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Find Out What It Takes To Be Successful In Your Chosen Field
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  While the usual attributes such as hard work, diligence and tenacity that are essential ingredients for success in just about any job, there are always more specific variables that will give you the extra edge in your career.


  Securities Sales

  As a securities salesperson, you need to go through voluminous amount of investment research publications, newspaper dailies, business magazines, such as Fortune, Business Week, Forbes; pay attention to the on-stream news coming out from Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, CNN; digest and analyze how this information might impact your clients?portfolio holdings. Your role here is not merely to regurgitate what has been reported, but to add value and bring insights to your clients. To excel in this profession, one must have the strong desire for knowledge, ability to read, process and organize large amounts of new information and connect it to the needs of your clients.

  Foreign Exchange

  In the high stress foreign exchange(FX) markets, to become a successful trader, you need to be attuned to the big picture, such as capital flows, economic news and statistics, political developments. He must be able to perform under very volatile and demanding environments. Millions of dollars can be made or lost from a single trade. We are all aware of the fundamental factors that can potentially affect the FX rates - the key is to figure out what current factors the market is focused on, and how to stay ahead of the market. Before the Euro came on board, most of the currency trades were against the U.S. Dollar(USD). Since the launch of the Euro, there has been a reduction in the trading volume of the USD currency pairs, and a growth in the trading volume of Euro currency pairs. These cross currency trades are major drivers of currency movements in the main USD based currency pairs. Thus FX dealers responsible for a particular USD currency pair have to be familiar and aware of the movements and flows of other cross currency pairs, and the implications on his own positions. A good trader must also have the appetite for risk and balance this with the ability to realize when he or she is wrong and have to cut losses.

  Private Banking

  To embark on a career in the private banking business, you must have the ability to network and identify prospective clients. Getting appointments with clients can be a difficult task, as these highly successful people are often busy and also receive calls from your competitors. You must be well prepared with your value propositions and be very precise whenever you have the opportunity to speak with them. Even after having done all the preparation and armed with the best calling card, you will still face rejection. You must learn how to handle this well. Your job is to impress them with your knowledge, and your command of resources within your organization, and gain their trust and confidence. Once both you and the client reach a comfort zone, you must be able to take the relationship further by understanding their needs and suggesting solutions to meet their specific requirements.

  The other important aspect of private banking is “knowing your clients? You need to be skillful in asking questions in order to first determine if they pass the “smell test?before accepting them as clients. Reputable global financial institutions typically have strict internal policies to safeguard their business reputation. Most of them avoid accepting clients that have suspicious source of wealth, are cronies of political figures, or are regimes that are suspected of public funds embezzlements. A good example was the well-publicized case of Raul Salinas de Gortari, the brother of former President of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortari. Raul De Gortari transferred funds from Citibank Mexico to Citibank New York concentration account(an account that commingles funds from various sources) and subsequently forwarded these funds to private banking accounts with Citibank London and Switzerland, and used them to avoid detection of public funds embezzlement and corruption. This has caused embarrassment to Citibank and tarnished its business reputation, as well as disruption to its business operations during the investigation by federal agencies. Private bankers must also ask insightful questions to assess clients?risk and reward profile, product suitability and perform the necessary due diligence to verify authenticity of the information received.










  例 子


  作为证券销售人员(securities salesperson),你必须浏览大量的有关投资调查的刊物、日报、商业杂志,例如《财富》、《美国商业周刊》、《福布斯》等。同时,你必须关注来自布隆博格(Bloomberg)、路透社(Reuters)、美国财经频道(CNBC)、美国有线电视网络(CNN)的最新财经报道。你必须仔细研读、消化、吸收,从而分析出这些信息将如何影响你客户的投资组合中的资产(portfolio holdings)。你的角色并非仅仅重复转达这些报道,而是要使其增值、把自己对这些报道的深刻领悟和见解传递给客户。如果想在这个职位上做出骄人成绩,你必须有强烈的求知欲、出色的阅读能力和整合庞大信息的能力,并能够把这些信息和客户的需求挂钩,将其有效地传递出去。


  在高度紧张的外汇交易市场(foreign exchange markets),成功的交易员必须头脑特别清晰,始终在脑海中有一幅宏观的图画,其中包括所有可能影响汇率的因素,例如资本流动(capital flows)、经济新闻(economic news)、统计数字(statistics)、时政发展、日常事件等等。交易员必须在变幻莫测、并且要求严格的市场环境下表现得游刃有余。仅仅是一笔交易,就可能会赚取数百万美金,也可能会损失数百万美金。我们普遍对极可能影响汇率的基础因素比较敏感,然而更高明的人可以识别出哪些是市场所关注的最“fashion”的具体因素,从而一直走在市场的最前端。在欧元问世之前,大多数的货币交易都是围绕美元展开的;随着欧元的出现,与美元搭配的货币组合的交易量逐渐减少,与欧元搭配的货币组合的交易量逐渐升高。交叉货币交易(cross currency trades)是改变美元作为基础货币主导地位的重要驱动因素。因此,负责以美元为组合货币的交易员也必须熟悉、理解其他交叉货币的变化和流量,还要明确自己这个岗位的意义所在。一个优秀的交易员还必须具有敢于冒险和迅速意识到错误、减少损失、平衡风险的能力。


  对于在私人银行领域(private banking business)工作的雇员来讲,充分利用网络来识别潜在的客户尤为重要。约见客户可能是个最艰巨的任务,因为这些极度成功的高端客户十分繁忙,不但如此,他们还会接到很多来自于你的竞争对手的电话。你必须作好充分的准备,只要一有机会同客户谈话,你就要头脑清晰、条理分明地向客户陈述你所代表的价值体系(value propositions)。尽管你作好了充分准备又采用了最有说服力的电话通话技巧,你仍然可能被拒绝。所以你要学会处理这种情况。你的工作就是用自己的专业知识和对企业机构资源的掌握打动客户,获得他们的信任和信心。一旦他们对你感觉良好,你就可以进一步拓展这种关系,更充分理解他们的需求,提出令客户满意的解决方案了。

  从事私人银行工作还要掌握的重要一点就是“了解你的客户”。你必须有技巧性地提出问题,初步判断他们是否可以通过你的“嗅觉考试”,成为你的真正客户。知名的全球性金融机构都制定有严格的内部规章制度以保护商业信誉。大多数机构拒绝拥有可疑资产的人或者涉嫌侵吞公款(public funds embezzlement)的政界巨头的亲信成为客户。众所周知的一个例子就是墨西哥前总统卡洛斯(Carlos Salinas de Gortari)的兄弟劳尔(Raul Salinas de Gortari),他将资金从墨西哥花旗银行转移到纽约花旗银行的集中账户(concentration account)(一种混合各种渠道得来的资金的账户),随后又将这些资金转到花旗银行在伦敦和瑞士的私人银行账户,由此掩盖其贪污公款和腐败的罪行。这一事件使花旗银行陷入窘境并且使商业信誉蒙污,在接受联邦机构调查的期间,其日常业务操作也大受影响。此外,作为私人银行家也必须能够提出适当、有效的问题,以了解客户的风险承受力、客户对收益回报的认知、产品的适宜性等信息;同时开展必要的尽职调查(due diligence)以核实所搜集信息的真实性。

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