Underground language 地铁用语

"Hi, when I was travelling on the MTR in HK yesterday, I heard an announcement: "Please validate your Octopus card or buy a single ride ticket". But I think 'validate' is a formal word so is it okay if I use 'swipe'? Are there any better alternatives? Thanks."

Tom Chan

在伦敦人人都有一张 Oyster card 牡蛎卡,这是一张塑料智能卡。使用牡蛎卡乘坐公交时的票价会比单次购买的纸票便宜很多。手持这张卡的乘客可以使用伦敦所有的公交工具,包括公车 Bus, 有轨电车 Tram, 火车 Rail, 地铁 Underground 常被伦敦人成为 Tube, Overground 地上铁, DLR 码头区轻轨。

Please validate your Octopus card 请乘客验证自己的八达通卡

Buy a single ride card 买张单程卡

Pay as you go 随乘随付

Weekly or Monthly Travelcard 周票或月票

Top-up 充值

Peak-time 高峰期

Off-peak 非高峰期

Northbound 向北方向

Southbound 向南方向

Westbound 向西方向

Eastbound 向东方向

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