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Diamondback Grille--Episode 5
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  Episode 5

  [At the Diamondback Grille headquarters in New York City, Cindy Li is giving a presentation on the Chinese marketing plan to over 100 marketing professionals and senior executives.]

  Bob Randall: I’m particularly pleased to introduce our next speaker, Ms. Cindy Li, Vice President of Marketing, from the Diamondback Grille- Shanghai. They have created an aggressive marketing plan with a special eye toward the Chinese market.

  Cindy: Thank you, Bob. Good afternoon, everyone. It's so nice to be in Manhattan—a great place for marketing, and a great place for food.

  Today, I’m very pleased to be here to give a very brief overview of our marketing plan. I believe you have handouts of the slide presentation.

  Our first phase was a customer analysis, when we determined who our customers would be. In the next slide you can see the demographic profile of the people who live and work in the neighborhood.

  Next I’d like to briefly go over the key aspects of our market strategy and implementation plan. First, and of primary importance, we calculated the restaurant’s annual revenue and operating expenses. Second, we evaluated the need to join professional and amateur athletic associations and school-related sports associations. Third, we developed a detailed marketing expense budget, with caps on advertising and direct mail. And finally, we developed a detailed action calendar, which mapped the activities and strategies onto a specific timeline.

  The next slide demonstrates how we have taken the standard Diamondback menu and localized it for the Chinese market. You can see we have retained most of the standard food items.

  In conclusion I would like to say that, while we are very bullish about our prospects for success, we also hope to learn from your experiences.

  I’m going to stop here. I’ll be happy to answer any questions at this time.”

  [the audience is shy about asking questions at first.]

  Bob Randall: “I’m sure there must some questions about the marketing efforts in Shanghai. Now’s your chance to get the inside scoop.”

  [at Bob’s encouragement, quite a few people ask questions about the localization strategy, and the allotted time quickly comes to an end.]

  Cindy: “It looks like we’ve run out of time. I can see Bob is ready for the next session. But I’d be very happy to answer any individual questions at the break. Or you can leave me your business card and I’ll email you. Again, thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk with you today.



  I’m very pleased to be here… ( 很高兴今天在这里。。。)

  It is my pleasure to share with you some of our plans to make Diamondback Grille a success. (今天很高兴能够与大家分享我们为了使响尾蛇烧烤店成功而做的计划。)

  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to be among such a distinguished group of marketing professionals. (各位女士先生,下午好,很荣幸能够处在一群优秀的行销人员当中。)


  “In the next slide you can see…”, “…are listed in the next slide.”,或是 “The next slide demonstrates…” (下一张简报各位可以看到。。。)

  “Let’s go onto to the next slide to see how…” (我们接着来看下一张简报。。。)


  “In conclusion…” (最后,我的结论是。。。)

  “In closing, it is important to note that…” (最后,很重要的一点。。。)

  “To conclude my presentation, I would like to say…” (最后,我的结论是。。。)


  “I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this conference.” (很高兴有机会参加这次的研讨会。)

  “In closing, allow me to thank you for your presence and many marketing professionals for their views.” (最后,我要感谢各位的参与,并对许多提出宝贵意见的行销员致谢。)


  “I’m going to stop here. At this time, I’d be happy to answer any questions that anyone has.” (我的报告到此结束,我很乐意答复各位有的任何问题。)

  “I know that someone must have a question.” (我想大家一定有问题要问。)


  例如,对方可能会问:“Why are you deviating from the standard New York menu?” (你们为什么要改变原本极具纽约特色的菜单?)

  你可以这么说:“How are we in Shanghai localizing the menu?” (我们如何让菜单更为本土化?)然后再提出你的解释。

  7.在简报的过程中,如果你常常重复使用同一个连接词 and… and… and…,效果会不好,应该用底下的一些说法:

  如果表示“因为”,可以说 because 或 since.

  如果表示“所以”,可以说 so, therefore 或 then.

  如果要表达“但是”,可以选择使用 but 或 however.

  另外,在做简报时,为了条理分明,我们通常会说:“第一点。。。第二点。。。第三点。。。” 英语的说法为:“First...Second...Third...”



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