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《托福高阶词汇》LIST 8
http://www.sina.com.cn 2003/09/03 15:06  新浪教育

  aboriginal adj.土著的

  同native, indigenous, primeval, primitive

  More and more people are beginning to appreciate the beauty of aboriginal works of art.


  advent n.来临同approach, arrival, coming

  During the advent of Michael Jackson's arrival, pop music fans began to get excited.


  ambivalence n.矛盾

  同clash, conflict, contradiction, equivocation, uncertainty

  The government's ambivalence to the problem of corruption is only allowing the problem to get worse.


  annals n.年鉴同chronicle, history, archive

  The widespread destruction from this typhoon will be in the annals of the nation's history.


  arid adj.干燥的

  同dry, parched, waterless, moistureless

  It is difficult to grow fruit in arid desert areas.


  barrier n.障碍

  同obstacle, impediment, hindrance, handicap

  His poor test scores were a barrier to his entering college.


  blasphemous adj.亵渎神灵的

  同impious, sacrilegious, profane, irreverent

  His book was considered blasphemous and thus banned.


  cataclysm n.大灾祸

  同disaster, catastrophe, calamity, devastation, destruction

  The cataclysm that destroyed Pompeii was the eruption of a nearby volcano.邻近火山的爆发是摧毁庞贝城的大灾难。

  coincide v.①同时发生②符合;一致

  同1.synchronize 2.accord, harmonize, correspond

  Laura's and my ideas coincide about how to improve our office.


  concoct v.创造;调和同invent, devise

  Paul is in the kitchen concocting delicious new dishes.


  controversy n.争论

  同argument, dispute, quarrel, conflict, contention

  There is some controversy over the extreme violence in movies and television programs today.


  deceptive adj.欺骗的

  同misleading, deceitful, false, delusive, fake

  To avoid detection, the criminal left deceptive clues for the police to find.为了躲避侦察,罪犯给警方留下了骗人的线索。

  designate v.①指派②命名

  同1.assign, appoint, delegate 2.name, label, entitle

  The captain designated three soldiers to lead the troops.


  disillusion v.使幻灭

  同disenchant, break the spell

  I was disillusioned by the failure of the computer program.


  elicit v.引出

  同evoke, extract, bring out, derive, draw out, educe

  No one could elicit any response out of the reticent little girl.


  * reticent adj.沉默的

  enmity n.敌意

  同hostility, hatred, animosity, antagonism, rancor

  The enmity between John and Kirk has been festering for years.

  约翰和柯克间的敌意已积蓄多年。* fester v.积恨

  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. The _____ of computers has drastically changed the way information is stored and shared.

  2. A tall _____ had been set up around the refugee camp to prevent escape.

  3. The _____ surrounding the murder case made television coverage of the trial popular.

  4. She was _____ to discover that her idol was really a drug-using, arrogant jerk.

  5. The new tax law _____ protests from many people.

  解答1. advent 2. barrier 3. controversy 4. disillusioned 5. elicited

  euphonious adj.悦耳的

  同melodious, harmonious, mellifluous, dulcet

  The euphonious sound of Carrie's cello playing always puts me at ease.嘉莉悦耳的大提琴演奏总让我心旷神怡。

  fallacious adj.错误的同incorrect, erroneous

  Many people have the fallacious belief that touching someone with AIDS will infect them.


  fluffy adj.毛茸茸的同downy, cottony

  Nick's favorite toy was a fluffy teddy bear his grandmother had given him.尼克最喜欢的玩具是祖母给他的绒毛玩具熊。

  gelatinous adj.胶状的

  同gluey, glutinous, gummy, jelly-like, sticky, viscous

  A gelatinous substance in seaweed is used to make ice cream smooth and creamy.


  hatch v.孵同breed, incubate, bring forth

  The chickens on our farm are hatching more baby chicks than they did last year.我们农场的鸡所孵出的小鸡比去年还多。

  immense adj.庞大的

  同huge, massive, gigantic, tremendous, colossal

  During her trip to Egypt, Jane was amazed at the immense size of the ancient Pyramids.


  *pyramid n.金字塔

  indigenous adj.①本地的②天生的

  同1.native, endemic, aboriginal 2.innate, inborn

  The islanders are trying to protect the island's indigenous plant and animal life.岛民们正努力保护岛上的本地植物和动物。

  inspect v.调查

  同investigate, scan, survey, check, examine

  The police sent a detective to inspect the scene of the crime.


  juvenile adj.少年的;幼稚的

  同immature, adolescent, junior, young

  Nelson's teacher was tired of his juvenile behavior and sent him to the principal for punishment.


  launch v.发射

  同propel, discharge, send off, dispatch, set afloat

  Large amounts of special fuel are needed to launch a rocket into space.发射火箭进入太空需要大量的特殊燃料。

  mallet n.木槌同wooden hammer

  Many cooks use mallets to pound meat to make it more tender.


  mimic v.模仿

  同copy, simulate, resemble, mirror, imitate

  Some birds, like parrots, can mimic the sounds of people talking.一些鸟类,例如鹦鹉,会模仿人说话。

  mushroom v.急速发展

  同grow, spread, boom, expand, flourish, spring up

  The use of alternative energy sources has mushroomed in the last few years.替代性能源的使用在近几年急速发展。

  nibble v.细咬

  同gnaw, bite, munch, nip, peck, pick at

  Yvonne nibbled on some carrot sticks as a snack.


  outlast v.比…还久

  同outlive, survive, last longer than

  The tree you plant today will outlast you, and your grandchildren.今天你所种植的树将会比你和你的子孙存活得还久。

  paramount adj.最高的;最重要的

  同supreme, dominant, superior, preeminent, foremost

  The president is the paramount political figure in some countries.在一些国家中总统是政治地位最高的人。

  perspire v.流汗

  同sweat, swelter, drip, exude

  After jogging for ten miles, Carla was perspiring heavily.


  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1.The children's mouths gaped in awe at the sight of the _____ dinosaur skeletons.

  2. The locals are worried about the rise in _____ delinquency in their country.

  3. When you _____ a ship for the first time, it is traditional to break a bottle of champagne on the bow.

  4. When learning a foreign language, it is helpful to _____ the pronunciation of a native speaker.

  5. Jane goes crazy when her husband _____ on her ear lobes.

  解答1. immense 2. juvenile 3. launch 4. mimic 5. nibbles

  portable adj.可携带的;手提的

  同movable, conveyable, easily carried, handy

  Wanda is considering buying a portable computer for her work.


  proficient adj.熟练的

  同skillful, expert, dexterous, competent, adept

  Derrick is the most proficient typist in our typing class.


  psyche n.精神;灵魂同mind, soul, spirit

  Garry found the study of people's psyches a fascinating subject.


  relegate v.①移管;委托②放逐

  同1.consign, commit, assign, refer 2.eject, expel

  The captain relegated some of the less important duties to his junior officers.


  remote adj.遥远的同distant, faraway, far-off

  Ned grew up on a farm in a remote area of the country.


  revert v.恢复

  同go back, turn back, backslide, regress, resume

  After exercising diligently for two weeks, Ken finally reverted to his old lazy ways.


  scaly adj.鳞状的同flaky, scurfy

  The snake's skin was scaly and dry, not wet and slimy as I had thought.


  shady adj.①阴暗的②可疑的

  同1.dim, shaded 2.fishy, suspicious, untrustworthy

  I don't trust Victor; he is always involved in shady deals.


  snobbish adj.势利的

  同arrogant, high-hat, pretentious, snooty

  Everyone was annoyed by his snobbish attitude.


  stag n.雄鹿同male deer

  We were impressed by the size of the stag's antlers.

  这只雄鹿犄角的尺寸让我们印象深刻。* antler n.鹿角

  suffuse v.布满

  同spread over, fill, bathe, pervade, permeate

  When she opened the heavy curtains, light suddenly suffused the room.当她拉开厚重的窗帘时,房间里突然充满了阳光。

  suspense n.悬疑

  同uncertainty, ambiguity, doubt, anxiety, expectancy

  Tara enjoys the suspense in mystery novels.


  tarnish v.使晦暗

  同discolor, taint, blacken, blemish, darken, dim

  People often buy stainless steel silverware because it does not tarnish easily.人们常买不锈钢器皿,因为它不易变黑。

  torrent n.急流同rapid stream, gush

  The torrent of water turned our little boat over and we had to swim to the shore.


  undermine v.破坏

  同impair, sabotage, disable, weaken, subvert

  The president was worried that his vice president was trying to undermine his power.总统担忧副总统正在企图倒戈。

  variation n.变化

  同alteration, change, deviation, diversity, difference

  Mark doesn't like any variation in his diet; he eats the same thing every day.


  wary adj.小心的同cautious, heedful, careful

  After being bitten by a stray dog, Gail was wary of all dogs.


  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. Dr. Green is a _____ surgeon, so you should not be nervous about his operating on you.

  2. After the failure of several new economic policies, the government _____ back to its former policy.

  3. The _____ of not knowing if I have been accepted at the university is making me crazy!

  4. Peoples fear of injections is _____ the possible effectiveness of the new vaccine.

  5. You should be _____ about walking around campus alone at night.

  解答1. proficient 2. reverted 3. suspense 4. undermining 5. wary

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