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经济类文章精选:Fiat redux

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  8 Fiat redux

  Fiat's agony spreads to workers as 8,100 jobs go

  THE giant Mirafiori plant in Turin is the heart of Fiat Auto, the troubled car division of the Fiat group. As the early shift trooped home at 2pm on Octob
er 9th, the mood was pessimistic. The workers knew that the bosses were meeting union leaders later that afternoon in Rome to announce 8,100 job cuts across the group's car factories. This is on top of 3,000 job losses announced earlier this year. Workers expect one-third of Mirafiori's 12,000 employees to be gone by next July. Fiat says that all but 500 of the total are temporary lay-offs, to last about a year. But the morose workers passing through Mirafiori's gates doubt that the jobs will ever come back, whatever the firm says about new models and future investment.

  Fiat Auto will lose around 1 billion ($987m) this year, wiping out profits in other parts of the group, which makes everything from lorries and tractors to robots. Fiat's bosses have been in denial for years about the company's massive over-capacity, the cause of growing losses as sales slumped. Five years ago Fiat Auto made 2.6m cars a year and profits of 758m. Since then it has recorded a loss in every year bar one. This year it will produce barely 1.9m cars. Its banks forced a restructuring in May, and the chief executive of its Fiat group parent had to resign a few weeks later.

  The pain is bad enough in northern Italy, where unemployment is barely 4%, but it will be felt more elsewhere. The Termini Imerese plant in Sicily is to lay off 1,800 workers. Unions say that cuts among suppliers could double the number of people hit. The local official jobless rate is already 18% (though this ignores a lively "informal" economy). This is posing a nasty problem for the government of Silvio Berlusconi, which polled strongly in Sicily but is not inclined to aid troubled firms.

  Fiat's belated willingness to take tough steps to align capacity with demand is down to the group's new boss, Gabriele Galateri, chosen in June to rescue the firm, which is 30% owned by Agnelli family interests. His aim is to restore credibility, arrest the alarming plunge in the company's share price and persuade the banks that he is sorting out the Fiat Auto mess, so as to win their support for a further recapitalisation.

  Closely watching this Italian drama are bosses of General Motors, owners of 20% of Fiat Auto. The Italians have an option to sell the remaining shares to GM from January 2004. GM, which has its own problems in Europe, is desperate for Fiat Auto to sort itself out before it can be forced to take over. Although the Agnelli family patriarch, the ailing 81-year-old Gianni Agnelli, is opposed to such a sale, most analysts expect that Italy's proudest manufacturing company will end up in American hands.


  Economist; 10/12/2002, Vol. 365 Issue 8294, p59-59, 3/5p, 1c

  注(1):本文选自Economist;10/12/2002, p59-59, 3/5p, 1c;

  注(2):本文习题命题模仿1999年真题text 4第3题(1),2004年真题text 4第2题(2),2002年真题text 5第3题(3)和text 3第4题(5),和1998年真题text 2第4题(4);

  1.The workers in Fiat’s plant were pessimistic because_________.

  [A] the car division of the Fiat group was in trouble

  [B] new models and future investment promised no hope of getting their jobs back

  [C] there will be heavy job losses in the giant Mirafiori plant

  [D] they were facing the threat of losing their jobs

  2.We learn from the second paragraph that___________.

  [A] the market demand for Fiat cars now is far lower than it was five years ago

  [B] Fiat Auto is the only part of the group that is running at a loss

  [C] Fiat Auto is selling cars more than they can produce

  [D] the cause of Fiat’s trouble is the sluggish Italian economy

  3.According to the text, Fiat’s job cuts _____________.

  [A] trigger a wave of job cuts in other companies

  [B] become a headache of Italian government

  [C] double the number of jobless people in northern Italy

  [D] force Italian government to aid it

  4.Which of the following is NOT a measure Fiat Auto took to combat growing losses?

  [A] Preventing share price from falling

  [B] Laying off workers

  [C] Reducing production

  [D] Replacement of the boss

  5.We can draw a conclusion from the last paragraph that___________.

  [A] Fiat Auto can hardly solve its own problems

  [B] GE will be happy to buy the remaining shares of Fiat Auto

  [C] the Agnelli family has a final say to whether Fiat Auto should be sold out

  [D] Americans are better at running car campanies

  答案:D A B A A




  morose: [mE5rEJs] adj. 坏脾气的;忧郁的

  slump: [slQmp] n. (物价)暴跌, 跌落

  belated: [bI5leItId] adj. 来得太迟的

  recapitalisation: 重新投资

  patriarch:[5peitrB:k] n. 家长, 族长, 创办人

  ailing: [5eIlIN] adj. 生病的


  Fiat's belated willingness to take tough steps to align capacity with demand is down to the group's new boss, Gabriele Galateri, chosen in June to rescue the firm, which is 30% owned by Agnelli family interests.

  主体句式:Fiat’s belated willingness ..is down to the group’s new boss.




  1. 答案为D,属事实细节题。根据文章第一段第提到,工厂老板将和工会领导就裁员的问题进行会晤,并宣布大批裁员,这是一年之内的第二次大规模裁员。虽然公司许诺大多数人只是暂时被解雇,但工人们怀疑工作是否还会回来。可见,令他们悲观的是自己将被解雇。

  2. 答案为A,属事实细节题。文章第二段提到菲亚特汽车公司五年前生产260万辆汽车仍然能够盈利,而现在只生产190万辆汽车但仍然面临亏损的局面,可见菲亚特汽车的市场需求比以前下降很多。

  3. 答案为B,属事实细节题。根据文章第三段,菲亚特裁员将会使地方失业率上升,让不想援助困难公司的贝卢斯科尼政府犯难(pose a nasty problem)。可见菲亚特裁员成了令意大利政府头痛的事情。

  4. 答案为A,属事实细节题。文中谈到菲亚特汽车公司的问题时,也谈到了相应的措施(尽管没有直接说明),比如裁员,换总裁,减少产量等。防止股价下跌是新任总裁制定的目标。这和措施不能混为一谈。

  5. 答案为A,属推理判断题。根据文章最后一段,GE希望菲亚特自己把问题解决好,免得由GE接管。然而大多数分析人士认为菲亚特公司最终将落入美国人的手里,也就是说菲亚特的问题已经不是自己能够独立解决的了。








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