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The Pen is Mightier than the Psychoanalyst
http://www.sina.com.cn 2004/01/18 08:46  英语辅导报

  If you applied for a job in some countries you would almost certainly be asked for a sample of your handwriting.And it would be the hand- writing,as much as anything else,that would determine your suitability for the job.

  Handwriting analysis,or graphology,is accepted as a genuine science in many countries.Researchers say it can be a useful tool in indicating such illnesses as heart disease and cancer,and can reveal psychological states and emotional disturbances.

  Handwriting analysis is increasingly being used for vocational guidance and as an adjunct to interviews.Many big companies now employ graphologists to analyze the handwriting of potential candidates for key jobs.

  Patricia Marne,a professional graphologist for more than 20years,believes that handwriting can be a powerful indicator of psychological characteristics,certain medical conditions,social class and intelligence.But more than that, it can be used to assess mental potential, whether a person should concentrate on arts or sciences.

  According to Ms Marne,graphology can be particular useful in assessing possible criminal tendencies:criminals all have disturbed hand-writing,mostly illiterate and poorly shaped. Most criminals come from deprived back- grounds and have arrested emotional development.This often shows up in unusually childish handwriting and in going over letters several times.

  Young male offenders frequently have very high ascenders,indicating that they live in a world of fantasy and dream of making it big.Graphologists can tell whether violence is about to erupt,whether the writer is under unbearable pressures,and whether there are psychopathic tendencies.Handwriting can be used to predict would-be suicides.

  People with writing in which letters form'thread'instead of being individually formed are,apparently,devious and clever.Those who write mainly in capitals are trying to conceal their true selves from others.Very light pressure indicates sensitivity and lack of vitality.Originality in handwriting-how far the writer derivates from copybook script-indicates confidence and artistic ability.Disconnected writing is the cardinal sign of the loner.

  Very small signatures indicate inhibition and an inferiority complex,circles over the'i' are a bid for attention and crossing the't' heavily over the whole word is a sign of intolerance and a patronizing attitude.

  Ms Marne believes,"It is actually far more accurate than psychoanalysis,as you can tell the whole history of the person,including all their emotional crisis,without asking them questions to which they may give wrong answers."Hand- writing,some psychiatrists say,is a product of education,artistic ability and the type of writing taught-and has no other significance.













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