Lady Gaga为黑色香水大尺度拍摄宣传照(图)   2012年07月20日 13:41   沪江英语
Lady Gaga黑色香水海报Lady Gaga黑色香水海报

  The daring diva bares all (except for some strategically placed little men) for her new fragrance campaign — Here is the first glimpse of the ad! It’s only fitting Lady Gaga, 26, would push the envelope for her first fragrance campaign! The singer tweeted a pic of the ad, which features her clad only in tiny men hiding her naughty bits。

  The campaign for ‘Lady Gaga Fame’ was shot by photographer Steven Klein and Gaga tweeted, upon releasing the image, ‘i won’t lie I’m a bit nervous. its been a while since i’ve shared some work with you. But i’m so proud of Steven+I, we really did not sleep!’

  The print ads set to run in September fashion magazines, a television commercial and a three-minute film are also slated to debut to promote the perfume. Lady Gaga Fame hits beauty counters this November. 

  流行教母Lady Gaga日前推出自创香水品牌,发行首支黑色香水,并亲自上阵拍摄宣传照,全裸出镜。谈到此次的拍照过程,向来大胆的Gaga也表示有点紧张,拍照当天连觉都没睡。

  这张海报上演了绝对挑逗的一面。全裸的Lady Gaga身上爬满小人,仅仅挡住三点上阵,虽然不暴露,但是却性感十足,整个海报都充满了暧昧的艺术气息。



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