South Africa 南非专辑
从下面选项中选择正确答案;单击“核对答案”按钮,核对你的答案. Your score: 0/6 Your score: 1/6 Your score: 2/6 Your score: 3/6 Your score: 4/6 Your score: 5/6 Your score: 6/6
1 : Did you know South Africa is home to the cheetah - ___________ land mammal in the world?
the fastest
the most fast
the faster
A cheetah
2 : Did you know that South Africa has the largest hydro-electric power tunnel system in the world? But how is 'hydro' power generated?
the sun
coal and gas
A power line
3 : The First Boer War (1880-1881) was the first time soldiers wore khaki coloured uniforms. What colour is khaki?
a brownish colour
a yellowish colour
a bluish colour
a reddish colour
A man in uniform
4 : Before becoming President, Nelson Mandela used to be a ______________, part of a group fighting against the government.
freedom soldier
freedom warrior
freedom rebel
freedom fighter
Nelson Mandela
5 : Did you know Afrikaans is the youngest official language in the world? It's only _________.
90 years ago
90 years
90 old
90 years old
Table Top Mountain, South Africa
6 : Which valuable, sparkling mineral is found in South Africa?
A miner

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