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BBC Learning English China Team

English Language Learning with the BBC

BBC Learning English offers bilingual online content to help Chinese learners of English improve their abilities.

Our website 按键 www.bbcukchina.com/learningenglish has a wealth of audio programmes, videos, worksheets, scripts, quizzes and games. All of our material is free for users to download and keep to study when it suits them.

You can also access bilingual BBC Learning English material via Chinese websites who work in partnership with the BBC.

BBC Learning English radio programmes offer Chinese learners entertaining and informative lessons in English via local radio stations. Depending on where you live in China, you can hear our programmes on FM, medium wave or cable.

The Learning English programmes are short, snappy and fun, and offer insights into life in Britain and up-to-date, topical English language. The programmes are based on a variety of themes such as music, sport, fashion, work, study and British culture.

The programmes are bilingual and use both native Mandarin Chinese and British presenters, so you can hear authentic pronunciation and get help understanding the English.

BBC Learning English offers programmes for learners who already have a good level of English as well as learners who are just starting out.




BBC英语教学部中国组开发制作了世界一流水平的免费英语学习网站 按键 www.bbcukchina.com/learningenglish,包括大量音频、视频、文字、图片、互动和可下载材料。在中国的受众还可以通过BBC合作网站直接在国内的门户网站上浏览、下载BBC英语教学内容。