Farther or Further? 两词解析

"Could you explain the difference between 'farther' and 'further'? Are they interchangeable?"

Liang Xiao

Hi. A quick hello to everyone before I start recording another Q and A programme.

As I have a soft voice, I prefer to sit on this chair because the other one is farther away from the microphone. When I get a good question from our listeners, I become very excited. Often, I will take the question further to include a few more phrases that may come in handy. I always hope that our programmes such as 'Question and Answer of the Week' will help further your studies and careers.
If you want to find out the differences between the words 'farther' and 'further', please join me, Yang Li, for more explanations and examples.

If you have a question you'd like us to answer, you can write to us or email: questions.chinaelt@bbc.co.uk

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