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Diamondback Grille--Episode 3
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  Episode 3

  [in the meeting room of SFG, the company that will run Diamondback Grille in Shanghai. The American marketing director is visiting China for the first time.]

  Cindy: [To her boss] Mr. Liu, I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Bob Randall, Director of International Marketing.

  T.J.: [gives his business card as Bob is reaching out to shake hands] Welcome to China, Bob! It’s great to have you here.

  Bob: [taking out his own card] Mr. Liu, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person.

  T.J.: Please call me T.J.!

  Cindy: T.J., Bob would probably appreciate hearing a little bit about our company.

  T.J.: Have a seat, Bob. Let me tell you about SFG. SFG is a family business; it’s run by the Liu family. We’ve been in business about 20 years and specialize in food services.

  Bob: I have to say, you have a beautiful office here—is this coffee table teak?

  T.J.: Yes, actually. This table was made in Yunnan province, out of their local teak.

  Bob: So, how large a staff do you have?

  T.J.: Well, right now we have 70 people, but we’ll be bringing on more, of course, as we get closer to launch. We’re recruiting waiters and bartenders starting next week.

  Bob: Good. But I hope the waitstaff will be the right kind of people—people who will fit into the Diamondback Grille company. Our mission is to provide great steaks, friendly service and exciting sports entertainment, to bring families and young professionals together.

  T.J.: In a minute, we’ll swing by the restaurant space, and you can see the layout. Then we’ll go out and visit Tiger’s Sports Bar, a competitor restaurant nearby.

  Bob: I’m looking forward to it.

  Cindy: T.J., don’t forget; we also want to show Bob how we translated the food sports nicknames, like the “Rebound Ribs” and “Homerun Fries.”

  Bob: T.J., do you know what the Diamondback Grille is named after?

  A rattlesnake with a diamond pattern on its back.

  T.J.: Yes, we’d thought we’d add snake meat to the menu. In fact, we’re going to have snake meat tonight.

  Bob: [looking nervous] Uh… well…

  Cindy: T.J., I’m not sure Americans eat snake.

  T.J.: [laughing] We Chinese think snake meat is very healthy, especially for men.

  Bob: I think I’ll pass on that.

  T.J.: [laughing] No? Then how about burgers and beer at Tiger’s Sports Bar?

  Bob: [finally laughing] Burgers I can handle.

  Language Use (用法)

  1. Mr. Liu, I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Bob Randall, Director of International Marketing.


  2. Welcome to China, Bob! It’s great to have you here.


  3. Have a seat, Bob.

  =Please sit down, Bob.


  4. We specialize in food service.

  =Our focus is food service.


  5. How large a staff do you have?

  =How many employees do you have?


  6. In a minute, we’ll swing by the restaurant space.

  一会儿我们会去看餐馆的场地。Swing 是个摇摆的动作,swing around 是掉过头来,swing by 则是绕过去(捎带看一下)的意思。

  7. I think I’ll pass on that.

  不了,谢谢。Pass 有拒绝或放弃的意思。

  8. Burgers I can handle.


  Alternative Phrasing (不同的说法)

  1. I’d like to introduce you to ……

  在商业场合中见面时,有不同的方式可以介绍双方认识,比方说: “I’d like to introduce you to……” 或是说: “Let me introduce you to my colleague, Ms. Chen.”(我给您介绍一下,这位是我的同事陈小姐),或可直接说: “This is our colleague, Ms. Chen.”

  在比较正式的场合里可以这么说:“It’s my privilege to introduce you to James Brickman, CEO and Chairman of Diamondback Grille Incorporated.”(我非常荣幸向大家介绍响尾蛇烧烤店董事长兼执行长詹姆士布里克曼先生)

  2. It’s great to have you here.

  当外国客户来访时,有什么欢迎词可用?可以这么说: “Welcome to Shanghai, Bob! It’s great to have you here.”(鲍伯,欢迎您来到上海。很高兴能请您来这里。)或说: “We’re so happy you could make it to Shanghai, Bob.” (我们很高兴您能来到上海。)

  3. Let me tell you about our company.

  向外国客户介绍自己的公司时,可以这么开始: “Let me tell you about our company.”(让我介绍一下我们公司)。或说: “I’d like to give you a little background information about our company.”(我简单介绍一下我们公司的背景情况)

  进一步可以介绍公司的形态、规模和业务。比方说: “Our company is a local company. We have about 100 people. Our focus is management consulting. (我们公司是一家本土企业。我们大约有100名职工。公司主要的业务是管理咨询。)

  4. I think I’ll pass on that.

  想拒绝对方提出的邀请可以这么说: “I think I’ll pass on it.”(不了,谢谢。)或者这么说: “If you don’t mind, I’d prefer not to go to this restaurant. Could we go to ……”(如果您不介意的话,我不太想去这家餐厅。要不咱们去…)

  如果你已有安排,可以这么谢绝: “I’d love to go to dinner, but unfortunately I have a prior commitment.”(我很想和你们吃晚饭,不过我已经和别人有约了。)

  5. Let’s go grab a bite.

  想简单的吃点儿东西可以这么说: “Let’s go grab a bite.”(=Let’s get something quick.)(咱们去吃点儿简单的东西吧。)grab是拿、取的意思;bite 是light meal。也就等于说:“Let’s have a light meal.” Light meal一般指的是沙拉、三明治之类的简单食品。


  外国客户来访时,很可能谈到地方上习惯吃的东西 -- 地方口味(local palate)或地方特产(regional specialty)。比方说:“Steam pork dumplings with broth are very popular and one of the most representative dishes of the local [Shanghai] palate.” 上海汤包是非常受欢迎的,同时也是非常具有代表性的地方菜肴。

  “I suggest you try a bowl of wonton noodle soup. It’s a regional specialty in Guangzhou and is very fresh.”(我建议你试着来一碗馄饨汤面。这是广州特产,而且很鲜。)



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