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  cabbage  n. 洋白菜,卷心菜

  词组 preserved cabbage 腌洋白菜

  cabinet  n. 橱柜;内阁

  词组 cabinet council 内阁会议

  Cabinet Minister 内阁成员

  cabinet crisis 内阁危机

  cabinet reshuffle 内阁改组

  a shadow cabinet 影子内阁

  cable  n. 电报;电缆;缆,索,钢丝绳 v. 拍电报 

  词组 cable car 缆车

  cable address 电报挂号

  cafe n. 咖啡馆,(小)餐馆

  cage  n. 鸟笼,兽笼

  cake  n. 饼,(蛋)糕

  词组 a piece of cake 小意思

  go off like cakes 畅销

  cannot have one’s cake and eat it 二者不可兼得

  take the cake 拔得头筹

  calculate  v. 计算,推算;计划,打算  

  词组 calculate on 依靠

  calendar  n.


  词组 the solar calendar 公历

  the lunar calendar 农历

  call n. 叫喊,呼声v. 叫(喊),招呼;把…叫做;(on, at)拜访;打电话 <考点词>

  词组 call for 要求,需要

  call on sb 拜访某人

  call up sb 给某人打电话

  call the roll 点名

  call sb names 骂人

  call off 取消

  示例 This stage of sleep is called REM, which stands for rapid eye movement. 睡眠的这个阶段被称为REM,代表快速的眼球运动。(03年11)

  One type of test is sometimes called an “objective” test. 有一种考试被称为客观考试。(2002年)

  calm  a. 平静的;镇静的 n. 平静,风平浪静 v.(使)平静;(使)镇定 <高频词>

  词组 calm down 镇定下来

  示例 The waters of the lake were so calm that it looked like a glass. 由于湖面水波不兴,所以湖看起来像面镜子。

  camel  n. 骆驼  

  camera  n. 照相机,摄影机

  词组 on camera 正在摄像中

  camera crew 电影/电视摄制组

  camp  n. 野营,营地 v. 设营,宿营  

  词组 strike / break camp 拔营

  camp out 露营

  in the same camp 在同一阵营

  campaign  n. 战役;运动  

  词组 begin / start / launch a campaign 发起运动

  presidential election campaign 总统竞选活动

  a campaign for / against 支持/反对…的活动

  campus  n.(大学)校园 <高频词>

  词组 on campus 在校园里

  can  aux. v. 能,会;可以;可能, 罐,罐装 

  词组 canned food 罐装食品

  示例 Besides oil and gas, the sea may offer new sources of energy. For example, warm temperature of the ocean can be used as the steam in a steamship. 除了石油和气体,海洋还提供了很多新

能源。(07年4 月)

  Can you tell me where there’s a phone box? 请问哪里有电话亭?(07年4 月 )

  Canada  n. 加拿大  

  canal  n. 运河;(沟)渠 <高频词>

  词组 the Suez Canal 苏伊士运河

  The Panama Canal 巴拿马运河

  canal boat 运河船

  示例 Water is so low in the canals of northern France that waterway traffic is forbidden except on weekends. 法国北部的运河水位太低,周末以外的其他时间里,禁止水运交通。(04年4月)

  cancel  v. 取消,把…作废;删去,划掉 <考点词>

  词组 cancel out 互相抵消

  示例 He cancelled all his engagements because he needed rest. 他取消了所有的活动,因为他需要休息。

  cancer  n. 癌 <高频词>

  candidate  n. 候选人,候补者;报考者 <高频词>

  词组 a candidate for greatness 生来要做大事业的人

  示例 A room full of candidate for a state examination, timed exactly by electric clocks and carefully watched over by managers resembles a group of workers at an automobile factory. 参加正式考试的人们在一间房间里,电子时钟计时,有认真巡视的监考人,就像是在自动化工厂里的工人。(2002年)

  candle  n. 蜡烛  

  词组 light a candle 点燃蜡烛

  blow out the candle 熄灭蜡烛

  can’t hold candle to 比不上

  burn the candle at both ends 日夜赶工

  be not worth the candle 不值得

  cap  n. 便帽,军帽  

  词组 cap rock 圆石

  cap and feather days 童年时代

  cap in hand 恭敬地

  capable  a. 有本领的,有能力的 <高频词>

  词组 be capable of doing sth 有能力做某事

  示例 Is she capable of doing it on her own? 她能独立完成吗?

  capital  n. 首都,首府;大写字母;资金 a. 首位的,基本的 <高频词>

  词组 capital punishment 死刑

  make capital of sth 利用某物

  labor and capital 劳资双方

  capital outlays 资本支出

  capital outflow 资本外流

  示例 The biggest “dream factories” are in Hollywood, the capital of the film industry. 最大的“梦工厂”在好莱坞,它是电影产业的中心。(2000年)

  captain  n. 首领,队长;n. 船长,舰长;n. 上尉,上校

  capture  v./n. 捕获, 俘虏 v. 夺得,攻占  

  词组 defy capture 拒捕

  evade capture 避免被捕

  marriage by capture 抢亲

  capture one’s eyes 吸引某人的目光

  capture one’s heart 虏获了某人的心

  car  n. 车(辆),汽车;(火车)车厢  

  词组 a sleeping car 卧铺车厢

  示例 When a hungry man gets a meal, he begins to think about an overcoat, when a manager gets a new sports car, a big house and pleasure boats dance into view. 当一个穷人吃了一顿饭,他开始考虑一件外衣,当一个经理拥有了一辆运动型跑车,一所大房子和一艘游览艇就在他的考虑之中了。(05年4月)

  carbon n. 碳 

  词组 carbon dioxide 二氧化碳

  carbon paper 复写纸

  carbon copy 复写副本

  card  n. 卡片,名片;纸牌;纸片  

  词组 show one’s cards 摊牌

  play a wrong card 走错一着

  play one’s trump card 打出王牌

  care ε n. 小心,注意,关怀,操心 v. 关心,计较 <考点词>

  词组 care for 照管,关心;喜欢

  take care of 照顾;处理

  care about 计较;关心

  with great care 十分小心地

  come into one’s care 得到某人的关心

  示例 Among them are vacation trips, the best medical and dental care, and recreation. 其中有旅行度假、最好的医疗和牙科保健以及消遣。(05年4月)

  career  n. 生涯,经历;专业,职业 <高频词>

  示例 In choosing a career you should first consider the type of work which will suit your interest. 选择职业的时候首先要考虑的是你是否对这种工作有兴趣。(03年11月)

  When I left a 20-year career in the U.S. Coast Guard to become a freelance writer, I had no prospects at all. 当我辞去从事了20年的美国海岸守卫队的工作而成为一名自由栏目的作家,我就变得没有前途了。(07年4月)

  careful ε a. 小心的,仔细的;细致的,精心的 <高频词>

  词组 be careful about 小心某事

  be careful with 对(钱)吝啬

  be careful in 在…方面小心

  示例 A room full of candidate for a state examination, timed exactly by electric clocks and carefully watched over by managers resembles a group of workers at an automobile factory. 参加正式考试的人们在一间房间里,电子时钟计时,有认真巡视的监考人,就像是在自动化工厂里的工人。(2002年)

  careless ε a. 粗心的, 疏忽的;随便的

  词组 be careless of sth 不关心的,淡漠的

  示例 Pollution and waste combine to be a problem everyone can help to solve by curing out unnecessary buying, excess use and careless disposal of the products we use in our daily lives. 污染和浪费共同构成的问题可以通过每个人停止对日常用品的不必要的消费、过度的使用和任意的处置协助加以解决。(03年4月)

  cargo  n. 船货,货物

  词组 cargo ship 货船

  cargo hold 货舱

  cargo capacity 载货容积

  carpenter  n. 木工,木匠  

  词组 the carpenter’s son 木匠之子(用于称耶稣)

  carpet  n. 地毯  

  词组 on the carpet 挨骂

  sweep sth under the carpet 把…掩藏起来

  carriage  n.(四轮)马车;(火车)客车厢  

  carry  v. 运送,搬运;传送,传播;领,带 <高频词>

  词组 carry the day 获胜

  carry weight 具影响力

  carry on 继续下去,坚持下去;从事,经营

  carry out 贯彻,执行

  carry sb away 使某人失去控制

  示例 One of the difficulties in carrying out a world-wide birth control program lies in the fact that official attitudes to population growth vary from country to country depending on the level of industrial development and the availability of food and raw materials. 实施全世界范围内的出生率控制还是有困难的,主要在于各国政府的观点,这缘于一个国家的工业化程度和食物及原材料的储量。(06年11月)

  The scientists say that those gestures, movements and so on have meaning which words do not carry. 科学家认为这些肢体动作可以传达一些词语无法表达的意义。(06年4月)

  cart  n.(二轮货运)马车,手推车  

  词组 be in the cart 处于失利的境地

  case  n. 箱,盒,容器;情况,事实;病例;案件 <考点词>

  词组 in any case 无论如何,总之

  in case 假如,以防(万一),免得

  in case of 假使,万一,以防

  示例 In most cases these individuals are dreaming of wealth and fame, not the long hour alone at a typewriter. 在大多数情况下,这些人梦想着财富和名誉而忽略了在打字机前的漫长时光。(07年4月)

  cash  n. 现金,现款 v. 兑现,付(或收)现款  

  词组 cash on delivery 交货付款

  petty cash 零花钱

  in cash 现金支付

  ready cash 现款

  cassette  n. 盒子;盒式磁带  

  cast kst v. 投,扔,掷,抛;铸造 n. 演员表

  词组 cast an anchor 抛锚

  cast aside 将…抛在一边

  cast a vote 投票

  cast for 焦急地寻找

  cast off 泄气

  cast in one’s lot with sb 与某人患难与共

  castle  n. 城堡  

  词组 castles in the air 白日做梦

  casual  a. 偶然的,碰巧的;临时的,非正式的  

  词组 casual employment 临时雇用

  cat  n. 猫  

  词组 rain cats and dogs 倾盆大雨

  let the cat out of the bag 泄露秘密

  示例 Cats love the house and so are satisfactory with their place where there is secure, but a dog is loyal to its master and consequently wants him to show proof of his affection. 猫喜欢待在屋子里面,所以它们满足于待在安全之地,但是狗是忠诚于它的主人的,所以希望主人向它证明对它的喜爱。(2000年)

  catch  v. 捕捉,捕获;赶上;感染;理解,听到 <高频词>

  词组 catch on 理解,明白

  catch up with 追上,赶上

  catch sb doing sth 抓到某人做某事

  catch by surprise 突袭

  示例 A spider spun its web in vain, because there were no insects for its web to catch. 一只蜘蛛(在这座岛上)结网是徒劳的,因为根本没有可网捕捉的昆虫。(03年4 月)

  cattle  n. 牛;牲口,家畜 

  示例 The cattle are eating grass at the foot of the mountain. 牛群正在山脚下吃草。

  cause  n. 原因,理由;事业,事件,奋斗目标 v. 使产生,引起 <高频词>

  词组 reason and cause 因果

  cave  n. 洞,穴 vi. (in)塌落,坍塌  

  cease  v./n. 停止,中止  

  词组 cease fire 停火

  cease to do sth = cease (from) doing sth 停止做某事

  ceiling  n.


  celebrate  v. 庆祝;赞扬  

  示例 The Chinese culture celebrates unity. 中国文化推崇统一。

  cell n. 细胞;小囚房;蜂房;电池  

  cent  n. 分(币);百 <高频词>

  center / center  n. 中心(区),中央 v. 集中 <考点词>

  词组 recreation center 娱乐中心

  cultural center 文化中心

  exhibition center 展览中心

  示例 Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. 选择一个符合句意的答案。然后用横线将答题卡相应的答案涂黑。(07年4月)

  central  a. 中心的,中央的,中枢的;主要的  

  century  n. 世纪,(一)百年 <高频词>

  示例 The agriculture revolution in the nineteenth century involved two things: the invention of labor-saving machinery and the development of scientific agriculture. 19世纪的农业革命包括两件事:节省劳动力的机器的发明和科学农业的发展。(04年11月)

  It was in America, therefore, that the great advances in nineteenth-century agricultural machinery first came. 因此,19世纪的农业机械这一巨大进步首先发生在美国。(04年11月)

  ceremony  n. 典礼,仪式;礼节,礼仪

  词组 stand on ceremony 讲究礼仪

  certain  a. 某,某一,某些;(of)一定的,确信的,可靠

  词组 for certain 无疑的

  be certain that 确信= be sure that

  示例 At a certain age, children are also learning to judge themselves in relation to others. 在特定的年龄,孩子们也学会与别人相比较来评价自己。(04年4月)

  Is involves placing flexible needles into certain parts of the body. The needles are available in a number of stores in China and anyone may buy them. 这个过程需要将有韧性的针插入身体的某些部位。这种针在中国的许多商店都有卖,任何人都可以买。(2001年)

  certainly  ad. 一定,必定,无疑;当然,行 <高频词>

  示例 Teachers’ salaries today, while not much, certainly are much higher than they were in years past. 现在教师的薪水尽管不是很多,但也远比过去多了。(2001年)

  But if all of them had worked separately and independently without division of labor, they certainly could not have made twenty pins in a day and not even one. 但是,如果所有人不分工,只是各自做各自的,一天之内绝不可能生产出12磅重的钉子,甚至连1磅重的钉子也生产不出来。(05年11月)

  certificate  n. 证(明)书,执照  

  chain  n. 链(条);pl. 镣铐;一连串,一系列,连锁 v. 用链条拴住 <高频词>

  词组 chain reaction 连锁反应

  chain store 连锁商店

  in chains 被囚禁

  示例 All this must happen with very great speed, and only those who have had a lot of practice at tennis can carry out this complicated chain of events successfully. 这一切需要极快的速度,而且只有那些在网球方面有过很多练习的人们才能成功地完成这一连串复杂的活动。(03年4月)

  chair ε n. 椅子;主席(席位) 

  词组 take the chair 主持会议

  leave the chair 闭会

  chairman ε n. 主席,议长,会长,董事长  

  chalk  n. 粉笔,白垩  

  词组 chalk and cheese 完全不同

  challenge  n. 挑战(书);艰巨任务,难题 v. 向…挑战 <高频词>

  词组 challenge the authority 挑战权威

  challenge sb to do sth 向某人发出挑战做某事

  champion  n. 冠军,得胜者;拥护者,斗士 

  词组 a champion of women’s rights 女权捍卫者

  chance  n. 机会;可能性,或然性;偶然性,运气 v. 碰巧,偶然发生 <考点词>

  词组 by chance 偶然,碰巧

  chance to do sth 碰巧做某事

  It chances that … 碰巧…

  示例 Kids who have trouble getting along with their classmates can end up behind academically as well and have a higher chance of dropping out. 难以与他的同学相处的孩子可能会在学业上落后,也有很高的退学的可能性。(04年4月)

  change  n. 变化;零钱,找头 v. 更换,交换;改变 <高频词>

  词组 change into sth 变成某物

  change A into B 把A变成B

  示例 This is likely to bring about a physical change to the head, in particular the forehead, which will grow larger. 这很可能会引起脑组织肌体的变化,尤其是前额会变得更大。(03年4月)

  All the same, in spite of all these changes, future man will still have a lot in common with us. 除了这些变化,未来人和我们仍然会有很多相同之处。(03年4月)

  channel  n. 海峡,水道;信道,波道;路线,途径 <高频词>

  词组 the English Channel 英吉利海峡

  a commercial on channel 8 八频道的广告

  through diplomatic/legal channels 通过外交/法律途径

  change the channel 换台

  chapter  n. 章(节),回

  character  n. 性格,特性,特征;人物,角色;字符,(汉)字 <高频词>

  词组 be out of character 不像某人

  示例 Sports and games are also very useful for character-training. 体育竞技和游戏活动对性格训练也非常有用。(03年4月)

  In their lessons at school, boys and girls may learn about such virtues as unselfishness, courage, discipline and love of one’s country; but what is learned in books cannot have the same deep effect on a child’s character as what is learned by experience. 在学校的课堂上,男孩、女孩们可能会学习慷慨、勇气、律己和爱国等美德;但是书本上所学到的不可能和从亲身体验中所学到的具有一样深的影响。(03年4月)

  characteristic  a. (of)特有的,独特的 n. 特征,特性 <高频词>

  示例 So, if you want a dog to protect you or your house, for example, you should choose the one that has the right size and characteristics. 所以,例如,如果你想要一只保护你和房子的狗,你应该选择一只大小合适,特点合适的狗。(2000年)

  What are the characteristics that distinguish the Chinese from the westerners? 中国人与西方人不同的


  charge  v. 指控 n. 指控 <考点词>

  词组 be in charge of sth 负责某事

  be in the charge of sb 由某人负责

  charge sb with sth 指控某人做了某事

  free of charge 免费地

  示例 He was in charge of the project. 他负责这项计划。

  The project is in his charge. 计划由他来负责。

  chart  n. 图,图表

  chase  v./n. 追逐,追求 

  词组 chase up 紧追不放

  chase about 跑来跑去

  chase after 追逐

  cheap  a. 便宜的;低劣的,不值钱的 <高频词>

  示例 In the first place, television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also a comparatively cheap one. 首先,电视不仅是很方便的娱乐来源,而且相对便宜。(03年11月)

  cheat  v. 欺骗;作弊 n. 骗子;欺诈,欺骗行为 <高频词>

  check  v. 检查;制止,控制;n. 检查,核对 <高频词>

  词组 check in 登记入住

  check out 办好手续后离开

  check through 查看

  keep / hold in check 控制住

  示例 I’m going to check in and you take the baggage to my room. 我去登记,你把行李拿到我的房间。

  cheek  n. 面颊,脸  

  词组 turn the other cheek 甘愿挨打;不予反击(意思是一边脸挨了打还把另一边送上去)

  cheer  v.(使)振奋,(使)高兴 v./n.喝彩,欢呼  

  词组 cheer up 高兴起来,振作起来

  示例 He tried everything to cheer his mother up. 他竭尽所能哄妈妈开心。

  cheerful  a. 愉快的,高兴的 

  cheese  n. 干酷,乳酷  

  词组 Cheese it! 小心快逃!

  chemical  a. 化学的n. pl. 化学制品,化学药品 <高频词>

  示例 A patient who needs an operation is given a choice between having acupuncture or having one of the chemicals used for putting him to sleep. 一个需要手术的患者可以选择针灸或者使用化学药剂进入睡眠状态。(2001年)

  It has been estimated that over half of the patients choose acupuncture because there is no sickness after the operation because the chemical may make the patient sick for a few hours or a day. 估计半数以上的患者选择针灸因为这样手术后不会有不舒服的感觉,而使用化学药剂可能会使患者感觉不舒服,这会持续几个小时或是一天时间。(2001年)


  chemist  n. 化学家;药剂师  

  词组 at the chemist’s 在药店

  chemistry  n. 化学  

  cheque / check  n. 支票  

  词组 pay by cheque 用支票支付

  cheque card 银行保证卡

  cherry  n. 樱桃, 樱桃树  

  chess  n. 棋  

  chest  n. 胸腔,胸膛;箱,柜  

  词组 get sth off one’s chest 把某事讲完才舒服

  hold / keep one’s cards close to one’s chest 秘而不宣

  chew  v. 咀嚼;思量  

  词组 chew over a problem 仔细考虑一个问题

  chew on sth 反复考虑某事

  chew out 严厉责骂

  bite off more than one can chew 企图干完成不了的事

  chicken  n. 小鸡,小鸟;鸡(肉) 

  词组 chicken shit 微不足道的小事

  chicken pox 水痘

  chief  a. 主要的,首要的 n. 领袖,首领

  child (pl. children)  n. 小孩,儿童,儿女  

  词组 child’s play 极易做的事

  be with child 怀孕了

  示例 For example, the bright child really wants to find out about life he tries to get in touch with everything around him. 聪明的小孩特别想发掘生活——他试图去接触周围一切。(05年4月)

  childhood  n. 幼年,童年  

  示例 Young kids don't know how to distinguish early-childhood education for the state of New Jersey。 小孩子不知道怎样辨别新泽西州的儿童早期教育。(04年4月)

  chimney  n. 烟囱  

  词组 a walking chimney 活烟囱(形容烟鬼)

  chin  n. 下巴,颏  

  示例 The old lady has a pointed chin. 这个老太太下巴尖尖的。

  China  n. 中国  

  示例 In China it is relatively usual to ask people their age, but in the west this question is generally regarded as impolite。在中国,询问一个人的年龄很常见,但在西方,这被认为是不礼貌的。(03年4月)

  Chinese  n. 中国人,中文 a. 中国的  

  示例 The Chinese Export Commodities Fairs and some other fairs of similar nature as well as visits of foreign businessmen provide us with such opportunities. 中国出口商品博览会和其他一些性质相似的博览会以及外商访问都为我们提供了这样的机会。(2002 年)

  chocolate  n. 巧克力(糖),赭色 

  choice s n. 选择

  词组 have no choice but to do 别无选择要作某事

  be careful in one’s choice of friends 慎重择友

  the man of her choice 她选中的男人

  示例 when given a choice over a period of time, prefer water with vitamins to water without vitamins even though there is no difference in taste or smell between the two water bottles。 当在一段时间内给老鼠一个机会(喝有维他命的水和没有维他命的水),比起没有维他命的水,它们更偏向于喝有维他命的水,虽然这两种水在气味和口感上都没有差别。(2002年)

  choose  v. 选择,挑选

  示例 Choose the one answer that best completes the sentences. 选择符合句意的正确答案。

  Christmas   n. 圣诞节  

  词组 Christmas Eve 平安夜

  on Christmas Day 在圣诞节那天

  at Christmas 在圣诞节期间

  church  n. 教堂;C- 教会   

  词组 go to church 去做礼拜去教堂

  cigarette / cigaret  n. 香烟,纸烟,卷烟 

  词组 a packet of cigarette 一包香烟

  light a cigarette 点烟

  示例 Today, cigarette smoking is a common habit. About forty-three percent of the adult men and thirty-one percent of the adult women in the United States smoke cigarettes regularly. 今天,吸烟成为一种普遍的习惯。大约43%的成年男性和31%的成年女性经常吸烟。(07年4月)

  cinema  n. 电影院 ;电影,影片

  示例 With a TV set in the family people don’t have to pay for expensive seats at the theatre, the cinema, or the opera. 家里有台电视,人们就可以不用为去戏院,电影院或者歌剧院的座位支付昂贵的费用。(03年11月)

  The cinema and commercial radio are useful for local market. Television, although more expensive, can be very effective。电影与商业电台对于区域市场很有用。电视,尽管更加昂贵,可以达到很好的效果。(2000年)

  circle  n. 圆,圆周;圈子,集团;周期,循环 v. 环绕,旋转  

  示例 The earth circles round the sun. 地球绕着太阳运行。

  词组 vicious circle 恶性循环

  circumstance  n. 情况,形势,环境 <考点词>

  示例 In the international market, goods on sale coming from different countries and suppliers are always facing keen competition under such circumstances。在国际市场中,商品来自不同国家,供应商经常面临激烈的竞争。(2001年)

  They argue that under these circumstances, families would retain their same level of income, and women could run the house and raise children much better. 他们主张在这种情况下,家庭仍可以保持一样的收入水平,并且女性可以更好的处理家务和抚养孩子。(2001年)

  citizen  n. 公民;市民,平民  

  词组 fellow citizens 同胞

  Chinese citizen 华侨

  American citizens and British subjects 美国公民和英国臣民们

  示例 So it is what the pupils do in their spare time that really prepares them to take their place in society as citizens when they grow up. 因此,真正为他们长大后作为公民并在社会上立足作准备的是他们在课余时间所做的事情。(03年4月)

  city n. 城市,都市 <高频词>

  词组 city hall 市政府

  city planning 城市规划

  city council 市政会

  City of God 天堂

  示例 A hundred persons in a big city were questioned last summer. 大城市中的100个人在去年夏天接受了调查。(2001年)

  City people smoke more than people living on farms. 城市人比农村人抽烟的人数多。(07年4月)

  civil  a. 公民的,市民的;国内的;有礼貌的;文职的  

  词组 civil war 内战

  civil rights 人权

  civil marriage 不在教堂中举行的婚礼

  示例 The Civil War was still going on. There was much criticism of President Lincoln at the time. He was not at all popular. 南北战争还在继续。那时,对林肯总统的批评很多。他根本就不受欢迎。(2002年)

  civilize / civilise  v. 使文明,开化 <高频词>

  claim  v. 要求;主张;索赔 n. 要求;断言;索赔;要求权,所有权 <高频词>

  词组 claim back 要求收回

  claim check 收据

  lay claim to = make claim to (for) 要求得到

  示例 He claimed to have paid his tax on due day. 他声称已经在规定的日期交了税。

  clap  v. 拍手,鼓掌 

  词组 clap one’s hands 鼓掌

  class  n .班级,年级;(一节)课;阶级,阶层;等级;类别 v. 把…分类(或分等)<高频词>

  词组 the working class 工人阶级

  the grass-root class 草根阶层

  class cat 出类拔萃的人

  示例 The ordinary day-school cannot give much practical training in living, because most of the pupils’ time is spent in classes, studying lessons. 普通的全日制学校不能给予我们许多生活方面的实际锻炼,因为学生们的时间大部分都用在课堂和课程学习上了。(03年4月)

  classical a. 经典的,名典(文学)的  

  classify  v. 分类,分等(级)  

  示例 He classified human into five grades. 他把人分为五等。

  classmate  n. 同班同学 

  示例 Kids who have trouble getting along with their classmates can end up behind academically as well and have a higher chance of dropping out. 难以与他的同学相处的孩子可能会在学业上落后,也有很高的退学的可能性。(04年4月)

  classroom - n. 教室,课堂 <高频词>

  claw  n. 爪,脚爪  

  clay  n. 粘土,泥土 

  示例 The legend says that human is made from clay. 传说人类是用泥做的。

  clean  a. 清洁的,干净的;洁白的 v. 打扫,使干净  

  词组 clean up 收拾

  clean out 把…清洁出去

  clean and jerk (举重)挺举

  clear  a. 清晰的,晴朗的, ad. 清楚地,明白地 v. 澄清,清除

  词组 clear up 天气放晴

  clear off (云雾)消散

  as clear as day 一清二楚

  示例 When a fragrant flavor was added to the vitamin-enriched fluid,the rats did seem to develop a taste for it and kept drinking it, even after the vitamins were switched to the clear water. 当向富含维他命的水中加入香料时,老鼠就显然要偏向于它,而且总是喝它,即便是把维他命转移到净水中之后也是如此。(2001年)

  Since advertisement forms part of the cost of production, which has to be covered by the selling price, it is clear that it is the customer who pays for advertisement. 既然广告费是生产成本的一部分,其成本就包含在销售价格里,所以很明显是消费者支付广告费。(2000年)

  clerk  n. 职员,办事员;店员  

  clever  a. 聪明的,伶俐的,机敏的,精巧的 <高频词>

  词组 be clever at 擅长 

  be clever with 善于使用

  示例 He is clever at science. 他擅长理科。

  He is clever with his left hand. 他善使左手。

  cliff  n. 悬崖;峭壁  

  词组 cliff hanger 吊人胃口的故事

  climate  n. 气候  

  climb  v./n .攀登,爬

  clock  n. 钟

  词组 around the clock 昼夜不停的

  the Ben Clock 大本钟

  示例 For most children, school marks the first time that their goals are not set by an internal clock but by the outside world. 对于大多数孩子来说,学校标志着他们的目标第一次不再是由内在时钟设定的,而是由外部世界设定的。(2004年4月)

  The clock strikes twelve. 钟响了十二下。

  close  v. 关,闭;结束n.结束ad.接近地,紧密地 a.(to)近的,接近的 <高频词>

  词组 close down 倒闭

  close in on 包围

  示例 Stand closer to me. 离我再近点儿。

  The police are watching the suspect closely. 警察们正在密切注视着嫌疑犯。

  cloth  n. (一块)布,织物,衣料  

  clothe  vt. 给...穿衣, 覆盖 

  clothes  n. 衣服 <高频词>

  cloud  n. 云(状物);遮暗物,阴影;一大群 <高频词>

  词组 put one’s head in the clouds 爱幻想

  cloud over 乌云聚集脸色阴沉

  under a cloud 受怀疑

  club  n. 俱乐部,夜总会;社团  

  词组 a football club 足球队

  clue n. 线索,暗示 

  示例 There is still no clue to the location of the criminal. 罪犯到底在哪儿,现在还是没有线索。


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