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  1. Looking beyond the 10-year period, the botanists estimate that some 3,000 native plant species may become extinct in the foreseeable future — more than 10 percent of the approximately 25,000 species of plants in the United States.

  【译文】 在展望10年后的情况时植物学家们估计,在未来可预见到的时间内, 3 000种本地植物——占美国近25 000种植物的10%——将可能灭绝。

  2. The annual migrations of wildfowl and many other animals certainly cannot be regarded as a form of exploration, because such movements are actually only shifts from one habitat to another for the purpose of avoiding seasonal climatic variations.

  【译文】 野生禽类和许多其他动物每年的迁徙,当然不能被看做是一种探险行为,因为,这些迁徙活动实际上只是从一个栖息地转移到另一个栖息地,以躲避气候的季节性变化。

  3. Proponents of G-M foods argue using biotechnology in the production of food products has many benefits: it speeds up the process of breeding plants and animals with desired characteristics; can be used to introduce traits that a product wouldn’t traditionally have; can improve the nutritional value of products; and can produce cheaper and more environmentallyfriendly fertilizers.

  【译文】 转基因食物的倡导者指出,用生物技术生产食物有很多益处:它能加速作物和牲畜的生长速度,并使它们具有所要求的特点;它可以给食物增添以往不具备的特征;可以改进食物的营养价值;可以生产出廉价、环保效果更好的肥料。

  4. What makes this debate unique is that every meal we eat is at its very core. And that fact means one thing: it’s an issue to be discussed not only around policy tables, but dinner tables.

  【译文】 使这场辩论不同一般的是:我们吃的每顿饭都成为争论的中心。而且,这个事实意味着一件事:这不仅是政策制定会上应该讨论的问题,而且是饭桌上要讨论的问题。

  5. “Contact us before writing your application” or “Make use of our long experience in preparing your curriculum vitae or job history" is how it is usually expressed.

  【译文】 “写申请前同我们联系”,“利用我们多年的经验来准备你的学历或工作经历”,这种广告经常这样宣传。

  6. There is no doubt, however, that it is the increasing number of applicants with university education at all points in the process of engaging staff that has led to the greater importance of the curriculum vitae.

  【译文】 但是,毫无疑问,正是由于在申请工作的过程中具有大学学历的人数增加,使得简历更加重要。

  7. Other goals of the interview are: to answer questions successfully, obtain any additional information needed to make a decision, accent your special strengths, establish a positive relationship, show confidence, and to sell yourself.

  【译文】 参加面试其他的目标包括:成功地回答问题,为做决定获得更多信息,强调自己的特殊优势,建立良好的关系,表达自己的信心,推销自己。

  8. Based on these goals, place yourself in the role of the interviewer and develop anticipated questions and answers to three categories: company data, personal data, and specific job data.

  【译文】 在明确这些目标的基础上,将自己设想为面试你的人,在以下三个方面为自己设想出一些问题以及这些问题的答案:公司数据信息,个人信息,有关某份工作的特定信息。

  9. Since the interview will center on you, proper self-management process is divided into four stages: the before stage, the greeting stage, the consultation stage, and the departure stage.

  【译文】 既然面试的焦点是你,应该在以下四个阶段做出合理的准备:面试前阶段,问候阶段,商洽阶段,告别阶段。

  10. The before stage includes writing a confirmation letter, concentrating on appearance and nonverbal communication, developing your portfolio, anticipating questions with positive responses, and arriving early.

  【译文】 面试前阶段包括写一封确认函、集中注意自己的仪表和非语言行为、准备好自己的资料、设想一些问题以及对这些问题的正面回答、早到面试地点。

  11. The greeting stage includes greeting everyone courteously, using waiting-room smarts, using your time wisely, and applying proper protocol when meeting the interviewer.

  【译文】 问候阶段包括礼貌地向每个人问候,在等候室灵活使用一些交往技能,合理地使用自己的时间,同面试你的人会面时恰如其分地使用一些礼节。

  12. The consultation stage includes responsiveness and enthusiasm, knowing when to interject key points, showing sincerity, highlighting your strengths, and listening intently.

  【译文】 商洽阶段包括反应机敏、热情,知道何时应该(在交谈中)插入一些关键信息,要表现得诚恳,突出自己的优点,注意倾听。

  13. If the company doesn’t respond in two weeks, call back or write a follow-up letter. You may get turned down. If so, try to find out why as a means of self-improvement.

  【译文】 如果公司两周内没有反应,打个电话或再写封信过去。你可能没有被雇用,如果是这样的话,找出原因,以便进行自我改进。

  14. I have sought it, next, because it relieves loneliness — that terrible loneliness in which one’s shivering consciousness looks over the rim of the world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss.

  【译文】 我追求爱,其次是因为爱使我摆脱孤独。在这种可怕的孤独时刻,人们似乎处于世界的边缘,颤抖的意识面对着冷酷而死寂的无底深渊。

  15. Non-traditional students, overwhelmingly female, began to study on a part-time basis, the numbers of women going to graduate school increased, and women sought entry to the non-traditional position of university faculty member.

  【译文】 新类型的学生——绝大多数是女生——开始半工半读式的学习,攻读研究生的女生数量增加了,妇女开始从事大学教师这样的非传统职业。

  16. This decline occurred in both coeducational and women’s colleges where women faculty declined from 72% in 1940 to 50% in 1955 and dropped to a low of 45% in 1978.

  【译文】 人数的减少普遍存在于男女同校的大学,也存在于女子学校。在女子学校,女教师的比例从1940年的72%减少到1955年的50%,到1978年降低到45%的低点。

  17. More than one-third of employers in a new survey say they would probably cut off health benefits to their workers if Congress passes a law allowing patients to sue managed care plans for malpractice.

  【译文】 在一项新的调查中,有超过三分之一的雇主表示:如果国会通过一项使病人可以因管理不善起诉管理医疗保健计划的法律,雇主可能会削减工人的医疗补贴。

  18. The employers apparently fear the legislation could open the door to the same kinds of suits against them. Companies are already struggling to contain rising health costs and deal with workers who complain that managed care blocks their access to care.

  【译文】 雇主显然担心这样的立法会为对他们类似的起诉打开大门。公司已经在竭力支付日益增长的医疗费用,处理工人们的投诉,这些工人认为管理医疗计划阻碍了他们享受医疗服务。

  19. Although companies have relied on health maintenance organizations and other types of managed care firms to control costs through most of the 1990s, the Hewitt survey showed employers have serious concerns about the health plans.

  【译文】 在九十年代的大部分时间里,虽然公司依靠保健机构和其他类型的管理医疗公司来控制花费,Hewitt调查显示,雇主们很关心保健计划。

  20. Whatever you decide to do in the way of part-time and vacation work while you’re at university,make sure that you take the following issues into consideration before committing yourself:

  【译文】 在上学期间无论你决定做什么临时工作或假期内打工,在做出决定之前,你都应该考虑到下列问题:

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