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Unit 8 First aid
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  First aid Passage 1阅读理解一

  Escaping a fire is a serious matter, knowing what to do during a fire can save a life. It is important to know the way you can use and show them to everyone in the family, such as stairs and fire escapes, but not lifts. From the lower floors of building, escape through windows is possible. Learn the best way of leaving by window with the least chance of serious injury.

  The second floor window is usually not very high from the ground. A person of average height, hanging by the fingertips will have a drop of about 6 feet to the ground. It is about the height of an average man. Of course, it is safer to jump a short way than to stay in a burning building.

  Windows are also very useful when you are waiting for help. Be sure to keep the door closed before opening the window. Otherwise, smoke and fire may be drawnsintosthe room. Keep your head low at the window to be sure you get enough fresh air rather than smoke that may have leakedsintosthe room.

  On a second or third floor, the best windows for escape are those which open onto a roof. From the roof a person can drop to the ground more safely. Dropping onto the cement might end in injury. Bushes and grass can help to break a fall.


  1、chance n.机会,机遇;侥幸,幸运,运气;偶然性,偶然事件

  2、average adj.平均的

  3、rather than不是别的而是……

  4、leak vi.漏,渗

  5、cement n.水泥根据短文内容选择正确答案

  ()1Which of the following people seldom use when trying to escape a fire?


  C、Fire escapes.D、Lifts.

  ()2How far from the ground is the second floor window?

  A、About 12 feet.

  B、About 3 feet.

  C、Nearly 10 feet.

  D、About height of an average man.

  ()3According to the passage, windows are of escaping a fire.

  A、the only wayB、the best way

  C、safer than any other waysD、one of the many possible ways

  ()4The writer tells us that .

  A、breathing in smoke might be harmful

  B、smoke will enter the room by an open window

  C、fresh air can't reach the second floor

  D、to keep your head low will help you escape a fire

  ()5If you are on the ground floor when a fire break out, you'd better drop .

  A、directly onto the ground

  B、first onto a roof and then onto the cement

  C、first onto a roof and then onto bushes or grass

  D、onto the cement rather than bushes or grass

  Passage 2阅读理解二

  A man led his two children and wife to safety as a fire swept part of their home.The first fire happened early yesterday as Jim Eastwood and his wife lay asleep in their home at Price Road. Mrs Eastwood, who was first to wake, got up and felt heat coming from downstairs. As soon as Mr. Eastwood jumped off the bed, he rushed downstairs to try to put out the blaze but the smoke and heat were too intense.

  Mrs Eastwood got her children from their bedrooms and they hung out of a window gasping for fresh air.

  Mr. Eastwood, who dialed 999 while downstairs, then decided to climb out of his bedroom window to lead his wife and children to safety. He got out of the window first and climbed onto a ledge above the downstairs living room. He then lifted and helped the children and his wife out. At that time, their next door neighbour were awake and opened the window of the bedrooms to let them in.


  1、sweep vt.(swept swept)扫,扫除;(风等)刮起;(浪等)冲走

  2、blaze n.火焰;烈火;火灾

  3、intense adj.强烈的,剧烈的,热切的,热情的,激烈的

  4、ledge n.壁架,横档

  5、gasp vi.喘,喘气


  ()1The big fire probably broke out .

  A. at noonB. in the afternoon

  C. during the nightD. at dark

  ()2When the fire started,.

  A. the family had been out of danger

  B. the parents were sleeping in their bedroom

  C. Mr. Eastwood was already downstairs

  D. the children were above the living room

  ()3Who noticed the fire first?

  A. Mr. Eastwood.B. The children.

  C. Mrs Eastwood.D. Their next door neighbour.

  ()4During the course of the accident, Mrs Eastwood had never been to .

  A. her own bedroomB. the children's bedrooms

  C. their neighbour's bedroomD. their own living room

  ()5When the fire was over,.

  A. there was not any great loss to the Eastwoods

  B. none of the family was hurt, but their house was somewhat destroyed

  C. Mr. Eastwood was badly wounded in both the head and the limbs

  D. Mrs Eastwood was still worrying about their children

  Passage 3完形填空

  It was an early morning in summer.In the streets,sleepyeyed people were moving quickly,heading towards their 1.This was the beginning of another 2 day in New York City.3 this day was to be different.

  Waiting 4 the crowded streets,on top of a 5 110 stories high,was Philippe Petit.This daring Frenchman was about to 6 a tightrope between the two towers of the World Trade Center.

  Philippe took his first 7 with great care.The wire held.Now he was 8 he could do it.9 only a balancing pole,Philippe walked his way across,a 10 of 131 feet.

  Soon the rushhour 11 began to notice.What a 12! There,1350 feet above the street,a 13 figure was walking on air.

  Philippe made seven 14,back and forth.He wasn't satisfied with just 15.At times,he would turn,sit down,and 16 go on his knees.Once,he had the astonishing 17 to lie down on the thin thread.And thousands of 18 watchers stared with their hearts beating fast.

  After the fortyfive minutes 19,Philippe was taken to the police station.He was asked 20 he did it.Philippe shrugged and said,“When I see two tall buildings,I walk.”


  1、tightrope n.(供杂技演员走钢索或走钢丝用的)拉紧的绳索,钢丝

  2、balancing pole平衡杆

  3、back and forth来来往往地,来回地

  4、shrug vt.& vi.(表示怀疑或不感兴趣)耸肩通读短文选出一个最佳答案

  ()1A. jobs B. homes C. buses D. offices

  ()2A. working B. hot C. same D. ordinary

  ()3A. And B. So C. But D. Thus

  ()4A. for B. in C. by D. above

  ()5A. roof B. position C. wall D. building

  ()6A. throw B. walk C. climb D. fix

  ()7A. act B. landing C. step D. trip

  ()8A. sure B. uncertain C. glad D. nervous

  ()9A. Through B. Against C. With D. On

  ()10A. distance B. height C. space D. rope

  ()11A. streets B. crowds C. passengers D. city

  ()12A. height B. pleasure C. wonder D. danger

  ()13A. great B. strange C. public D. tiny

  ()14A. experiments B. circles C. trips D. movements

  ()15A. walking B. staying C. acting D. showing

  ()16A. almost B. even C. often D. rather

  ()17A. spirit B. result C. strength D. courage

  ()18A. patient B. terrified C. pleased D. enjoyable

  ()19A. show B. trick C. try D. program

  ()20A. how B. why C. whether D. when

  Passage 4判断正误

  Hundreds of millions of years ago,the oceans were full of very small animals and plants called plankton.

  Such plankton still live in the oceans today.When they died,they sank to the bottom of the ocean.Millions of them sank in this way and mud gradually covered them.Under this mud the dead plankton were used as food by still small living things——bacteria.During thousands of years these bacteria changed the remains of planktonsintosoil.At the same time,the mud above was hardeningsintosrock.So the oil was trapped under this rock till today.Most of our oil was made in this way.


  1、plankton n.浮游物

  2、mud n.泥;泥泞

  3、bacteria n.细菌

  4、trap vt.堵压根据文章内容判断正误

  ()1At the bottom of the oceans there were dead animals and plants called plankton.

  ()2Bacteria used dead plankton as food.

  ()3The oceans are full of small animals and plants.

  ()4Plankton become oil in a short time.

  ()5Bacteria are smaller than plankton.

  参考答案Passage 1




  4、D作者在第三段告诉我们:“Keep your head low at the window to be sure you get enough fresh air”。因此,正确答案是D。


  Passage 2






  Passage 3




  4、D下文已说明,Philippe Petit在等着走钢索,用above the crowded streets就能准确地表示题意。














  18、Bwith their hearts beating fast这句话,清楚地表明了在场观众们的心理状态。



  Passage 4

  1、F“...the oceans were full of very small animals and plants called plankton.”此句说明是在海洋中,而不是在海洋低部。只有当浮游物死后,它们的尸体才会沉到海洋底部。





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