹖

  9Why did the man do that﹖

  10What is the reason for his absence﹖

  11How much a pound are the apples﹖

  12When does the plane take off﹖

  13What’s the time now﹖


  1Tom got updressed himself and went out.

  2Mary said pointing to the notice…

  3The first textbooks written for teaching English came out in the 16th century.

  4He is considered to have invented the computer.

  5Why not try going by boat﹖

  6He could hardly keep his eyes open.

  7I can hardly imagine Peter sailing across it.

  8If we had driven in turnyou wouldn’t have got so tired.

  9I didn’t know you were in London.

  10The women got paid by the hour.

  11You mustn’t play with the fireyou may hurt yourself.

  12Could I borrow your book﹖Of course you can.

  13We wish each other the best of luck.

  14Look through the book and tell me what you think of it.

  15The lights happened to go out.

  16The fire broke out in the factory yesterday.


  17The book is of great value.

  18She is a newcomer to chemistry.

  19He dropped the coffee cup.

  20None of us had any money on us.

  21They gave the child what he wanted.

  22I bought two dozen of these eggs.

  23This is Zhao speaking.

  24Thank you. It is my pleasure.

  25I have never heard a better voice.

  26It was only then that I began to notice it.

  27The number of people invited was fifty.

  28You should leave things where you can find them.

  29I don’t need any moneybut I’ll bring some in case.

  30Now that you’ve got a chanceyou might as well make full use of it.



  I’m tired of sea foodso I didn’t eat much___that day.(答案B)A. vegetables B. flounder(比目鱼)


  He was badly illso he was___(答案B)

  A. present B. absent


  He was badly illhoweverhe was____.(答案A)

  A. present B. absent


  He didn’t___the testthough he worked hard. (答案A)

  A. pass B. fail


  After he wrote the lettershe___-it and then___it. (答案B)

  A. posted/signed B. signed/posted


  I like my ----which gives me great help in the rain. (答案A)

  A. umbrella B. bike C. pot


  He used to be lazy. But now he is quite___.(答案A)

  A. hardworking B. handsome


  He made a lot of mistakes in the last test This time we can still find___a few in his paper. (答案A)

  A. quite B. only


  We are shorter than heso he is the___among us. (答案A)

  A. tallest B. shortest


  He is very cleverso he get the answer. (答案A)

  A. can B. can’t



  ①The story mainly tells us___.

  ②From the passage we know that___.

  ③The writer wants to tell us___.

  ④The best title of this passage should be___

  ⑤The main idea of Paragraph 1 is___.

  ⑥Paragraph 2 deals with___.

  ⑦The last paragraph ends the passage with an emphasis on___.

  ⑧What is the subject discussed in the text﹖

  ⑨Whish of the following statements is best supported by the last paragraph﹖


  ①We can infer from the passage___.

  ②From the passagewe can tell___.

  ③We can conclude from the passage___.

  ④What probably happened in the end﹖

  ⑤When he said“…”he meant___.

  ⑥This passage would most likely to be found in___.


  ①The right order which tells the story is___.

  ②Choose the right order of the events given in the following.

  ③Which of the following maps shows the right position of….﹖

  ④Which statement is true﹖


  ①This article is particularly written for___.

  ②When the writer says…he really means___.

  ③The author’s attitude to…is that___.

  ④What kind of atmosphere does the writer want to create in this passage﹖

  ⑤The writer regards…as___.

  ⑥The writer’s purpose in writing this story is___.


  ①The word…in paragraph…refers to___.

  ②The underlined word“…”means___.

  ③The word“…”could be replaced by___.

  ④Which of the following words can take the place of…﹖















  ②表示空间顺序:nearnext tofar fromin front ofon the lefton one side…

  ③表示比较、对照:likeunlikesuch asbuthoweveron the other handon the contrarynevertheless…

  ④表示因果关系:becauseforas a resultthereforethus…

  ⑤表示递进关系:besideswhat’s moremoreoverin addition…

  ⑥表示并列关系:andas well asalso…

  ⑦表示总结性:in generalin a wordin shorton the whole…



  ①At first he didn’t hear anything at all.

  ②But then a sudden knock on the door woke him up.

  ③Following that came a man’s voicesaying“Come outor I will break in”

  ④Several minutes laterhe heard someone leave.

  ⑤Finally he got upopened the door and looked around.


  ①She is a girl of twelve years old.

  ②She is tall and slim with big eyes and curly hair.

  ③Being kind and helpfulshe always enjoys helping others out.

  ④In her spare timeshe spends much time listening to music and reading novels.

  ⑤She gets on well with almost anyone and is always welcome wherever she goes.


  ①Liaoning Province lies in the northeast of China.

  ②It is rich in many kinds of natural resourcessuch as coal and petrol.

  ③It has a population of 23 million.

  ④It is terribly cold in winter and very hot in summer there.

  ⑤The people there are friendly and hardworking and their hospitality will never fail to give you a deep impression.


  ①Attentionplease/May I have your attentionplease

  ②The sports meet to be held tomorrow is canceled due to the bad weather.

  ③A meeting is to be held in Room 203 at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

  ④Please take a pen and notebook with you and be there on time.

  ⑤That’s allthank you


  ①Dear TomI’m very glad to receive your letter.

  ②I am fine but very busy recentlylearning English.

  ③I have been strictly following the advice given by you in your last letter and have made some progress so far.

  ④Please remember me to your parents.

  ⑤Yours trulyLi Ming


  ①In my opinionI prefer traveling by train rather than by plane.②For one thinga train ticket is much cheaper than a plane ticket.

  ③For anotheryou can enjoy the beautiful views outside the train window.

  ④Above allit’s safer traveling on a train than traveling in a plane.

  ⑤In a wordI will always travel by train if I’m not in a great hurry.






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