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  As is betrayed in the picture, a man’s face is carved his idol’s name called “ BECKHAM” and another man hair style is his idol’s whose name is none other than “BECKHAM” .Obviously, the fact that their same idol “BECKHAM” ,a famous football player, has become an indispensable part in their daily life to t
he point where they excessively mimic their idols on purpose at all costs. There is no doubt that its far-reaching import that it is time we cleared up serious consequences arisen from blind worship against nowadays of vigorously championing cordial society ought to be weighed seriously.

  Why do we lay emphasis on this? Several points figured out below might equip us with the deeper understanding of what we are heading for. To begin with, those young guys worship their blindly so that they often cheat their parents out of their money to get by anything concerning their idols and even neglect their studies In addition, with too much money used to meet their vanity, they are thus keeping up with the Joneses, followed by serious social problems and ,hence, run counter to the spirit of harmony society .No better illustration of this idea can be thought than the case as listed below, a school boy wanted to buy the ticket for his idol’ concert but did not have money, Therefore, he made a reckless move and waylayed only for 200 yuan. Accordingly, no issue is as to build up the society in harmony as growing out of side effects caused by blind worship.

  Judging from what has been argued above, people have come to realize the harms of blind worship has been the crippling force of establishing the harmony society. It is ,hence, necessary that some effective steps be made to uproot all evil practices. For one thing, the government should make law to ban the false media hype about idols For another, we should spare no effort to bring home to people the fact: the idol is man, not god. Only by undergoing these measures, can we help those young guys ,who were once left in the dark, set up true outlook in life, which, indeed, has just gone to the heart of building up the harmony society.




  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I am writing the letter to you to confirm if any child, who needs financial aid through project Hope ,is available.

  I am longing for extending financial aid to those children who did not have chance to receive education from poverty-stricken area, Thus,I made up my mind to help two kinds of child : firstly, he or she did not have stable financial source which can cover their education fares, secondly, his or her academic performance in the school is excellent. As to my plan, in the first place, I should spare no effort to save every penny from now on, In the second place, I will check the school report of every candidate during the term.

  I have no doubt, I believe heartly, I will be ideal candidate for project Hope under your qualifications.I appreciate your decision and am available for your reply every morning.

  Thanks for your consideration.

  Truly yours

  Li Ming








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