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Unit 5 Charlie Chaplin
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  Charlie Chaplin Passage 1阅读理解一

  Charlie Chaplin,who died in 1977 at the age of 88,was one of the most famous stars in the history of cinema.He was certainly the most famous comic actor of the cinema.His first film was in the age of silent films.He wrote and directed nearly all his sound pictures.

  He was born in 1889. His family was poor and he had a hard childhood.In 1912 he left England for the U.S.and in 1914 he made his first film.In the film he created the character of a little man who always faced lifes difficulties with courage.

  Because he was very successful,he created his own film company in 1918. His great film included the Gold Rush,City Lights and Modern Times.He was married four times and in 1952 left the U.S.with his family and lived in Switzerland.


  1、comic adj.喜剧的n.滑稽品;滑稽新闻

  2、create vt.创造,创作,引起,造成

  3、courage n.勇气,胆识,气概

  4、include vt.包含,包括

  5、Switzerland n.瑞士根据短文内容选择正确答案

  ()1Chaplin was good at films.

  A、writing B、directing C、acting up D、A、B and C

  ()2He lived in America for .

  A、forty years B、nearly thirty years

  C、nearly half a century D、half of his life

  ()3where did Chaplin spend his most important part of life?

  A、In England. B、In Switzerland.

  C、In America. D、The text doesn't tell us.

  ()4What is the meaning of“a little man who always faced lifes difficulties with courage”?

  A、An ordinary (普通的) man fearing (害怕) no difficulties of life.

  B、A child fearing no difficulties of life.

  C、A young man who never gave in to difficulties.

  D、An ungrown man was encouraged to face difficulties.

  ()5The text suggested that Chaplin .

  A、was satisfied (满意的) with his marriage all the time

  B、was poor during most of his life time

  C、had been in at least three countries before death

  D、set up his own film company in America

  Passage 2阅读理解二

  Let children learn to judge their own work.A child learning to talk does not learn by being corrected all the time;if corrected too much,he will stop talking.He notices a thousand times a day the difference between the language he uses and those the language around him use.Bit by bit,he makes the necessary changes to make his language like other peoples.In the same way,children learning to do all the other things they learn to do without being taught to walk,run,climb,whistle,ride a bicycle——compare their own performances with those of more skilled people,and slowly make the needed changes.But in school we never give a child a chance to find out his mistakes for himself,let alone correct them.We do it all for him.We act as if we thought that he would never notice a mistake unless it was pointed out to him,or correct it unless he was made to.Soon he becomes dependent on the teacher.Let him do it himself.Let him work out,with the help of other children if he wants it,what this word says,what the answer is to that problem,whether this is a good way of saying or doing this or not.

  If it is a matter of right answers,as it may be in mathematics or science,give him the answer book.Let him correct his own papers.Why should we teachers waste time on such tiring work? Our job should be to help the child when he tells us that he can't find the way to get the right answer.Lets end all this nonsense of grades,exams,marks.Let us throw them all out,and let the chidren learn what all educated persons must some day learn,how to measure their own understanding,how to know what they know or do not know.


  1、judge vt.判决;审理;审判

  2、whistle n.口哨,汽笛,口哨声,汽笛声

  3、dependent adj.依靠的,依赖的

  4、tiring adj.引起疲倦的,厌倦的;麻烦的

  5、measure vt.估量;判断根据短文内容选择正确答案

  ()1According to the passage which is the best way for children to learn things?

  A、By copying what other people do.

  B、By making mistakes and having them corrected.

  C、By listening to explanations from skilled people.

  D、By asking a great many questions.

  ()2What does the author think teachers should not do?

  A、They give children correct answers.

  B、They point out childrens mistakes to them.

  C、They allow children to mark their own work.

  D、They encourage children to copy from one another.

  ()3The passage suggests that learning to speak and learning to ride a bicycle are .

  A、not really important skills

  B、more important than other skills

  C、different from learning other skills

  D、almost the same as learning other skills

  ()4Exams,grades and marks should be got rid of because childrens progress should only be decided by .

  A、educated personsB、the children themselves


  ()5How can children learn much more things?

  A、They should do as their parents ask them to do.

  B、They should learn to judge their own work.

  C、They don't like do things.

  D、They should do their homework every day.

  Passage 3完形填空

  Everybody knows Charlie Chaplin, a world famous funny actor. People 1 have laughed at Charlie Chaplin's films until tears run 2 their faces. From his very first 3 they know what will happen. The little man is always with black moustache, wide open eyes, round black hat and 4 too large for his feet. He'll 5 through snow, and fall from windows. He'll fight men who are twice his 6, fall in love with women, who 7 notice him, and try to 8 them.

  The poor man that Charlie Chaplin 9 in hundreds of films makes all kinds of stupid mistakes. He is always in 10, but he never 11. He dreams of becoming a great man.

  Even people who 12 understand English can 13 Chaplin's films, because they are mostly 14. It isn't what says that makes people laugh. His comedy doesn't 15 words. It depends on little actions which mean the 16 thing to people all over the world.

  Chaplin raises his thick eyebrows or rolls in his eyes. He hides behind a fat lady or under a table to escape from his 17. He dresses well and pretends to be a 18 and important man. It is all so hopeless and 19 that he makes us laugh. This is the secret of Chaplin's huge 20.


  1、moustache n.小胡子,(哺乳动物的)触须


  1) vi.做梦,梦见,梦到(of,about)

  2) vt.做(梦),梦到,梦见

  3、comedy n.喜剧;喜剧性事件

  4、depend on依靠,由……而定,取决于,从属于,依赖其维持。

  5、eyebrow n.眉,眉毛通读短文选出一个最佳答案

  ()1A、here B、everywhere C、abroad D、who

  ()2A、down B、along C、over D、with

  ()3A、disappearance B、appearance C、words D、emotions

  ()4A、trousers B、stocks C、shoes D、hands

  ()5A、sleep B、sit C、play D、struggle

  ()6A、length B、size C、greatness D、width

  ()7A、hardly B、deeply C、widely D、luckily

  ()8A、love B、hate C、hug(搂,抱) D、praise

  ()9A、played B、recognized C、loved D、fooled

  ()10A、joke B、excitement C、sorrow D、trouble

  ()11A、comes down B、gets away C、goes back D、gives up

  ()12A、don't B、could C、do D、may

  ()13A、understand B、watch C、enjoy D、see

  ()14A、frightening B、silent C、pleasant D、moving

  ()15A、depend on B、translate C、explain D、know

  ()16A、some B、different C、same D、bitter

  ()17A、enimies B、own C、characters D、films

  ()18A、poor B、sad C、rich D、beautiful

  ()19A、possible B、impossible C、instructive D、tried

  ()20A、success B、failure C、films D、play

  Passage 4判断正误

  Every living cell contains genes. They are too small to be been in a microscope, but they are vitally important. Each set of genes in the body contains all the instructions needed to make a human being. Some genes determine hair color. Some determine the shape of a nose. Some genes help determine your height and even your weight.

  Genes are made of a chemical called DNA the letters stand for deoxyribonucleic acid. In the early 1950s, two scientists, Francis Crick and James Watson, figured out how the parts of DNA fit together. Once scientists understood this structure, it became possible to take pieces of DNA apart and put them together in new ways. New kinds of genes could be made in this manner.

  Scientists have studied the genes of many plants and animals. They have worked out which genes affect the color of a tomato and the thickness of its skin. Working out which genes determine which features is called genetic mapping, scientists have begun the Human Genome Project, an ambitious effort to map all the genes in the human body.

  Some genes may be defective. For example, something might be wrong with the gene that makes blood clot. An individual born with this defective gene could suffer serious hemorrhages or even bleed to death because his or her blood fails to clot. If scientists ever learn how to map all the genes in our bodies, they could determine whether or not an unborn child has any defective genes. They might even discover how to treat these genes before the child is born.


  1、cell n.细胞

  2、gene n.遗传因子,基因

  3、determine vt.决心,限定

  4、feature n.特征;特色

  5、clot n.凝块根据文章内容判断正误

  ()1According to the passage, the achievement of Francis Crick and James Watson was they look at human cells under the microscope.

  ()2That the achievement of Francis Crick and James Watson was they worked out the structure of DNA.

  ()3The main idea of the first paragraph in this passage is genes are too small to be seen through a microscope.

  ()4The passage is maindy about that genes help scientists understand how living things develop their characteristics.


  Passage 1


  2、A依据文章第二段“In 1912 he left England for the U.S.”和最后一段中“...and in 1952 left U.S.with his family”。

  3、C依据第二、第三段来确定正确答案。因为他生于1889年于,1977年去世,Chaplin 23岁到达美国,63岁离开美国,因此,Chaplin人生最辉煌的时光是在美国度过的。

  4、A依据文章第二段最后一句中“...a little man在此意思是“普通人”“一般人”而不是“小孩子”,“年轻人”。

  5、C从文章里可以得知,Chaplin至少到达三个国家:England, U.S.,Switzerland,A、B文中均未提到,D文中有原话,并非暗示。

  Passage 2

  1、A阅读第一段,从开头第一句“Let children learn to...到第六句内容来确定选项。根据文章作者的看法,孩子们学做事的最好方法是模仿他人。





  Passage 3




  4、C依据“too large for his feet”可以得出正确选项,根据上下文意思,正确答案不可能是B,更不会是A、D。




  8、Ctry to do sth.是常用的句子结构。


  10、B根据上下文意思选trouble, be in trouble是固定搭配,意为“遇到麻烦”。

  11、Dgive up意为“放弃,屈服”,Come down“塌下,坍塌”,get away“去度假”,go back“返回”。





  16、Cdepend on意为“依靠”。此句意思是说卓别林的喜剧不是靠剧中的人物的对白来引人发笑,而是靠人物可笑的动作引人发笑的,全世界的人都能看懂卓别林的表演。





  Passage 4





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