World Athletics Championships 世界田径锦标赛

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Usain Bolt

"Usain Bolt is number one, there's no question about that" - Michael Johnson

第十四届世界田径锦标赛刚刚在莫斯科结束,飞人博尔特共获三枚金牌。在未来几年里,俄罗斯将迎来一系列国际体育大型赛事。国际田联主席称此次赛事为“精彩的庆祝”。以下是 Alex Capstick 从莫斯科发回的报道。

Usain Bolt's brief address appreciated by his audience inside the Luzhniki stadium, where the atmosphere significantly improved after a flat opening few days. People came in relatively large numbers.

There was vociferous support for Russian competitors. With more gold medals than any other nation there was plenty for the home fans to shout about. This is a country where athletics has not been a popular spectator sport. Maybe this event has helped change that.

This has also been a championships without a major drugs scandal. Doping controversies had marred the build-up.

There was one issue which stubbornly refused to go away. Some foreign athletes openly protested against Russia's law banning the promotion of gay and lesbian relations.

The country's sports minister said the whole topic had been blown out of proportion by the Western media. But with the Sochi Winter Olympics just six months away this contentious subject is set to linger.

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