American English 美式英语
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1 : In British English it's a pavement. In American it's a __________.
side saddle
side order
people walking on pavement
2 : "That new play that opened in the local theatre last weekend bombed!" What's the meaning of bombed in American English?
It has been a tremendous success.
It has been a tremendous failure.
The cast is too large to fit on the stage.
The cast is so small it's not worth seeing.
a theatre
3 : The American term 'slugfest' comes from German and means __________.
a lot of slugs get together in the garden
a boxing match with a lot of punching
whipped cream on top of coffee
a place where parties happen
4 : The American term 'adobe' means __________.
a style of outdoor painting
a sun-dried tomato
a sun-drenched plateau
a sun-dried brick
San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
5 : In American English it's an 'elevator'. In British English it's a __________.
American flag
6 : At a bus stop, the British form a queue. Americans __________.
stand at line
stand in line
make a queue
form a file
people queuing for a bus

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