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四级词汇练习:Is there enough oil

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  Is there enough oil beneath the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to help secure America’s energy future ? President Bush certainly thinks so. He has argued that tapping ANWR’s oil would help ease California’s electricity crisis and provide a major boost to the country’s energy independence. But no one knows for sure how much crude oil lies buried beneath the frozen earth. With the last government survey, conducted in 1998, projecting output anywhere from 3 billi
on to 16 billion barrels.

  The oil industry goes with the high end of the range, which could equal as much as 10% of U.S. consumption for as long as six years. By pumping more than 1 million barrels a day from the reserve for the next two three decades, lobbyists claim, the nation could cut back on imports equivalent to all shipments to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia. Sounds good. An oil boom would also mean a multibilliondollar windfall in tax revenues, royalties and leasing fees for Alaska and the Federal Government. Best of all, advocates of drilling say, damage to the environment would be insignificant. “We’ve never had a document case of oil rig chasing deer out onto the pack ice.” says Alaska State Representative Scott Ogan.

  Not so far, say environmentalists. Sticking to the low end of government estimates, the National Resources Defense Council says there may be no more than 3.2 billion barrels of economically recoverable oil in the coastal plain of ANWR, a drop in the bucket that would do virtually nothing to ease America’s energy problems.




  环保主义者却认为,事实并非如此。他们对政府的评估报告持不同意见。国家能源安全委员会认为,在国家野生动物保护区(ANWR)海岸边的平原上最多只有32亿桶经济上可开发的原油。这根本无法缓解美国所面临的能源问题。 And consumers would wait up to a decade to gain any benefits, because drilling could begin only after much bargaining over leases, environmental permits and regulatory review. As for ANWR’s impact on the California power crisis, environmentalists point out that oil is responsible for only 1% of the Golden State’s electricity output — and just 3% of the nation’s.【2005年6月】


  1. What does President Bush think of tapping oil in ANWR ?

  A)It will exhaust the nation’s oil reserves.

  B)It will help secure the future of ANWR.

  C)It will help reduce the nation’s oil imports.

  D)It will increase America’s energy consumption.

  2. We learn from the second paragraph that the American oil industry.

  A)believes that drilling for oil in ANWR will produce high yields

  B)tends to exaggerate America’s reliance on foreign oil

  C)shows little interest in tapping oil in ANWR

  D)expects to stop oil imports from Saudi Arabia

  3. Those against oil drilling in ANWR argue that.

  A)it can cause serious damage to the environment

  B)it can do little to solve U.S. energy problems

  C)it will drain the oil reserves in the Alaskan region

  D)it will not have much commercial value

  4. What do the environmentalists mean by saying “Not so fast” (Line 1, Para.3)?

  A)Oil exploitation takes a long time.

  B)The oil drilling should be delayed.

  C)Don’t be too optimistic.

  D)Don’t expect fast returns.

  5. It can be learned from the passage that oil exploitation beneath ANWR’s frozen earth.

  A)remains a controversial issue

  B)is expected to get under way soon

  C)involves a lot of technological problems

  D)will enable the U.S. to be oil independent

  secureadj. ① 无虑的,安心的 ②有把握的 ③安全的,牢固的v. ①使安全,使可靠 ②把……弄牢固,紧闭 ③获得

  【辨析】safe, secure:

  safe 安全的,多指处于安全的位置,侧重于没有危险或是危险不可及的位置;


  easen. ①安逸,舒服 ②容易v. 减轻,缓和

  【考点】with ease = easily;at ease 舒服,自由自在地;

  ease sb. of… 减轻某人……;

  ease one’ s pain 减轻痛苦

  【关联】unease n. 焦虑,不安;easy adj.容易的

  majorn. ①主修科目 ②少校adj. 较大的,较多的,较重要的vi. 主修,专攻

  【考点】major in 主修,专攻

  【派生】majority n. 多数,大多数,大部分

  beneathprep. ①在……下面 ②有失……身份adv. 在下方,在底下


  beneath 意为“在……下方”时,意义上相当于under,但指两个物体(位置)相距较远;

  underneath 与under 可互换,但常强调“覆盖、隐藏、接触”的意义。

  在below、beneath、under、underneath 四个词中,beneath,underneath一般都用below、under取代;under最常用。

  projectn.①计划,方案 ②工程 ③项目vt. ①设计,规划 ②投射,放映 ③凸出,(使)伸出vi.伸出,突出

  【考点】project sth.onto sb.把……投射到(不自觉地把自己的感觉、问题等加诸他人)


  outputn. ①产量 ②输出,输出量

  【考点】data output 数据输出

  an output device 输出装置

  【关联】put out生产(produce)→output产量(production).

  consumptionn. ①消耗量,消费量 ②消耗,消费

  【考点】for public consumption 公布于众

  reservevt. ①保留,储备 ②预定,预约n. ①储备物,储备金,储藏量 ②缄默,谨慎 ③自然保护区

  【考点】in reserve 后备的;

  without reserve 毫无保留地,毫无条件地;

  reserve for 替……保留,留作……之用

  【派生】reservation n. ①保留;疑惑 ②预定(席位、房间等)

  【词根】~=re(back)+serve(to keep)

  equivalentadj. ①相等的,相同的 ②等量的,等值的n. 相等物,等价物

  【考点】be equivalent to 等于……


  revenuen. ①岁入,税收 ②收入,收益

  【词根】~=re(back)+venue(to come)

  advocate v.拥护,提倡,主张n. ①辩护人,律师 ②支持者,拥护者

  【考点】advocate of sth.\:\:的拥护(提倡)者

  【词根】~=ad(to)+voc(to call)+ate(词尾)

  damagev. 损害,毁坏n. ①损害,毁坏 ②(pl.)损害赔偿金

  【考点】damage to sb./sth.对某人/物造成的伤害

  what’s the damage?要花多少钱?

  environmentn. ①环境,外界 ②围绕,周围




  document n. ①公文,文件 ②证件,证券vt. 用文件等证明,记载

  【考点】legal document 法律文件

  【词根】~=docu(to teach)+ment(词尾)

  chasevt. 追逐,追赶n. 追逐,追赶

  【考点】chase sb. up 催促

  chase sb. down 找寻(所需的东西),催办

  give up the chase 放弃追捕

  take up the chase 开始追捕(行动)

  give chase (开始)追赶,追捕,追踪


  【考点】rough estimate 粗略估计

  estimate sth.(at sth.)估价,估算

  It is estimated (that)… 据估计

  benefitvt.有益于vi. 受益于n. 利益,好处,恩惠

  【考点】benefit from(by) 从……中受益

  responsible adj. ①负责的,有责任的 ②可靠的,值得依赖的 ③责任重大的,重要的

  【考点】be responsible for 对……负责;


  a responsible person 意为“可信赖的人”、“可


  the person responsible意为“负责人”、“主管人”

  last adj.①最后的,唯一剩下的 ②最近过去的,紧接前面的 ③临终的adv. 最后,最后一次vi.持续,维持

  【考点】have the last laugh 笑在最后,取得最终胜利

  the last moment/minute 最后一刻,紧要关头

  in the last resort 作为最后一招

  at (long) last 最终,终于

  to/till the last 直到最后一刻








  1.【C】这是一道细节辨认题,问的是布什总统对于开采北极野生物保护区石油的看法。从文章第二句可知,布什总统对于第一句的问题回答是肯定的,他认为开采北极野生物保护区的石油能够帮助缓解加利福尼亚州的用电紧张,并且能大大促进本国的能源独立。选项C “能够帮助减少石油进口”符合题意。 A “能够消耗国家的石油储备”意思相反。选项B和D“帮助北极野生物保护区的未来”,“增加美国能源消费”均未提到。


  3.【B】这是一道细节辨认题。问的是“那些反对在北极野生物保护区开采石油的人”的依据是什么。答案在第三段:“…would do virtually nothing to ease America’energy problems.”选项B几乎是文章原句的复制,符合题意。选项A是干扰项“会导致严重的环境破坏”,虽然这些人被称为环境保护主义者,但是文章并没有提到对环境可能造成的损害,所以排除。选项C和D也容易误选,因为它们从道理上仿佛也讲得通,但是C“会耗尽阿拉斯加地区的石油储备”原文并未提到;D“不会有多少商业价值”,原文说得是“消费者可能会等上十年才会有效益”(consumers would wait up to a decade to gain any benefits),只是说周期长,并未明确说没有商业价值,故不予选择。

  4.【C】这是一道细节推断题。问题为“环境保护主义者所谓的‘Not so fast’是什么意思”?显然不能只孤立地看字面意思,要根据上下文来推断。上文提到开采的好处,下文提到的是反对意见,可见是在否定在北极地区开采石油的价值。选项A“石油开采需要很长时间”;B“石油开采应该推迟”;D“不要期待很快的回报”,这三项都是针对细节,倘若成立,无法直接否定开采这个提议。只有C“不要太乐观”最符合上下文。


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