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  Key to Model Test Two

  Part I Writing




  Generation Gap

  Generation gap seems a hot topic between the old and the young. Parents complained that children didn’t show them proper respect and obedience, while children complained that their parents didn’t understand them at all. Often they discover that they have very little in common.

  One cause of the generation gap is the opportunity that young people have to choose their own life. In traditional societies, children live in the same area as their parents, marry people their parents know and approve of, and often continue the family occupation.

  In our society, people often move out of the home at an early age, marry or live with people their parents have never met, and choose occupations that are rather different. Parents often expect their children to be better than them. However, these ambitions for their children are another cause of the division between them.

  Finally, the speed of change in our society is another cause of it. In a traditional culture, people are valued for their wisdom, but in our society the knowledge of a lifetime may become out of date.

  No doubt, the generation gap will continue to be a feature of our life. Its causes are rooted in the freedoms and opportunities of our society, and in the rapid pace at which society changes.

  Part II Reading Comprehension(Skimming and Scanning)

  1. 【解析】Y本文主要叙述了垃圾掩埋法的过程和用途,这正是全文主旨所在,因此是正确的。

  2. 【解析】Y本题答案可见文章第二段。Some gets recycled or recovered and some is burned, but the majority is buried in landfills.由此可见,大部分的垃圾都是被掩埋了。

  3. 【解析】N由文章第四段可见本题是错误的。The United States ranks somewhere in the middle of the major countries in landfill disposal.美国出于这些国家的中间位置。

  4. 【解析】N由文中这一句可以看本题错误的。A landfill is not like a compost pile, where the purpose is to bury trash in such a way that it will decompose quickly. 可见,垃圾掩埋并不像混合肥料堆那样。

  5. 【解析】Y大多数国家垃圾掩埋的地址都是有规定和规则的。从文中这句话可以看出这句话是正确的。In most parts of the world, there are regulations that govern where a landfill can be placed and how it can operate.

  6. 【解析】N在副标题为proposing the landfill部分的第二段说到In the United States, taking care of trash and building landfills are local government responsibilities.由此可见,在美国垃圾掩埋是地方政府的责任,与联邦政府无关,因此答案是错误的。

  7. 【解析】NG危险垃圾在被掩埋之前是否经过处理这一信息在文中并未提到。

  8. 【解析】municipalities and construction companies在副标题为how is a landfill operated部分中第一段就给出了答案。

  9. 【解析】$10 to $40在副标题为how is a landfill operated部分中第三段第三句话。

  10.【解析】drop off stations在副标题为how is a landfill operated部分中第四段的第一句话。

  Part III Listening Comprehension

  Section A

  11.W:Would you like to order now?

  M:Yes. Please show me the menu.

  Q:Where are the man and the woman now?

  【解析】D 从 order 和menu两个词中可以判断说话人是在餐厅就餐。

  12.W:How long have you been driving?

  M:Actually I began driving when I was thirteen. But I didn’t get a license until I was sixteen.

  Q:When did the man start driving?

  【解析】C 说话人说自己十三岁就开始开车,十六岁拿到驾照。十六岁为干扰项,正确答案是十三岁。

  13.W:Excuse me, could you please tell me when the bank is open?

  M:It’s open from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays, and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.

  Q:When is the bank open?

  【解析】A 女士问银行何时开门,男士回答说平日里是上午九点到下午五点,周六是上午十点到下午四点。此处 weekdays 指“在每个周日, 在平日 (指星期一至星期五)”。

  14.M:Didn’t you go shopping today? Where’s the tobacco you promised to bring me?

  W:I planned to, but the car was out of order so I did some sewing instead.

  Q:What did the woman do today?

  【解析】B 男士问女士为何没去购物。女士回答说本来打算去的,但是车子有点问题,所以就在家做了些针线活。

  15. W:If any of you give me a hand, I could finish this job before five o’clock.

  M:I would like to, but I can’t. Mr. Brown told me to type some letters before I go home.

  Q:What did Mr. Brown ask the man to do?

  【解析】C 男士跟女士解释说我很乐意帮你,但是我没办法,布朗先生要我回家之前打印一些信件。从男士的回答中我们可以直接找到答案。

  16.M:You work harder than Merry.

  W:But Linda works even harder.

  Q:Who works the hardest?

  【解析】C 男士说女士比玛丽工作努力,女士说琳达比自己还要努力。因此,工作最努力的人是琳达。

  17.W:Would you like a cup of coffee to help you wake up?

  M:A cup of coffee? I’ll need three or four.

  Q:What does the man mean?

  【解析】C 女士问男士是否需要一杯咖啡帮他清醒。男士回答说一杯不行,要三四杯。由此可见答案。

  18.W:Excuse me, where’s the cashier’s office? I’ve come to pay a bill.

  M:It’s on the 2nd floor, the 3rd room on the right.

  Q:Where’s the cashier’s office?

  【解析】A 女士问出纳员的办公室在哪儿,男士说在二楼右边第三个房间。3rd room 为干扰项,2nd 才是正确答案。

  Now you’ll hear two long conversations.

  Conversation One

  M:I really don’t know what to do this summer. I can’t afford to just sit around, and there don’t seem to be any jobs available.

  W:Why don’t you try house sitting? Last summer my friend Margaret house sat for the Dodds when they are away on vacation. Mr. Dodd hired Margaret to stay in their house because he didn’t want it left empty.

  M:You mean the Dodds paid Margaret just to live in their house?

  W:It wasn’t that easy. She had to mow the lawn and water the house plants. And when Eric house sat for Dr. Cohen, he had to take care of her pets.

  M:Housesitting sounds like a good job. I guess it’s a little like babysitting, expect you are taking care of the house instead of children.

  W:The Student Employment Office still has a few jobs posted.

  M:Do you just have to fill out an application?

  W:Margaret and Eric had to interview with the house owners and provide three references each.

  M:That seems like a lot of trouble for a summer job.

  W:Well, the house owners want some guarantee that they can trust the house sitter. You know, they want to make sure you’re not the type who’ll throw wild parties in their house, or move a group of friends in with you.

  M:House sitters who do that sort of things probably aren’t paid then?

  W:Usually they’re paid anyway just because the house owners don’t want to make a fuss. But if the house owner reported it, then the housesitter wouldn’t be able to get another job. So why don’t you apply?

  M:Yeah, I think I will.

  Questions 19 to 22 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  19. What does the man want to do this summer?

  【解析】D 对话一开始男士即说暑假不能待着,但似乎没有什么可行的工作,即说明他想假期做一份兼职。

  20.What did the Dodds do when they went away last summer?

  【解析】A Mr. Dodd hired Margaret to stay in their house because he didn’t want it left empty. 从这一句中可以看出 Dodds一家去年夏天外出时,他们雇了Margaret 在他们家看家。

  21.What is one responsibility the housesitter probably wouldn’t have?

  【解析】C Housesitting sounds like a good job. I guess it’s a little like babysitting, expect you are taking care of the house instead of children. 从这句话中可看出 housesitting的工作类似于保姆 babysitting,只是除了要照顾孩子。

  22.How do house owners determine the reliability of a housesitter?

  【解析】B Margaret and Eric had to interview with the house owners and provide three references each. 从这句话中可以看出房屋主人对应聘者进行了面试,并且每位应聘者分别提供三份介绍信。

  Conversation Two

  M:You’ve worked in a university before, haven’t you?

  W:Yes, in Britain, yes.

  M:What, how do students go about getting jobs when they graduate?

  W:Well, most universities have a Careers Advice Service. I used to know the people in the Careers Service in Newcastle University and they, in fact, seem fairly successful in finding jobs for students. They are able to get jobs for 3040% of new graduates.

  M:That seems a fairly low percentage.

  W:Well...it’s not if you consider the various other options which people take up. For example, there are a fair number of people I don’t remember the exact number, who go into further study, who carry straight on into master’s degrees. Either at the same university or another university. So that’s fair chunk. Then there are others, a second group of people, who decide not to take a career job immediately after university. Instead, they decide to take time off, maybe see the world, and...and...well there is a third group, the people who can’t actually get the jobs they wait for a job they really want. So when I say 3040% find jobs through the careers service, that doesn’t mean that only that number find jobs. A lot of other people find jobs through the newspapers.

  M:So it is quite high really, yes.

  W:Oh, I think so, relatively, yes. And quite a lot of other people of course look in newspapers and the particular journals or magazines which advertise jobs in the fields they’re interested in.

  Questions 23 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard

  23.What are the man and the woman talking about?

  【解析】C 两个人讨论的是关于大学生毕业后找工作的问题,通过什么渠道找工作。Job hunting 即为找工作之意。

  24.What is the percentage of college graduates getting jobs through university help?

  【解析】B 女士介绍说大学里的介绍工作的服务机构可以帮助30%-40% 的毕业生找到工作。四个选项里只有三分之一在这个数字范围之内。

  25.What do most college graduates in Britain do when they graduate?

  【解析】A 大多数毕业生毕业之后是去找工作,他们通过学校的工作介绍机构,或者通过报纸、杂志等找工作。

  Section B

  Passage One

  Is your family interested in buying a dog? A dog can be a happy addition to your family, but if you choose the wrong kind of dog, the consequences can cause you a lot of trouble.

  Families should sit down and thoroughly discuss the problems involved before buying a dog. Even if the children in your family are the ones who want the dogs, the parents are the ones who are really responsible for seeing that the animal is properly cared for. If you don’t know much about dogs, it’s a good idea to go to the library or the ASPCA for books about various kinds of dogs, as well as books about how to train a puppy. When a book describes a dog as an ideal hunting dog, it probably means that the dog won’t be happy living in a small apartment. Dog breeds vary in popularity as the years go by. One of the most popular dogs these days is the German shepherd. This is because it provides protection as well as companionship. The family should be warned that these dogs grow up to be very big, and may be too powerful for children to handle. If space is limited, a toy dog may be a good choice. These dogs are very small and easy to train. They don’t need to be walked daily, since they can exercise in the space available in the home.

  Questions 26 to 28 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  26. What is the main topic of the talk?

  【解析】A 本文主要讲了养小狗做家庭


  27. According to the speaker who was really responsible for the dog’s welfare?

  【解析】C 说话者认为父母才是最应该对小狗负责的人。从这句话中就可以看出来:the parents are the ones who are really responsible for seeing that the animal is properly cared for.

  28. When is the toy dog a good choice?

  【解析】C 当你的住房面积很小的时候,养一只小型狗是很好的选择。文中有明确地指出:If space is limited, a toy dog may be a good choice.

  Passage Two

  Everywhere we look, we see Americans running. They run for every reason anybody could think of. They run for health, for beauty, to lose weight, to feel fit, and because it is the thing they love to do. Every year, for example, thousands of people run in one race, the Boston Marathon, the best know long distance race in the United States. In recent years there have been nearly 5,000 official competitors and it takes three whole minutes for the crowd of runners just to cross the starting line.

  You may have heard the story of the Greek runner, Pheidippides. He ran from Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of the great victory 2,500 years ago. No one knows how long it took him to run the distance. But the story tells us that he died of the effort. Today no one will die in a Marathon race. But at the finish line, we see what this race is about; not being first, but finishing. The real victory is not over one’s fellow runners, but over one’s own body. It is a victory of will power over fatigue. In the Boston Marathon, each person who crosses that finish line is a winner.

  Questions 29 to 31 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  29. How long does it takes for the runners to cross the starting line in recent Marathon race?

  【解析】A 细节考察题。第一段提到在最近的比赛中,选手们穿过起跑线都需要3分钟的时间。

  30. Why did the Greek runner run from Marathon to Athens?

  【解析】C 细节考察题。见第二段, “He ran from Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of the great victory 2,500 years ago”由此可知,是为了传达胜利的消息。

  31. Why is a person who crosses the finish line a winner?

  【解析】C 判断推理题。见第二段,“The real victory is not over one’s fellow runners, but over one’s own body”真正的胜利不是战胜对手,而是战胜自己。

  Passage Three

  Of all the stars the sun is the nearest to the earth. Millions of other stars are even bigger and brighter than the sun. They look small only because they are much father away. You can’t see them in the daytime. But if you go out at night, you’ll be able to see thousands of them.

  The earth is one of the sun’s planets, and the moon is the nearest to the earth in space, and men have visited it already. No man has traveled farther than the moon, but spaceships without people have reached other planets.

  Many countries have sent up manmade satellites to circle the earth. With their help, people have done much research in many fields of science. Our countries sometimes have sent up man made satellites to send and receive TV programs. This has helped the people of China and other countries to understand each other better.

  Questions 32 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  32. What do we learn about the Sun?

  【解析】 B细节考察题。见第一段第一句,所有的恒星中太阳是离地球最近的一个。

  33. Which planet have some people reached?

  【解析】A 细节考察题。见第二段第二句,没有人到达过比月球更远的地方,但人造卫星到达了其他的星球。

  34. What can we do because of the manmade satellites?

  【解析】C “归纳总结题。见第三段第二句和最后一句,由此可总结人造卫星既可以帮人们展开研究,也可以增进人们之间的了解”。

  35. What do we learn from the passage?

  【解析】A 细节考察题。见第二段第一句,“The earth is one of the sun’s planets”由此知,地球是一个行星。

  Section C

  36. 【答案】fun


  37. 【答案】perfect

  【解析】此处应填形容词 perfect, 表示“极好的,完美的”。


  【解析】此处应填复合名词 lastminute, 表示“最后一刻”。


  【解析】此处应填形容词 entire, 表示“全部的,整个的”。


  【解析】此处应填名词 store 的复数形式 stores, 指“商店”


  【解析】此处应填名词 enthusiasm。Full of enthusiasm 表示“充满热情的”,相当于 be enthusiastic。

  42. 【答案】dozen

  【解析】a dozen 意为“一打、很多”。



  44. 【答案】 Roughly 60 million Americans will buy at least some of their gifts via their computers


  45.【答案】Internet shopping is no longer new or unusual for people


  46. 【答案】It’s all about making the shopping experience more efficient, more reliable and more comfortable.


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