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《托福高阶词汇》LIST 7
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  abolish v.废除

  同annul, abrogate, wipe out

  In the United States, slavery was abolished during the Civil War.美国的奴隶制度在南北战争时被废除了。

  adopt v.①接受;采用②收养

  同1.embrace, accept 2.foster, take in

  Our company has adopted the practice of allowing workers more flexible hours.


  amateur n.业余者

  同nonprofessional, dilettante, hobbyist

  This tennis competition is for amateurs only; no professionals are allowed to participate.


  arduous adj.费力的

  同laborious, toilsome, onerous, strenuous, difficult

  Because construction work can be very arduous, few people want that kind of job.


  barren adj.不毛的

  同unproductive, infertile, sterile, desolate

  Many people moved away from the village because the farmland there had become barren.


  carve v.刻

  同cut, sculpture, slice

  The sculptor carved a figure of a sitting boy out of stone.


  coin v.铸造;编造

  同create, invent, mold, fabricate

  Physicists call that particle a“quark”,a nonsense word coined by a famous Irish author.


  contrive v.构想;设计

  同devise, construct, design, concoct, fabricate

  The children contrived a pulley to lift things into their tree house.


  pulley n.滑轮

  coy adj.娇羞的

  同bashful, reserved, shy

  He was charmed by the young woman’s coy smile.


  decay v.衰微;腐败

  同rot, decline, degenerate

  Their family situation decayed to the point that they argued with each other all the time.


  descent n.降落

  同fall, droop, comedown

  The plane’s descent was very rough, and many of the passengers were frightened.


  disgust v.使厌恶

  同nauseate, sicken, offend

  The smell of rotten fish disgusts me.


  elastic adj.弹性的

  同flexible, pliable, adaptable

  Most bathing suits are made of an elastic material that allows the suit to stretch.


  enlist v.入伍;征募

  同enroll, engage, join, sign up, register

  Gary did not want to enlist in the army, but he felt it was his duty.加里并不想入伍,但他觉得这是他的义务。

  eulogy n.颂辞;颂扬

  同compliment, glorification, tribute, commendation

  Mr. Garth gave a long eulogy about their achievements in the research.


  fake n.赝品

  同copy, fraud, imitation, phony

  You can tell that watch is a fake because the words carved on the back are misspelled.


  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. The state has decided to _____ a five-day work week.

  2. The _____ desert is not an inviting place for people to live.

  3. Sam and Mary’s mutual friends _____ a plan to get the two of them out on a date.

  4. The smell of cigarette smoke really _____ me.

  5. Merchants in the night market have every kind of name brand _____ you can think of.

  解答1. adopt 2. barren 3. contrived 4. disgusts 5. fake

  foolproof adj.极简单的;安全无比的

  同certain, guaranteed, infallible

  Jenny has a foolproof plan to get Colin’s hat back from Billy.


  gaunt adj.骨瘦如柴的;憔悴的

  同bony, lean, haggard

  Many people criticize fashion designers for using gaunt models to display their clothes.


  harsh adj.严厉的

  同rough, severe, stern

  Some people from Singapore often cannot adjust to the harsh winters in Canada.


  imitate v.模仿

  同mimic, copy, ape, simulate

  When my sister and I were very young, my sister would imitate everything I did.


  inquisitive adj.好奇的;好问的

  同curious, inquiring, questioning, prying

  Harriet’s inquisitive mind led her to become a research scientist.


  insinuate v.暗示

  同suggest, hint, imply

  Are you insinuating that I am the one who stole Andy’s radio?


  jurisdiction n.管辖权;裁判权

  同judicial right, prerogative, legal right

  Once the thief’s car passed across the state border, our state police had no jurisdiction to follow him.


  latent adj.潜在的;潜伏的

  同concealed, hidden, veiled, lurking, underlying

  The latent cause of crime is often avarice.


  laud v.褒奖;赞美

  同praise, extol, compliment

  Dr. Harris’fellow researchers lauded her thirty years of work in the laboratory.


  malleable adj.顺从的

  同flexible, moldable, tractable, impressionable

  When children are young, their minds are very malleable.


  millennium n.一千年

  同one thousand years

  In the year 3000, we will reach the beginning of a new millennium.


  murmur v.喃喃低语

  同mumble, mutter, grumble

  Carl murmured something that none of us heard clearly.


  negligible adj.不足取的;无关紧要的

  同unimportant, insignificant, trifling, petty

  The wind was so light that it had only a negligible effect on the outside temperature.


  obsess v.迷惑;着魔

  同haunt, besiege, beset

  Professor Thompson has been obsessed with the history of ancient Egypt for more than twenty years.


  outing n.远足

  同excursion, expedition, pleasure trip

  Our class went on an outing to the countryside where we had a picnic lunch.我们班到乡下去远足野餐。

  paradoxical adj.矛盾的


  Sam had a very paradoxical personality; he was very shy, but often outgoing, too.


  perspective n.观点

  同attitude, way of looking, proportion

  What is your perspective on the problems in today’s schools, Harriet?哈丽特,你对当今校园问题的看法如何?

  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. The teacher’s _____ criticism made the little boy cry.

  2. My parrot can _____ Michael Jackson singing“Bad”.

  3. He was a weak, _____ man with no will of his own.

  4. Dr. Kimble became _____ with finding the one-armed man who had killed his wife.

  5. This book tells a story from the _____ of a ten-year-old child.

  解1. harsh 2. imitate 3. malleable 4. obsessed 5. perspective

  porcelain n.瓷器


  Edith enjoys collecting fine porcelain from around the world.


  prodigal adj.浪费的

  同extravagant, wasteful

  Randy’s prodigal spending usually leaves him broke at the end of each month.兰迪花钱大手大脚,所以他每逢月底常一毛不剩。

  quota n.配额

  同allocation, portion, proportion, ration

  The factory had a quota of refrigerators that they had to make every work day.工厂对每个工作日冰箱的生产量有配额。

  rapture n.狂喜

  同ecstasy, delight, exaltation

  His rapture at seeing his newborn daughter could be seen on his face.见到初生女儿时的狂喜在他的脸上展露无遗。

  remnant n.残屑

  同small piece, shred, remainder, residue

  These few trees are the only remnants of a great forest that once grew here.这几棵树是这里以前的大森林的残余。

  reverse v.①倒转②取消;废弃

  同1.invert, turn back 2.alter, overthrow, upset

  Janet reversed the car into the garage.


  satirical adj.讽刺的

  同bitter, cynical, ironical, sarcastic, sardonic

  Satirical comedies about politics are very popular television shows in the U.S..


  seethe v.沸腾

  同boil, surge, churn, fizz

  The pot of stew on the stove seethed until it nearly boiled over.


  sentry n.哨兵

  同watch, guard, sentinel, watchman, patrol

  The sentry stopped the two men and demanded to see their identifications.哨兵拦下这两名男子,要求看他们的证件。

  shabby adj.破旧的

  同run-down, frayed, ragged, tattered, poor

  The poor old woman only had a shabby sweater to keep her warm.这名贫穷的老妇人只有一件破旧的毛衣御寒。

  sneak v.溜走

  同slink, slip

  The three boys tried to sneak into the principal’s office that night.这三个男孩试图在那晚溜进校长办公室。

  squeeze v.压榨;紧握

  同compress, wring, grip, crush, clutch

  The little boy was frightened and squeezed his father’s hand tightly.小男孩吓得紧握着父亲的手。

  tardy adj.缓慢的

  同overdue, late, slow

  If you are tardy in paying your electric bill, there may be a late fee added to your bill.


  torment v.使痛苦

  同afflict, torture, agonize, distress, rack

  Mathew was tormented by the thought that he would not pass the exam.马修为通不过考试的念头所苦。

  vaporize v.蒸发


  The water vaporized very quickly because of the heat of the sun.


  warrant n.令状;授权书

  同assurance, authority, sanction, commission, guarantee

  The police officers who came to the house had a warrant for John’s arrest.


  zigzag adj.锯齿状的;曲折的

  同winding, devious

  Take care when driving on this zigzag mountain road.


  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. Our department has surpassed our _____ of required sales for the third month in a row.

  2. We bought some carpet _____ to cover the floor in our dorm room.

  3. I hope you aren’t going to wear that _____ pair of pants to the party!

  4. Students who are _____ for class will be given demerits.

  5. The artist had painted many colorful, _____ lines on the canvas.

  解答1. quota 2. remnants 3. shabby 4. tardy 5. zigzag

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