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Beiwai, My Love Knot of English
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  I love English. When I was in grade one of secondary school, I was chosen to be class representative of English by chance. In order to show the capability of being a representative, I studied very hard and my English result came out top in my class rapidly. From then on, English becomes my favorite lesson. However, I missed the opportunity of entering the university due to five points below the entry score although my English score is quite good, what a pity! I was too scared to enter examination room for college entrance examination again. Therefore, my ideality becomes a reachless dream.

  In spring of Yr2002, I happened to see the news that BeiwaiOnline is recruiting students. Beijing Foreign Studies University is well acknowledged the cradle of English talents, such as Ms. Yang Lan, Ms. Xu Ge Hui, lots of personages were fostered by Beiwai! I would become a student of Beiwai, enjoy the professionalism of tutors in Beiwai and accomplish university courses in a flexible manner. What an exciting opportunity! I then registered without any hesitation.

  I love the textbook of Beiwai. When I received the textbook, A Guide to Success 1 drew my attention greatly. It encourages me by building up my confidence, determination and persistence. It teaches us five skills on how to learn English. Professor Guide gives lots of meaningful guidance in detail. To me, Professor Guide is not a textbook, but a real kind and intelligent professor. Hence, all the textbooks have become my treasures. Three A Guide to Success are worthy of the name. They guide us to make learning strategy, help us to build confidence. Meanwhile, they bring us to modern business world by using beautiful English language. Finally, they lead me to have fulfilled all undergraduate courses successfully. What an enjoyable activity it is when I read these textbooks every time. I work in HR field, I found the theory in A Guide to Success 3 is quite up-to-date, I have a strong sense that Beiwai leads us to modern management palace by professional English. English Through Literature opens a new world in front of me, I have no chance to read famous works by Shakespeare before, now I could enjoy it as much as I can; Cross Cultural Communication illustrates the background of linguistics which enable I, who work in a foreign company, benefit from it significantly. Now, all the textbooks, tapes and courseware are all my treasures. When I draft business letters, when I want to further understand foreign cultures deeply, when I explore the origin of English, I will hold these treasures delightfully.

  I love the tutors in Beiwai. Their professional teaching convinces me that my choice is correct. When I was just a fresh student of Beiwai, at the beginning I didn’t study hard because I felt the course was simple. It was Professor Zhu that reminded us “Practice Makes Perfect!” We felt guilty for our poor performance, and were moved by her professional teaching attitude. Language in English Through Literature is Old English which is bald and difficult to understand. However, Professor Bruce presented it in a vivid manner which enables us to understand this ancient prose easily. The teacher I love best is Ms. Yi Yan. This beautiful, elegant and young teacher explains the profound course of “language and linguistics” in a simple way. Her summarized tutorial material makes the textbook thinner. She makes us feel the authors of the text are just sit beside us so that we could understand the background of linguistics. We are all passionate to join her class. Eventually, I got 83 points at this course successfully.

  I love my classmates in Beiwai. We get to know each other in Beiwai, our friendship has been developed in Beiwai remarkably. At the end of Yr2003, I was on business trip frequently, I planned to postpone one examination. It was Ms. Feng Yu that supervised me kindly to catch up with my classmate. Her pressure motivates me positively. I love my classmates, I must stay with them. Based on this kind of thought, I fulfilled all the courses phase by phase. At the end of Yr2004, Mr. Zhu Yong Ming, Ms. Feng Yu, Ms. Yang Jing Hua and I formed a study group. All of us were assigned to be in charge of summarizing different courses, and then shared the summary with each other. When we realized that the outcome of individual study will influence the examination result of the other friends, we all have strong sense of responsibility. As a result, everyone accomplished her task outstandingly; we all passed the examination with high marks. Time goes so fast that we have been together for three years, when I recalled that we encouraged with each other, when I recalled that we reviewed lesson together, what an enjoyable memory! We enjoy the joyance that the friendship brings to us, we enjoy the human warmth that the friendship brings to us.

  I was edified in Beiwai. I enjoy my study in Beiwai. My English makes progress rapidly. In my company, I was assigned to be an interpreter in stead of only acting as a translator at earlier time. I felt quite nervous in front of audience at the beginning and eventually I could finish the task confidently. One day at the end of yr2003, I have even interpreted for 10 hours successfully. My boss is quite satisfied with my professional work. He praised me in front of our USA shareholders. I am very proud of my achievement, because I am a student of Beiwai.

  Beiwai, brings the feeling of success to me! Beiwai, converts my dream to reality of winning bachelor degree! I love Beiwai, I love the professionalism of Beiwai Textbook; I love the commitment of Beiwai tutors, I love the sincerity of Beiwai classmates. Ooh, Beiwai, my love knot of English!





  我喜欢北外的教材。刚刚拿到教材,《成功指南1》就深深地吸引了我,从精神鼓励,即建立自信、决心和毅力;到学习方法,即学习语言的5种技能,Professor Guide 都给予了非常具体的指导,它在我心里已经不是一本书,而真真切切地是一位和蔼慈祥、博学多才的导师。从此,北外的所有教材都令我如获至宝。三本《成功指南》,真是名符其实,它带领我制定学习方法、策略,帮助我建立自信,并把我带到现代商务的世界里,把最前沿的知识用优美的英文表达出来,最终带领我圆满完成了专升本所有课程的学习。每每捧起这些书,爱不释手的翻阅它们,都觉得是种享受。我是做人力资源工作的,我惊奇地发现《成功指南3》中关于人力资源的理论竟然非常前卫。这让我深深的感到,我们在学习语言的同时,北外也把我们带进了现代管理的殿堂。《文学阅读与欣赏》同样在我面前打开了一个崭新的世界,以前没有机会接触到莎士比亚的名作,终于能够一睹为快;《跨文化交际》阐述的语言背后的文化差异让我这个在美国公司工作的中国人受益匪浅。现在所有这些书、磁带和课件已成为我书籍中的珍藏版。每当草拟商务信函时,每当想了解异国文化时,每当要了解英语的起源时,我都会捧起这些心爱的宝贝们。

  我喜欢北外的老师。北外老师专业的授课让我更加坚信自己的选择。刚上网院的时候,觉得课程有些简单,学习有些松懈,是朱老师时时提醒我们“Practice makes perfect!”。朱老师全然不像在教业余时间学习的学生,她认真负责的态度和一丝不苟的教学精神让我们为自己的行为感到愧疚。《文学阅读与欣赏》中的语言是古老的英语,读来不免有些枯燥难懂,而Bruce老师惟妙惟肖的讲解,充满感情的阅读,让我从他的语音语调中就能体味到作者的心境,理解这些英文古文变得容易了。我最佩服和喜欢的是易炎老师,这位漂亮恬静、温文尔雅的年轻女老师把《语言与应用语言学》这门我们都惧怕的课程讲得深入浅出,浅显易懂。她总结的考前辅导真是把厚书读薄了,把作者带到了我们身边。每次上她的课,都有一种激情,有一种渴望。最终,我这门课的总评取得了83分的好成绩。


  在北外这个英语的熔炉里,我被熏陶着,我陶醉着,我的英语快速地进步着。在公司里,我从原来只能做笔译到被选派担任口译,从最初口译的紧张到自信地完成任务,无不受益于北外对我的培养。2003年底,我公司与中方开会,从早上9:00谈到晚上7:00, 连续10个小时没有吃饭。我,作为翻译也连续作战了10个小时。老板对我的工作水平颇为满意,还在美国股东的面前翘起大拇指。我感到非常欣慰与自豪。因为,我是北外学员。


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