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http://www.sina.com.cn 2003/01/10 10:12  北京青年报

  In today's cartoon Pat Oliphant satirizes the recent announcement by the "Raelians" that they have successfully created the world's first cloned human being, a little girl supposedly replicating her American mother. The lunatic fringe of Western society is a fertile spawning ground for cults and sects, which are normally left in peace. They may thrive for a few years, but most fade fairly quickly. The Raelians are a small group, chiefly Canadian and French, founded by one Claude Vorilhon, who now goes by the more portentous handle of "Rael". The name suggests various things: an Egyptian or ancient Semitic god, a clipped form of "Israel", and above all a figure from science fiction - there seems to be a special imaginary dialect from which Western sci-fi novelists and filmwriters draw the names for their characters.

  Whether the Raelians have actually cloned anyone or are simply staging a brilliantly successful PR hoax remains unclear. Oliphant shows asgroupsof Raelians gathered like witches around a cauldron; the image suggests the Weird Sisters in Shakespeare's great tragedy Macbeth. Out of the cauldron one of the figures is pulling a cloned creature . Ah, but the creature is... a sheep! There's obviously been a mistake.

  The Raelians claim that human beings were created by extraterrestrials. In the background to the right, Oliphant has creatures from outer space dashing for their flying saucer to escape being blamed for what is taking place on earth. They seem embarrassed to be linked with the Raelians. Interestingly, they speak a workmanlike, down-to-earth sort of English: they desire to get "outa here" rather than "out of here", as more careful speakers might say.

  Finally, in the lower right we see the little bird who figures in most Oliphant cartoons. He's answering the phone: It's an inquiry from... The National Inquirer, America's most notorious tabloid. If you visit the US, you will often see it sold at the checkout counters of supermarkets, along with candy bars and chewing gum, of which it is a mental form. The Inquirer knows its readers love tales of UFOs, abduction by aliens, sightings of the long-dead Elvis Presley and an endless stream of outrageous gossip about the private lives of filmstars and TV celebrities. Groups like the Raelians reflect the tastes of Inquirer readers and in turn provide many a thrilling headline for us all as we stand in line waiting to pay for our groceries.



  拉耶尔教派是真的克隆出了什么人,还是只不过在搞一场极为轰动的公关把戏,目前还尚未分晓。奥列芬特画了几个拉耶尔教徒,像女巫般聚在一口大锅旁,这一形象让人想起莎士比亚的伟大悲剧《麦克白斯》中的女巫三姐妹。在大锅外面,一个“女巫”正在拉出一个克隆生物[她喊着“Voil??”,这是个法语词,相当于英语中的“There!”(成功啦!)或是“There we are”(我们成功啦!)——这提醒我们拉耶尔教派的很多重要人物是法国人或是法裔的加拿大人;但一个厨师在做出一种有难度的魔术般的美食新花样时也爱说这个词]。啊,可是克隆出的竟是……是只羊!这显然是出了错。

  拉耶尔教派声称人类是外星人创造的。在漫画右边的背景上,奥列芬特画了两个外星人,他们正急着冲向自己的飞船,以躲避因地球上发生的事情而受谴责。他们看来为与拉耶尔教派牵连在一起而感到尴尬。有趣的是,他们所说的是一种很熟练的实用型英语:他们想离开那儿用的是“outa here”(颠儿吧),而不是像讲究修辞的人那样说“out of here”(离开吧)。


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