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  For some, having a wedding dress custom-made is a luxury, but for Susanne Eman it is the only way she will be sure her gown fits。


  The morbidly obese Arizona mother who is hoping to set a world record for being the fattest human, is busy planning her wedding to chef, Parker Clack, and the dress needs to cover all 800 pounds of her。


  The monumental challenge of making a dress this size has been given to seamstress Judy Goff who calculated the amount of fabric needed during an interview with Inside Edition。

  女裁缝师朱迪·戈夫接下了制作这件庞大婚纱的巨大挑战,而她也在Inside Edition的访谈中计算出出制作的所需布料。

  While Ms Goff sets about preparing for her job, Ms Eman has her own goal for the big day: not to be deterred from reaching her target weight of 1,600lbs by the time she is 41 or 42.


  That means that Ms Eman will continue eating 30,000 calories a day that her husband gladly cooks and feeds her。


  The larger than life unemployed bride-to-be told Inside Edition: 'Oh, he's wonderful. He loves to cook. That helps out. His food is soooo good.'

  艾曼目前待业。这位吃大于一切的准新娘对Inside Edition表示道:“噢,我老公太好了,他喜欢烹饪,而我喜欢吃。他煮的食物实在太太太…太美味了!”

  The day of her appointment with the seamstress, Ms Eman and her sister Cassie made a pit stop for snacks and arrived at Ms Goff's with a spread of three guacamole bacon cheeseburgers, two orders of chili cheese fries, nine tacos, a chocolate shake and a large Coke。


  That is just a small portion of the daily diet that has given her a waist size of 107.5 inches, or, nine, staggering feet. After being measured, Ms Eman also tried on veils and head pieces, talking excitedly about her expectations for the wedding。


  While details of the catering menu for the big event is not known, the couple insist that despite the gargantuan quantity of food consumed by Ms Eman, she likes to eat healthily。


  Mr Clack has said of her ambition: 'I support her because it makes her happy, and I love big women。


  'I do worry about her health of course, but I try to make sure she eats some healthy food like salad, and I make sure she does exercises. She's taken up swimming since we met and we love to swim together.'


  Her doctor does not agree with his patient's mission but Ms Eman believes she can reach her target weight without endangering her life。


  Ms Eman has said in the past: 'I want to try and break the stigma that being fat is bad. And it's helped me to find love, so what's wrong with that.'




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