Iran nuclear deal 伊朗核协议

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Iran to allow greater access for international nuclear inspectors

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伊朗同西方达成核协议, 同意减少其核活动并且在日内瓦历史性会谈期间允许更多的国际监督员入境检查。作为交换条件世界大国将取消对伊朗实施些金融制裁。这一协议将试行六个月。BBC 记者 Mark Wooldridge 发回以下报道:

In public, a key step along the path to the deal was the dialogue opened up at this year's UN General Assembly between President Rouhani and Western nations, after years of the relationship being dominated by whether Iran is, or is not, seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

And - more than 30 years after the US embassy siege in Tehran - September's fifteen-minute phone conversation between President Obama and Mr Rouhani gave further hope of potential progress towards resolving the nuclear dispute.

But behind the scenes, it has now been revealed, the US and Iran have been engaged in secret face-to-face talks for months, in Oman and elsewhere. The Associated Press news agency says they were kept hidden even from America's allies and negotiating partners until two months ago.

It was a high-stakes diplomatic gamble. While Israel argues that the deal reached in Geneva is dangerously skewed in favour of Iran, most of Iran's Arab neighbours are clearly uneasy too.

But the public and private diplomacy from here on will clearly need to be just as intense - and is likely to face many more severe tests - if a more comprehensive nuclear agreement is to be achieved, and Iran's relationships in its volatile region and with the rest of the world are to return to normal.

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