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  What famous place would you like to visit? Use details and reasons to support your response.


  Different people might choose to visit different places due to their different places of birth, family conditions, relevant experiences, and even different levels of education. People who were born in New York are less likely to be interested in New York any more for the simple reason that everything is just too familiar already. Children from less well-off families might find it difficult to afford a visit to a faraway place. Those who have been working in Tokyo for years are surely looking forward to touring around places out of town. Places with numerous sites of historical interest may not be so appealing to people with only a primary school education. Things are just like this in our real life. With all aspects considered, the most desirable place that I can think of going to at present is Xi’an in China for the simple reason that I have never been yet.



  Firstly, I would like to visit places where I have never been to. Xi’an, as a famous city with profound historical and cultural significance in China, enjoys a history that can be dated back to several thousand years ago. From the first dynasty when China became a unified country, namely the Qin Dynasty, this place was the capital of successive dynasties, thus it has many a site of historical and cultural heritage. As the saying goes: If you want to acquire a sense of history about China, visit Xi’an. A visit to these heritages, I am sure, will let me learn about what China was like in the past and how people lived at ancient times. I’ve long heard of the famous Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of the First Emperor—Qin Shihuang, and have seen relevant pictures of it: really grand and exquisite, next to none in the world. However, I have never seen it on site with my own eyes, which could be a kind of regret. Therefore, I want to have this dream of mine realized at the earliest possible time.



  Secondly, I would like to try the local delicacies of Xi’an. I was long told about the unique flavor of the local cuisine there, which is so different from the food cooked in my hometown. Moreover, many people who were back from Xi’an are commenting so much favorably on the food there and are actually making no effort to hide their liking of certain dishes, giving me the impression that it would be a regret-whole-life thing if one does not try them in person. So on and so forth, this makes another reason which urges me to go to Xi’an for a visit.


  Of course, there are countless places that I have never been to, both at home and abroad: Sichuan, Chongqing, Xijiang, Tibet, Paris, Berlin, to name just a few. I know to the best of my knowledge that they all have their distinct features which hold so much attraction to me and I will definitely visit all of them when conditions allow. However, for the time being, I just want to go to Xi’an.


  Above are two main reasons for me to have decided to visit Xi’an. Whatever others may think, for me alone, they do make sense.

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