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   coal  n. 煤,煤块 <高频词>

  示例 The things in garbage do not look like coal, petroleum, or natural gas. 垃圾中的东西看上去并不像煤、石油或是天然气。(04年4月)

  coarse  a. 粗糙的,粗劣的;粗鲁的,粗俗的  

  词组 coarse fish 淡水鱼

  coarse cloth 粗布

  coarse skin 粗糙的皮肤

  coarse manners 粗鲁的举止

  coast  n. 海岸,海滨 

  示例 The coast is clear. 海岸很干净。

  When I left a 20-year career in the U.S. Coast Guard to become a freelancewriter, I had no prospects at all. 当我辞去从事了20年的美国海岸守卫队的工作而成为一名自由栏目的作家,我就变得没有前途了。(07年4月)

  coat  n. 外套,上衣;皮毛,表皮,涂层 v. 涂上,盖上,包上 <高频词>

  词组 the egg-coated rice 蛋炒饭

  cock  n. 公鸡,雄鸡;龙头,开关 

  coffee  n. 咖啡

  词组 coffee bean 咖啡豆

  coffee break 喝咖啡的休息时间

  coffee mill 磨咖啡店的机器

  coffee maker 电咖啡壶

  coin  n. 硬币,货币 v. 铸造(硬币),创造(新词) 

  词组 the other side of the coin 事情的正反两面

  place sb back in his own coin 以其人之道还治其人之身

  cold  a. 寒冷的;冷淡的 n. 感冒;寒冷 

  词组 cold cash (一次付清的)现金

  cold cream 润肤霜

  示例 It didn’t even matter that it was cold and had no bathroom. I immediately bought a used manual typewriter and felt like a genuine writer. 我不在乎它既寒冷又没有浴室。我马上买了一台二手的打字机并感觉自己真正成了一名作家。(07年4月)

  collar  n. 衣领;环状物 

  colleague  n. 同事,同僚 

  collect  v. 收集,搜集;领取,接走 <高频词>

  词组 collect one’s faculties 镇定下来

  collect on delivery 到货付款

  collection  n. 收藏(品),收集(物) 

  collective  n. 集体 a. 集体的,共同的 

  college  n. 学院,高等专科学校,大学 <高频词>

  colonel l n. 陆军上校, 团长 

  colony   n. 殖民地 

  color / colour  n. 颜色,彩色;颜料;肤色

  词组 be / look off color 看起来身体有些不舒服

  show one’s true color 现原形

  column  n. 圆柱,柱状物;列;(报刊中的)专栏  

  comb  n. 梳子 v. 梳(理) 

  combination  n. 结合,联合,合并;化合(物)<高频词>

  示例 His look is a combination of bitterness and joy. 他的表情真是哭笑不得。

  The power of words, then, lies in their combinations-the things they bring up before our minds. 言语的力量在于它们的组合——在我们脑中呈现出事物。(2000年)

  combine  v.(with)(使)结合,联合;(使)化合 <高频词>

  示例 One carbon atom combines with two atoms of oxygen to form a molecule of carbon

  dioxide. 一个碳原子和两个氧原子结合形成一个二氧化碳分子。

  Pollution and waste combine to be a problem everyone can help to solve by curing out unnecessary buying, excess use and careless disposal of the products we use in our daily lives. 污染和浪费共同构成的问题可以通过每个人停止对日常用品的不必要的消费、过度的使用和任意的处置协助加以解决。(03年4月)

  come  v. 来,来到;出现于,产生;是,成为;开始,终于 <考点词>

  词组 come out 出版

  come across 偶遇无意中找到

  come up with 提出

  come into being 出现;产生

  come into effect 开始生效

  come true 成真

  come down to the earth 回到现实中

  come about 发生

  示例 The book was said to have come out in 1999. 据说这本书出版于1999年。

  I came across an old photo when I was tidying up. 我在整理东西的时候找到了张旧照片。


  comfort  n. 舒适,安逸;安慰,慰问 v. 安慰,使舒适 <高频词>

  示例 While the other levels involve physical satisfaction, that is, the feeding, comfort, safety, and transportation, this level stresses mental needs for recognition, achievement, and happiness. 其他层次涉及的是物质的满足,也就是说,吃饱,舒适、安全和交通便利,然而这一层次强调被认可、成功和幸福等精神需求。(05年4月)

  comfortable  a. 舒适的,自在的 <高频词>

  示例 If people praise them or thank them in an especially polite way, they may become uncomfortable and not know what to say in reply . 如果人们称赞他们或者向他们非常礼貌的道谢,他们会很拘谨,而且变得无所适从。(06年11月)

  However, those who are accustomed to longer greetings may require a little more time before they feel comfortable with American simple talk. 但是,那些习惯较长问候的人总需要些时间去适应。(06年11月)

  command  n. 命令,指令;统帅,指挥(权);掌握v. 命令;指挥,统帅 <考点词>

  词组 at one’s command 任由某人指挥

  in command of 指挥

  take command of 指挥

  示例 General Lee was in command of this army. 李将军曾统帅过这个部队。

  The general commanded that we should take the castle by surprise in the midnight. 将军指示我们于午夜时分突袭城堡。

  commander  n. 司令官, 指挥官

  comment  n. 注释,评论,意见 v. (on)注释,评论 <高频词>

  词组 comment on sth 就某事发表评论

  No comment. 无可奉告

  示例 Any comment? (用以征求别人的看法或意见)

  commerce  n. 商业,贸易

  commercial  a. 商业的,商务的,贸易的 n. 商业广告 <高频词>

  词组 commercial bank 商业银行

  commercial traveler 产品推销员

  示例 The commercial counselor’s offices of our embassies stationed abroad can help us in making market investigations. 我们驻海外的大使馆的商贸参赞办公室可以帮助我们进行市场调研。( 2002年)

  commit  v. 犯,干(错事)

  committee  n. 委员会,通常的,平常的 a. 公共的,共同的

  词组 in common共用,共有

  communicate  v. 交流;通讯,通话 <高频词>

  示例 But a student who is unwilling to communicate in the first place would lose this Opportunity to learn by trial and error. 但是,一个不愿意主动交流的学生就会失去这样通过反复试验(在实践中尝试与纠正错误)的方法学习的机会。(2001年)

  communism  n. 共产主义 

  communist  n. 共产主义者, 共产党员 a. 共产主义者的 

  community  n. 同一地区的全体居民,社会,社区;共同体 

  示例 A fifth level would probably involve needs that can be achieved best by community action.


  companion  n. 同伴,共事者;伴侣 

  示例 Most people have had a dog or wanted one as their companion at some time in their lives.


  If you are thinking of buying a dong, however, you should first decide what sort of companion you need and whether the dog is likely to be happy in the surroundings you can provide. 然而,如果你正考虑养一只狗,你必须首先决定你需要什么样的陪伴,以及那只狗在你提供的环境中是否会快乐。(2000年)

  companionship  n. 交谊, 友谊 

  company  n. 公司,商号;陪伴,同伴;宾客,客人 <考点词>

  词组 keep / bear sb company 陪伴某人

  fall into company with 偶然与某人相识

  part company with 与某人分手

  in the company of sb 在某人的陪伴下

  comparative  a. 比较的,相当的

  词组 comparative degree 比较级

  compare ε v.(with, to)比较,相比,对比;比作 <考点词>

  词组 compare A to B 把A比成B

  compare A with B 把A与B比较

  示例 Don’t compare your child with others’. 不要总把你的孩子和别人的比较。

  Teachers are always compared to gardeners. 老师们通常都被比作园丁。

  compass n. 罗盘,指南针;pl. 圆规 

  示例 Compasses are used to help people to draw circles. 圆规是用来帮人们画圆的。

  compel  v. 强迫,迫使 

  词组 compel sb to do 强迫某人做

  compel sb to obedience 强迫某人服从

  示例 The police compelled the crowds to stay away from the burning building. 警察迫使人群远离着火的大楼。 

  competent  a. 有能力的,胜任的

  词组 be competent for/in one’s work 工作称职

  be competent to do sth 有能力做某事

  competition  n. 比赛,竞争

  complain  v. (about, of)抱怨;申诉 

  词组 complain to sb of (about) sth 向某人抱怨某事

  complain against 控告

  示例 My wife always complains to the family about her headache. 我太太总向家人抱怨头痛。

  North Americans often complain that South Americans are unfriendly because they tend to stand close to the North American when speaking。北美人抱怨南美人不友好,因为南美人和北美人说话总喜欢靠得很近。(06年4月)

  complete a. 完全的,圆满的 v. 完成,结束,使完满 <考点词>

  示例 He said that the girl completed his life. 他说那个女孩使他的生命完整起来。

  complex  a. 复杂的;合成的,综合的 n. 联合体 <高频词>

  词组 sports complex 综合体育馆

  示例 Languages are remarkably complex and wonderfully complicated organs of culture. 语言是文化的构件,它们非常综合又惊人的复杂。 (05年11月)

  In the highly industrialized society the problem may be more complex. 在高度工业化社会,问题更加复杂。(06年11月)

  complicated  a. 错综复杂的,麻烦的,难解的

  示例 Languages are remarkably complex and wonderfully complicated organs of culture. 语言是文化的构件,它们非常综合又惊人的复杂。(05年11月)

  All this must happen with very great speed, and only those who have had a lot of practice at tennis can carry out this complicated chain of events successfully. 这一切需要极快的速度,而且只有那些在


  compose  v. 组成,构成;(of)由…组成;创作(作曲、诗歌)等 <考点词>

  词组 be composed of 由…组成

  示例 The team is composed of four professors. 这个队有四个教授。

  compound  n. 混合物,化合物 a. 混合的,化合的,复合的 

  词组 compound eye 复眼

  a compound medicine 复方药物

  示例 Water is the compound of hydrogen and oxygen. 水是氢氧化合物。

  a compound of wit and intelligence 聪明与才智的结合

  comprehension  n. 理解(力),领悟 <高频词>

  词组 beyond one’s comprehension 让某人无法理解

  示例 This question is so hard that it’s beyond my comprehension. 这个问题如此之难,已经超过了我的理能


  These sentences are all taken from the 3 passages you have just read in the part of

  Reading Comprehension. 这些句子是从三篇阅读理解中摘录下来的。(标题)

  compromise  v./n. 妥协,折衷 

  词组 compromise with sb. on sth 在某事上与某人协议

  make / arrive at / reach a compromise over 就某事作出/达成妥协

  make a compromise 做出让步

  compromise one’s chances 毁了自己机会

  computer  n. 计算机 

  comrade  n. 同志,同事,同伴,朋友 

  conceal  v. 隐藏,隐瞒,隐蔽 

  词组 conceal sth from sb 向某人隐瞒某事

  conceal sth. in the pocket 把…藏在衣兜里

  conceal a fact 隐藏事实

  concentrate  v. (on)集中,专心;浓缩 n. 浓缩物 <高频词>

  concept  n. 概念,观念,思想 

  concern  v. 涉及,关系到 v./n. 关心,挂念 n.(利害)关系 <考点词>

  词组 be concerned with 关于

  be concerned about 担心

  concern oneself about 担心

  have no concern with 与…无关

  as far as sth is concerned 就…来说

  of concern 重要的

  示例 This essay is concerned with the unemployment situation in China. 这篇论文谈的是中国的失业问题。

  In the developing country where a vastly expanded population is pressing hard upon the limits of food, space and natural resources, it will be the first concern of government to place a limit on the birthrate, whatever the consequences may be。 在发展中国家,由于人口众多,食物、空间和资源有限,政府所关注的就是出生率。(06年11月)


  concerning  prep. 关于 

  示例 The police are anxious to hear any information concerning the convict’s hereabouts. 警察十分想知道关


  concert  n. 音乐会,演奏会

  词组 in concert 一致

  conclude  v. 结束,终止;断定,下结论;缔结,议定 <高频词>

  词组 conclude an agreement / a treaty 签订一项协议/合同

  conclude the research 结束研究

  示例 If they try hard to do something and fail, they may conclude that they will never be able to accomplish a particular task如果他们努力去做某件事却失败了,他们会认为他们再也不能在某件事上取得成功。(04年4月)

  conclusion  n. 结束,终结;结论,推论 <高频词>

  词组 reach / come to / arrive at / draw a conclusion 得出结论

  rush / jump to a conclusion 匆忙地得出结论

  concrete  a. 具体的,实质性的 n. 混凝土v. 用混凝土修筑,浇混凝土

  词组 concrete mixer 混凝土搅拌机

  concrete language 具体语言

  concrete jungle 水泥丛林(形容竞争激烈,弱肉强食的城市)

  condense  v. (使)浓缩,(使)凝结,精简,压缩

  condition  n. 状况,状态;pl. 环境,形势,条件 <高频词>

  词组 be in a condition to do sth 适宜做某事

  be in good condition 完好无损

  be in / out of condition 身体很好/不好

  on condition that 倘若

  示例 The girl agreed to marry the old man on condition that he gave her a large amount of money. 只要老头


  They will try everything possible to familiarize themselves with the market conditions. In making

  investigations. 在这样的情况下,在进行市场调研时,它们会尽一切可能来熟悉市场状况。(2002年)

  conduct  n. 行为,品行 v. 引导,指挥,传(热,电等)

  conductor  n. 领队,(乐队)指挥,售票员,列车员,导体

  conference  n. 会议,讨论会

  词组 press conference 记者招待会

  have a conference with sb 与某人进行了磋商

  in conference 在开会

  confess  v. 承认,坦白,忏悔

  confident  a. (of, in)确信的,自信的 <高频词>

  词组 be confident in (of) doing sth 对做某事有信心

  示例 Hey, you must be confident of yourself if you want to succeed. 嘿!你必须对自己有信心才能成功!

  confine  v. (to, within)限制,局限于;管制,禁闭

  词组 confine…to/within 把…局限于

  confirm  v. 使更坚固,使更坚定;(进一步)证实;确认,批准 <考点词>

  示例 The mayor confirmed the report that he had resighned. 市长已经证实了关于他辞职的报道。

  conflict  n .战斗,斗争;抵触,冲突 v. (with)抵触,冲突

  词组 be in conflict with 与…有冲突

  come into conflict with 与…发生冲突

  confuse  v. 使混乱,混淆 <考点词>

  词组 confuse sth with sth 把…混淆起来

  be confused with sth 被…弄糊涂了

  示例 His words were confusing that I was really confused. 他说得如此不清楚,都把我搞糊涂了。

  congratulate  v.(on)祝贺,向…致祝贺词

  congress  n.(代表)大会;C-(美国等国的)国会,议会

  conjunction  n. 连接,连结;连接词

  conquer  v. 征服,战胜,占领;克服,破除(坏习惯等)

  conquest  n. 征服

  conscience  n. 良心,良知

  conscious  a. (of)意识到的,自觉的;有意识的,神志清醒的

  consent  v. / n. 同意,答应

  consequence  n. 结果,后果,影响;重要性

  词组 as a consequence of 由于

  as a consequence 结果

  示例 In the developing country where a vastly expanded population is pressing hard upon the limits of food, space and natural resources, it will be the first concern of government to place a limit on the birthrate, whatever the consequences may be. 在发展中国家,由于人口众多,食物、空间和资源有限,政府所关注的就是出生率。 (06年11月)

  consequently  ad. 因而,所以

  示例 Cats love the house and so are satisfactory with their place where there is secure, but a dog is loyal to its

  master and consequently wants him to show proof of his affection. 猫喜欢待在屋子里面,所以它们满足于待在


  conservative  a. 保守的,守旧的 n. 保守主义者 

  consider  v. 认为,把…看作;考虑,细想;体谅,照顾 <考点词>

  示例 He was considered to have invented the telephone. 人们认为他发明了电话。

  Faced with considerations such as these, the government of a developed country may well prefer to see a slowly increasing population, rather than one which is stable or in decline. 考虑到这些因素,发达国家的政府希望看到人口适度增长,而不是增长或减少。(06年11月)

  considerable  a. 相当大(或多)的,可观的;值得考虑的 

  示例 A considerable amount of money has been invested on the program. 已经在这个项目上投了很多钱。

  considerate  a. 考虑周到的,体谅的 

  consist  v. 由……构成,由……组成(0f);v. 在于,存在(in)

  示例 Greece and Rome, testing usually consisted of saying poetry aloud or giving speeches. 在古希腊和古


  consistent  a.(with)前后一致的,始终如一的

  词组 be consistent with 与…一致;符合

  constant  a. 经常的,不断的;坚定的 n. 常数,恒量

  示例 The constant occurrence of accidents on this road aroused the attention from the police.这条路上


  Nowadays our eyes are in constant use. 现在,人们经常用眼。(03年4月)

  constitute  v.组成,构成 

  constitution  n. 构成,构造,组成(方式),成分;体格,体质;宪法

  词组 a man of strong constitution 体格强壮的人

  an old man with a weak constitution 体质虚弱的老人

  a written constitution 成文宪法

  construct  v. 建设,建造,构造;创立 

  consult  v.与…商量,请教;查阅;(with)商量,商议 

  consume  v. 消费,消耗,耗尽 

  词组 be consumed with 心中充满了(好奇,苦闷)

  consume away 消耗掉

  示例 The girl was consumed with pains when she knew her boyfriend was dating another girl.


  Will consumers raise their sights to a fifth level of needs as their income increases, or will they continue to demand luxuries and personal services on the fourth level? 随着收入的增加,消费者会展望第五个层次还是会继续要求第四层次上的奢侈品和服务呢?(05年4月)

  contact  v./n. (使)接触,联系,交往 <高频词>

  词组 make contact with 与某人联系

  come into contact with 与某人取得联系

  lose contact with 失去了与某人的联系

  be in (out of ) contact with 与某人有/没有联系

  示例 The “eye contact” provides another example of what we are calling nonverbal communication. 眼神的交流也是非语言交流的一个很好的例子。(06年4月)

  Scientists have observed that there is more eye contact between people who like each other than there is between people who don’t like each other. 科学家们认为彼此喜欢的两个人之间的眼神交流要比彼此不喜欢的两人要多。(06年4月)

  contain  v. 容纳,含有,装有

  示例 They contain the quickest and the most efficient means of communicating within their respective culture. 它们包含着它们自身文化中最快速、最高效的交流方式。(05年11月)

  container  n. 容器,集装箱

  contemporary  a. 现代的,当代的;同时代的 

  content  n. 容量,含量;内容,pl. 目录a. (with)满足的,愿意的 <考点词>

  词组 to heart’s content 尽兴地

  be content with 对某事满意

  be contented with 对某事很知足

  示例 You can drink to your heart’s content. 你就敞开了喝吧。

  Though they are very poor, they are very contented with their lives. 尽管生活穷苦,他们还是过得很知足。

  contest  n. 竞争,竞赛,比赛 v. 竞争,比赛,争论 

  词组 contest against 与某人对抗

  contest for sth 为了某事而对抗

  continue  v. 连续,继续,延伸 <高频词>

  词组 continue with sth 继续做某事

  continue to do sth 继续做某事

  continue doing sth 继续做某事

  示例 Will consumers raise their sights to a fifth level of needs as their income increases, or will they continue to demand luxuries and personal services on the fourth level? 随着收入的增加,消费者会展望第五个层次还是会继续要求第四层次上的奢侈品和服务呢?(05年4月)

  Five hundred years is a relatively short period of time, so we may assume that man will continue to grow taller. 500年是一个相对较短的时间段,所以我们可以设想人会继续长高。(03年4月)

  continuous  a. 连续的,持续的 

  contract  n. 契约,合同,包工

  contract  v. 收缩,紧缩

  contradiction  n. 反驳, 矛盾 

  词组 contradiction in terms 言辞上的矛盾

  in contradiction with 与…不一致

  contrary  a. (to)相反的,矛盾的,对抗的 n. 反对,矛盾;相反; pl. 对立物

  词组 on the contrary 相反

  go by contraries 与人的愿望相反

  contrary to 与…相反

  to the contrary 相反地

  示例 He is not a cruel man. On the contrary, he is very warm-hearted sometimes. 他一点儿都不冷酷,相反,他有些时候还很热心。

  I hope we can be together forever. But you know, sometimes, things go by contraries. 我希望我们永远在


  contrast  n. 对照,对比,差异 

  词组 in contrast to 与…成反比

  by contrast 与之相比

  contribute  v.(to)贡献,捐助,损献;投稿 <考点词>

  词组 contribute to 促进;有助于

  示例 Mutual respect contributes to breaking down racism. 互相尊重有助于消灭种族主义。

  control  n.(over)控制,支配 v. 控制,支配 <考点词>

  词组 be in control of 支配指挥

  out of control 失控

  bring sth under control 控制住某物

  under absolute control 在绝对控制下

  示例 In the home there is an obvious need to control litter and waste. 在家,当然需要控制垃圾和浪费。(03年4月)

  Half of the children participated in the experimental study; the other half acted as the control group. 一半孩子参加实验组的学习,另一半作为控制组。(04年11月)

  convenient  a.(to)便利的,方便的 <高频词>

  示例 In the first place, television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also a comparatively cheap one. 首先,电视不仅是很方便的娱乐来源,而且相对便宜。(03年11月)

  conventional  a. 惯例的,常规的 

  词组 a conventional greeting 常用的招呼语

  make a few conventional remarks 按常例说几句客套话

  conversation  n. 会话,谈话 <高频词>

  convert  v. 变换,转化 

  convey  v.运送,搬运,转运;传达,传播 <考点词>

  示例 This train conveys more than 300 passengers every day. 这列火车每天运送三百多名乘客。

  He can convey his meaning in words which sing like music, and which by their position and association can move men to tears. 他能够以优雅的文字传达自己的意思,就像音乐一样,甚至能够催人泪下。(2000年)

  convince  v.(of)使信服,使确信 <考点词>

  词组 convince sb of sth 使某人相信某事

  示例 Her childish look convinced me of her innocence. 她孩童般的神情让我相信她是无罪的。

  cook n.饮事员,厨师 v. 烹调,煮,烧 <高频词>

  示例 The villagers want wood to cook their food with; and they can earn money by selling wood. They are usually too lazy to plant and look after the trees. 村民们想要木材煮食物;卖掉木材可以赚钱。他们通常很懒惰,不种树也不看护树。(05年11月)

  cool  a. 凉爽的;冷静的,冷淡的 v. 冷却,(使)镇静 <高频词>

  词组 as cool as a cucumber 泰然自若

  cool off / down 使某人冷静

  play it cool 泰然处之

  示例 As time went on, hot sun and cool rains made the rock split and break to pieces. 随着时间的流逝,强烈的日晒和凉凉的雨水使岩石碎裂。(03年4月)

  cooperate  v. (with)合作,协作,相配合 

  词组 cooperate with sb to do sth / in doing sth 和某人合作做某事

  cope  v. (with)竞争,对抗;(with)对付,应付,妥善处理 <考点词>

  词组 cope with 对付某人;处理某事

  示例 I don’t know how to cope with such a situation because it hasn’t happened to me before. 因为从未遇到过


  People have to cope with many problems and much trouble in real life, so they feel encouraged when they see the “good guys” win in the movies. 人们在现实生活中不得不处理许多问题和麻烦,所以当他们看到电影中的“好人”的成功就感到备受鼓励。(2000年)

  copper  n. 铜;铜币,铜制品 

  词组 copper medal 铜牌

  示例 Valuable amounts of minerals such as iron, copper and so on exist on the ocean floor. 大量的矿物,像是铁、铜都出现在海底。(07年4月)

  copy  n. 抄本,副本,(一)本,(一)册,誊写,临摹,复制 <高频词>

  cord  n. 绳,索

  词组 a piece of cord 一根绳

  cordial  a. 诚恳的,亲切的,热诚的

  词组 a cordial distaste for formality 对俗套的深恶痛绝

  core  n. 果核;中心,核心 

  词组 rotten to the core 坏透了

  to the core 彻底地

  corn  n. 谷物,庄稼,玉米 

  词组 admit / confess the corn 接受批评

  measure others’ corn with one’s own bushel 以己度人

  corner  n. 角(落),(街道)拐角 

  词组 round the corner 很近;马上到来

  put / drive / force sb into the corner 使陷入绝境

  be in a tight corner 处境困难

  turn the corner 渡过难关

  cut corner 找捷径

  corporation  n. 公司,企业,团体 <高频词>

  示例 Nowadays, our import and export corporations send their trade groups abroad every now and then. One of their purposes is to make market surveys on the spot. 现在,我们的进出口公司常常派商团到国外,它们的目的之一就是做实地市场调研。(2002年)

  correct  a.正确的,恰当的,合适的,端正的 v. 改正,纠正,矫正 <高频词>

  correspond  v. 通信,(with)符合,一致;(to)相当于,对应 

  词组 correspond with sb 与某人通信

  correspond with sth 符合

  correspond to 相当于

  corresponding  a. 符合的,相应的,对应的 

  示例 Mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. 在答题卡上相应的字母中间画一条线。(标题)

  corridor  n. 走廊

  cost  n. 成本,费用,代价 v. 价值为,花费 <考点词>

  词组 at all costs = at any cost 不惜一切代价

  at cost 以成本价

  count the cost 估计不利条件

  cost sb the earth 某人要付好多钱

  at the cost of sth 以某事为代价

  示例 We might ask whether the cost of advertisement is paid for by the producer or by the customer. 我们也需要问,广告费是由厂商支付还是由消费者支付呢?(2000年)

  Selling price, it is clear that it is the customer who pays for advertisement. 其成本就包含在销售价格里,所以很明显是消费者支付广告费。 (2000年)

  costly  a. 昂贵的,价值高的

  cottage  n. 村舍,小屋,别墅

  词组 cottage industry 乡村工艺

  cotton  n. 棉花;棉线,棉纱;棉制品

  词组 cotton on 明白理解

  cotton to 开始喜欢

  cough  v./n. 咳嗽

  词组 cough sb down 以咳嗽的方式来阻挠演讲者。

  cough sb up 勉强说出某事

  council  n. 理事会,委员会,议事机构

  count  v. 数,计算;v. 看作,认为

  示例 Better informed, people are more likely to vote, and so to make their opinion count. 通过深入的了解,可以根据自己的认识做出选择而参与选举。(06年4月)

  counter  n. 柜台; n. 计数器; vt. 反对,对抗; ad.反方面地,对立地

  country  n. 国家;农村,乡下 <高频词>

  示例 Two thousand years ago a rich and powerful country cut down its trees to build warships, with which to gain itself an empire. 2000年前,一个富有而且强大的国家砍了境内的树建造战船,以此来建立帝国。(05年11月)

  countryside  n. 乡下,农村 <高频词>

  示例 You must also be ready to devote a great deal of time to training the dog when it is young and give it the exercise it needs throughout its life, unless you live in the countryside and can let it run freely. Dogs are demanding pets. 你还必须在这只狗小的时候投入大量时间训练这只狗;并且给它一些终生受用的训练,除非你住在乡下可以让它自由地跑动。狗是苛求的宠物。(2000年)

  county  n. 英国郡,美国县 

  示例 As the need for specialists appeared, the job of teaching came into being in our county, and teaching as a job has been increasing importance over the past hundred years. 由于对专业人员的需要,教学的职业在我们的国家产生了,在过去的几百年里,教学,作为一种职业,具有了越来越大的重要性。(2001年)

  couple  n. (一)对,(一)双;夫妇;力偶;电偶 v. 连接,结合 

  词组 a couple of 两三个

  courage  n. 勇气,胆量 <高频词>

  词组 take / summon up one’s courage 鼓起勇气

  lose courage 失去勇气

  take one’s courage in both hands 敢作敢为

  示例 He summoned up his courage to talk back. 他鼓起勇气,顶了嘴。

  Sports and games are also very useful for character-training. In their lessons at school, boys and girls may learn about such virtues as unselfishness, courage, discipline and love of one’s country; but what is learned in books cannot have the same deep effect on a child’s character as what is learned by experience. 体育竞技和游戏活动对性格训练也非常有用。在学校的课堂上,男孩、女孩们可能会学习慷慨、勇气、律己和爱国等美德;但是书本上所学到的不可能和从亲身体验中所学到的具有一样深的影响。(03年4月)

  course  n. 课程,教程;过程,进程;路程,路线;一道菜 <高频词>

  词组 of course 当然,自然,无疑

  as a matter of course 理所当然地

  let sth run its course 顺其自然

  in due course 到了一定的时候

  in the course of time 随着时间的推移

  示例 What will man be like in the future-in 5,000 or even 50000 years from now? We can only make a guess, of course, but we can be sure that he will be different from what he is today. 5000年、甚至是50000年以后的人类会怎么样呢?当然,我们只能猜测,但是可以确定的是一定与现在的人类不同。(03年4月)

  It will probably disappear from the body altogether in course of time because it does not serve a useful propose any longer. In the future, then, both sexes are likely to be bald. 经过一定的时间它可能会完全地从身体上消失。因为它不再会发挥什么作用了。这么一来,将来,不管男女都可能会变成秃头。 (03年4月)

  court n. 法院,法庭;宫廷,朝廷;院子;球场 

  词组 hold court 开庭

  take sb to court 起诉某人

  make / play court to sb 讨好某人

  put sth out of court 不重视某事

  cousin  n. 堂(或表)兄弟,堂(或表)姐妹 

  词组 a distant cousin 远亲

  a country cousin 乡巴佬

  call cousins with 与某人攀亲

  cover  v. 覆盖,包括,涉及 n. 盖子,(书的)封面 <考点词>

  词组 cover up 掩饰,掩盖

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